Standard Duelists Lvl 51

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update 06/10/2018

Updated Information

  • Declaration of Angel V2 (5D's) and Immortal Rise V2 (5D's) Added. These information was kindly shared and submitted by Веселин Бърнев.

Stage 51 - 56

From Stage 51 - 56, Standard duelists use Lvl 51 decks.

Declaration of Angel V2 Lvl 51 (5D's)

Immortals Rise V2 Lvl 51 (5D's)

Seekers of Blue-Eyes Lvl 51 (5D's)

X-Saber Shining Lvl 51 (5D's)

Gemini Monsters 3 Lvl 51 (5D's)

Lavalval Rekindled Lvl 51 (5D's)

Obedience Fabled Lvl 51 (5D's)

Beasts of the Sky Lvl 51 (5D's)

Creatures of the Land Lvl 51 (5D's)

Gaia the Dragon Champion Lvl 51

Spirit Monsters Lvl 51

Dark Red Hamburger Lvl 51

Gemini Monsters Lvl 51

Cat's Ear Family Lvl 51

Dark Contract Lvl 51

Tributed with the Wind Lvl 51

Declaration of Angel Lvl 51

Immortals Rise Lvl 51

The Lost City Lvl 51

The Smile of Venus Lvl 51

XYZ Lvl 51


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Anonymous 5days ago
These synchro decks are brutal :o
Meta deck = cancer 7days ago
I already stage 51 but why the heck standard duelist still lv 45 deck, any explain?
Yeah i know i have a bad english because i from german
Anonymous 13days ago
these dudes kicked my ass xd wtf lol
Anonymous 16days ago
We need new autoduel decks!
Anonymous 18days ago
So you mean to tell me that there are already nearly a dozen more Synchro Monsters in the game, some of which use generic materials, that Konami didn't put in Stardust Acceleration. Thanks guys. :/
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Scrap Archfiend is the only generic one here, though...

Yeah, we should've gotten a couple more generic ones (Gaia Knight, Scrap Archfiend and a LV5 like Gishilnodon or Scarred Warrior would have been nice.) But it's not THAT bad honestly. And Azure-Eyes and Hyunlei are better Synchros than I'd have expected first-up.
Anonymous 19days ago
why fabled are very hard??
Ruingin 25days ago
We need an update new decks are too quick and ouplaying quite fast
Anonymous 25days ago
Any info on new Lvl 51 decks in 5Ds? Really crashing my win rate haha, still high but not as high as before
Anonymous 26days ago
Need to beat smile of Venus with 5000 Assesment, anyone got a good Deck for that?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Unlocking Crow Hogan? Try aromage with a godcard
Aromage deck is doing fine
Gaia the fierce knight and Lost city are easiest to farm with parabros-elements unite if u want to get cards from SD's only. Abyssal designator, final destiny, owner's seal are the examples of good card
This is my own deck and it has a 90-95% succes rate against standard duelists after exesive testing and you can change the monsters to whatever strong monsters you have but the ECs and Windstorm and Mirror wall is 100% necesary to have a consitant win rate and this deck works fine with auto duels and you can swap out the Riryoku as the AI is quite bad at using it properly

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you just have to save up for a long long time
This deck is counter for all meta now. 10 wins in a row! But The hardest duel is against spellbook
Why not just play ties of the brethren? Two relevant plays: Since Princess is Queen when its o...
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