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Deck to achieve 8-9k against Pegasus!
update 06/11/2016

Harpies' Hunting Ground

Harpies' Hunting Ground
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeContinuous-like Effect / Trigger-like Effect
SupportsHarpie Lady / Harpie Lady Sisters / Winged Beast
Related to ArchetypesField Searcher


All Winged Beast-Type monsters gain 200 ATK and DEF. When any "Harpie Lady" or "Harpie Lady Sisters" are Normal or Special Summoned: The player who conducted the Summon targets 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field; destroy that target.







How to Get

Currently only usable by using Mai's skill Harpie's Hunting Ground


Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys Spell Cards / Destroys Trap Cards
Stat changesAll monsters gain ATK / All monsters gain DEF

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NNN 2days ago
LOL my best friend was talking about how good this ability was and I didn't really care about it. Then I started using my with her aroma strategy. I was only leveling her up to get etaqua but then, I faced a Kaiba lvl 20 in duel world and it dropped... LOOOOOOL my friends sodium levels sky-rocketed when I sent him the screenshot. KAIBA LVL 20 ROCKS!!!
anoymous 8days ago
I got HHG from auto dueling joey and destiny draw also from auto dueling. I think i'm really lucky but could it be that the drop rate rises if you spend money?
Alaa Joseph 17days ago
I hear ppl saying that this is the hardest drop skill to get as it rarely drops.
But I do believe it's the same drop percentage as any other skill.

For Bakura, I got all his drop skills in a single day after unlocking him immediately.

And now this skill "HHG" w/o farming that much, I wasn't even trying to get it.

But been grinding for Yami Yugi's Destiny Draw for weeks now w/o any luck!
anoymous 18days ago
Got it after a day of farming Lv 40 Rex. I was using low level skill sense. Campaign bonus helps right now.
n 18days ago
thank for sharing. I'm looking for it
anoymous 22days ago
Grinding for months, still nothing...
Fak u Mai Valentine 4days ago
anoymous 22days ago
Baou farming deck with draw sense wind. Managed to get it on my second try against odion lv30. Aswell as a millenium scorpion due to high score assesment
anoymous 22days ago
I've been grinding for months, spent thousands of keys...HHG just wont drop, im desperate
anoymous 23days ago
Why is this skill the hardest in the game to get! I've been farming for months now...
iRafaRyz 24days ago
Someone help me, do not get drop this skill at any way anyone has any tips to do this? Thank you
anoymous 25days ago
got it from tea lv 10
anoymous 25days ago
>having 9 other spells on Mai but not this one
eggcelent! 25days ago
please relesea moar cards for emprahs sake

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Funny thing is Bandai made the first YGO card game.
How to use this deck? I am familiar with ordinary clown but without trap it would be harder
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