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update 20/10/2016

Gemini Soldier

Gemini Soldier
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeGemini
Card Effect TypeUnclassified Effect / Condition / Continuous Effect / Trigger Effect


This card is treated as a Normal Monster while face-up on the field or in the Graveyard. While this card is face-up on the field, you can Normal Summon it to have it be treated as an Effect Monster with this effect:● Once per turn, if this card would be destroyed by battle, it is not destroyed. If this card battles, after damage calculation, you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Gemini monster from your Deck, except "Gemini Soldier".

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderTradable [R]
[Required trader items]
  • R Jewel x16
  • Stone of Wind x16
  • 12,000 Gold




  • Can special summon a level 4 or lower Gemini monster from the deck
  • Can prevent getting destroyed by battle once, after it is normal summoned for the extra effect.


  • Very low base stats.
  • Without activating the effect, it will die very easily.


Desert Sunlight
Desert Sunlight
Allows it to be face-up and not in attack position or used defensively after the attack.
Super Double Summon
Super Double Summon
Use it when soldier is defense position for a safe activation.


Gemini decks



Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons from your Deck
Stat changesTreated as a Normal Monster
Attack categoriesCannot be destroyed by battle

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Gemini powah
This + Superlasive is like ultimative nightmare for the enemy.
Emil J. (Mille91)
This card is tricky to pull out from your hand directly.

If set: You must flip to attack-mode to double summon.
If attack-mode to defense: You are still relying with a 500 atk in the frontline for 1 turn if you want to use it.

To summon the Gemini Soldier you need first to combine with another card.

As for its effect, it needs to be hit twice to be destroyed, thus summoning 2 gemini monsters in the process, which racks up to 4 targets for the opponent (2 picked out of your deck!). You are more likely to have enough to tribute the next turn at this point. [Knight of the Red Lotus] combines very well, as it revives your "Normal"-monsters from your grave. Say welcome back [Gemini Soldier] in face-up defense mode, ready for a double summon.

Combine even further with a redirecting/negating spell/trap-card for the second hit will make this a real pain. At this rate this card becomes nasty, but requires setup and thinking ahead.

Equip [Big Bang Shot] to the opponents monsters to physologicly test their willingnes to attack. Same applies to [Magical Reflect Slime] if summoned by the soldier.

Happy dueling!
Jin Kazama.
lol. No comments at all for this card. I guess it's just not popular.
One thing of note is that this card may be useful with Tea's holy guard skill.
If you can manage to keep this card alive and activate it's gemini effect, you can intentionally attack an opponent's monster with it to special summon another gemini.
It won't be destroyed and you won't take any battle damage because of Tea's skill.

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konami are killing the game off on purpose, they wanna start from scratch and have people buy all...
7 is easier to get to summon than 9 though this guy is good if you need a destroyer rather than ...
Not really
This is a konami exec making love to your overweight mom, ask yourself do you trust this guy?
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