How to beat/farm Joey Lvl 40

100% 8000+ Farm Deck
If you have Paradox Bros. Ignore all other deck suggestions. Just run elements unite and any Secret Passage combo to win guaranteed. Secret: Don't summon gate guardian til last turn. He won't Time Wizard the Sui, Sanga, and Kaze. I attached the deck I use. Some draw cards are suboptimal because this is just my boring farm deck (e.g. Rex, Weevil) that uses White Elephant's Gift and Common Charity
Sorry if I wrong .u sure he not use time wizard?can I know why?
<< Anonymous
Probably because the AI believes you're in an unlockable field. Since your 3 big monsters cannot attack; similar to being scared of dimension gate
If he manages to fuse Thousand Dragon, he just suicides into Kazejin though, ruining the attempt.
Didn't know about the Time Wizard glitch. Thank you kind sir. Much appreciated!
Thank 100% got my first shield and sword on my second duel.
your deck doesnt work, because Joey call Milenar Dragon and it has 2400 atak, can destroy one of three gods and the gate guardian summon
How about Thousand Dragon? Because Al also know about the Guardians won't attack! And suicide jus Thousand Dragon?
I don't get it.Joey will fusion Thousand Dragon and use Graceful Dice and ur plan gets smashed ... this won't work for 100%
<< Anonymous
U can allow him to kill one of them and then the other two can double union attack the vassal to victory



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False. Everyone is gonna whine about Synchro Samurai and Nepthys-Yubel until those decks actually...
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