How to beat/farm Joey Lvl 40

This page notes level 40 Joey's deck, characteristics, and tips for defeating him.
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AI now attacks your Spirit Ryu!
update 15/02/2017
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Character details

How to farm Lvl 40
Decks to farm Joey Lvl 40

Spirit Ryu


Spirit Ryu deck (6,000 - 7,000)

Notice: Spirit Ryu no longer works as of version 1.3.0
→ Check the latest news!


A deck using Spirit Ryu's to stall the turns until you have 0 cards left in your deck. Use the multiple Ritual Weapons with Riryoku to get Cu Chulainn to more than 10,000 attack to get a high score.

Obtainable score6000-7000
Essential skill
  • Draw Sense: Wind
  • Draw Sense: Low-Level
Essential cards

Example deck

Cerberus deck (4,000 - 5,000)


Using the usual "High Score Cerberus" deck but added in some cards to counter Time Wizard. Abyssal Designator can destroy Time Wizard before it shows up by selecting Light, Spellcaster. Make sure to set a Eatgaboon so it can destroy Time Wizard when/if it shows up.

Obtainable score4000-5000
Essential skill
  • Sorcery Conduit
  • Draw Sense: Low-Level
  • Draw Sense: LIGHT
Essential cards

Example deck

Level 40 Joey's deck



  • Two fusion monsters

    Joey's ace cards in the deck are two fusion monsters: Flame Swordman and Thousand Dragon, and Thousand Dragon has the highest ATK at 2400 along the cards Joey uses.
  • Time Wizard and Gearfried

    The effect of Time Wizard can destroy all monsters you control and Gearfried's 1800 ATK is high as a level 4 monster.

Annoying cards

CardEffect Summary
Gearfried the Iron Knight
Gearfried the Iron Knight
  • 1800ATK is very high as a low level monster in current card pool, and your Axe Raider cannot defeat it.
Time Wizard
Time Wizard
  • The effect may destroy all your monsters like Raigeki, although that's all about luck.
Thousand Dragon
Thousand Dragon
  • 2400ATK is very high. You will use Wonder Balloon, equips spells, or Order to Charge to defeat it.

How to defeat Joey's deck


  • Use cards help your monster to beat Thousand Dragon

    Order to Charge works very well to remove the high ATK monster, and Wonder Balloon can decrease the ATK of the monster significantly.
  • Joey doesn't use Spell/Trap removal

    Since Joey do not have cards to destroy Spell/Trap cards, your Wonder Balloon and equips spells are never destroyed.

Best cards to counter Joey's deck

CardEvaluation/How to Get
Wonder Balloons
Wonder Balloons
Can decrease the ATK of monsters Joey controls significantly since he have no spell/trap removal.
Order to Charge
Order to Charge
Will be used to destroy Thousand Dragon.

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anoymous 2hour ago
Use Dino deck with eatgaboon and abyssal designator is easier to farm with more consistency. So far I haven't lose a duel yet.

Average score: 6000
Win a Duel: 2000 (or Comeback Victory: 2500)
Low LP: 500
Cards on the Brink: 500
Destroy 10 monsters: 300
Over 5000 damage!: 1800
Perform a Tribute Summon: 300
Perform a Fusion summon: 400
Activate a spell: 100
Activate a trap: 100
Play glossy card: 100
anoymous 2days ago
you don't need to counter time wizard at all with eat gaboons and abyssal designator. just get draw sense wind and bring out spirit ryu and wait for him to fill his 3 monster zones. heck i dont even have javelins in my deck. i dont have riryoku so im using a deck with 3 ryu, 1 cerberus, 1 warrior dei grapher, 1 blue eyes, 1 of that burger ritual monster + bunch of glossy cards (around 10) and 2 prismatic cards. when his monster fields are full, summon cerberus when you get him and use a few magic cards to have a decent high enough attack. he will then switch his monsters to def position. hit him with your ryu to reduce your hp bit by bit and use draw sense wind again with the damage you sustained to draw another ryu and summon him. now you have 1 cerberus and 2 ryus. tribute summon BEWD when you get him using the 2 ryus. summon another ryu when you get him or not, up to you. at the last turn fusion summon ryu+warrior dei grapher then ritual summon the burger using the fusion as tribute to free up space. use all amgic cards to increase cerberus attack and use stop defense on the enemy with lowest attack to score at least 5k damage. easy 7-8k assessment points with comeback victory, low lp, cards on the brink, tribute summon, ritual summon, special summon, fusion summon, 1k+ point from glossy cards, 400 from prismatic, use trap card, use spell card, over 5k damage, etc
anoymous 2days ago
This doesn't work any more as of the newest update, AI will attack Ryu now
Maulwurf93 5days ago
With enough glossy Cards you can get up to 8000 points with this deck.
Maulwurf93 5days ago
And use the Bow on the enemy monster you switched to attack position and stole the atk with Riryoku so it gets 0 Atk (direct attack) and you don't lose 500 Atk.
Maulwurf93 5days ago
If you get hit by 1800 Dmg (Gearfried) you can easily get to 100LP by using Curry for enemy and then just playing as usual. But to get the over 9999 Dmg Assessment you have to get at least 600 Atk with Riryoku (Baby Dragon).
Cashmille - Cerberus 6days ago
Loot from posted deck check below
Cashmille - Cerberus 6days ago
This Deck will get you a perfect 6000 score evertime if you succeed!
not-anonymous 2days ago
it is kind of sad that you commented on your own deck claiming that you got 3 metalmorphs, so sad
anoymous 6days ago
Yo this deck is amazing it is a 6k perfecr score
anoymous 6days ago
Got 3 metalmorphs from one win wish i could post
Cashmille -Loot 6days ago
Heres my score + rewards
Droolist 7days ago
Haven't had a single eatgaboon drop at level 34 and don't have spirit ryu. Would running cat ear tribe be decent?
anoymous 6days ago
no because Joey uses equip spells so cat's won't work.
anoymous 7days ago
Using a cerberus deck :D
exdemfee 8days ago
Sorry guys :(
XxHadez 9days ago
I'm using this deck to farm joey
anoymous 7days ago
maybe his umi is glossy, extra damage doesnt matter is he can already achieve 10k
anoymous 8days ago
Why use umi? Yami is better it actually gives your cerberus 200 extra attack wander wand is a better equip card 500 attack or 1000 with effect use ceal equip for a direct attack
lucasdivo 10days ago
Best deck farm ⬇⬇⬇
anoymous 10days ago
Best deck farm
Alph 9days ago
How do you counter his Time Magician?
anoymous 12days ago
First SR :/
anoymous 12days ago
Joey has at least 2 legendary swords.
Zyra 13days ago
Guys, how do I get "Night Assailant"?
Uroucyon_GameA 10days ago
fixed! sorry about that.
anoymous 10days ago
I believe what was meant is Abyssal Designator, I have never seen Night Assailant in the game so it's weird a page about it even exists
anoymous 14days ago
so ridiculous im not getting a single sr cards from him. every time 7000+ points wins but not a single sr drop since farming him. crap droprate
anoymous 12days ago
I already defeated Weevil more than 20 times and the only SR I got is Grasshopper... I only want 3 cocoons.
anoymous 12days ago
I already defeated Weevil more than 20 times and the only SR I got is Grasshopper... I only want 3 cocoons.
anoymous 14days ago
Used to be able to say "same here", but when it comes to Joey, not anymore. Been playing since launch and never gotten Metalmorph, until a week ago or so, when I suddenly got 2 Metalmorphs in fairly quick succession. And let me tell you: having 3x Metalmorph is pretty awesome. I rushed to KoG like it was nothing.
I.c 14days ago
You are not alone trust me... I have tried getting enemy controller since the game launched. Still haven't got s***
Erique 15days ago
Lvl 30 Joey uses stop attack spell card :/
CaptainPlanet 12days ago
Read the title of this page bro
Flay 12days ago
They need to update this page since the latest update changes decks for the lvl 40 characters.
anoymous 15days ago
anoymous 17days ago
All the times I've ever tried to farm joey he ALWAYS starts with a time wizard and I NEVER draw my trap and he ALWAYS guesses right!!!!!
Uroucyon_GameA 17days ago
use lower level monsters that can be easily replaced and summoned if they die, and use chain destruction if it helps.
anoymous 20days ago
his card shield and amp sword can help him destroy your cerberus right ? Since it switch your attack and your defense
Noonelive 20days ago
switch your original ATK and DEF. So your Cerberus still has enormous ATK
anoymous 21days ago
So if you guys are farming Pegasus event like everyone else, spell reproduction is a great card to use in Cerberus farm decks. Like if you're already at 100LP, and have LP changing cards (twister or curry), you can sacrifice them for a more useful one (shard of greed)
anoymous 29days ago
Why no starter deck info?
OkazakiMarik 21days ago
This is "How to beat page"

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