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Anonymous 5hour ago
Mako Tsunami ain't showing up in the gate or in my missions... I have already conducted 150 tribute summons.
anoymous 7hour ago
How do I equip skills
Hazmatt006 10hour ago
What are all the ranking in pvp from rookie to king of games. I'm casual I've versed two king of games. And got rekt both times
anoymous 13hour ago
So I've reached LVL 30 with mai and was hoping to get "Harpies' Hunting Ground" as her next skill set. But nothing happened.

Anyone know how to get this skill set or HHG in general! Please help
Hawk Lighting 22hour ago
I keep playing the game but when I go to the pvp arena the game just disconnects then lags like I tell my monster to attack but it won't. I tried to fix this by exiting out of the game then going back but then it saws failed and I lose. Someone please explain.
Mellodias 9hour ago
Most of the times, you might think its lag, but it is not. The opponent is probably thinking whether to activate a trap card or other card effect.
anoymous 23hour ago
Please make friends pvp with no timer option.
anoymous 1days ago
I've been trying to unlock Mako and I just hit 150 tribute summons but he did not appear. Does anyone know why this is!?
anoymous 1days ago
It really hard to do direct attack while opponent have 3 monster on their field, any tip to choose direct attack easier?
MonkeyBoy 1days ago
Man I've been trying for 2 days now to get 5000 end match points and the closet I've gotta is 4600.

Any pointers on how to get is fml
MonkeyBoy 1days ago
OMG is it being serious
anoymous 1days ago
How do you disable all of the in match dialogue? Players saying my turn i draw a etc etc
fhon 1days ago
u go to setting on the top right corner then choose Settings , next slide down at the end of all forms u will see Character lines, then u turn it off
Agendo 1days ago
Unable to download this, Using a Samsung S6 Edge, from Norway, and its not in the play store
anoymous 2days ago
Help i accidentally reset my phonr and lost my account is there any way i can get it back :/
PVP 4days ago
i am frustrated the system put a time limit loss for me while pvp because my opponent was "disconnected" before i made any move.
Any way to deal with that?
Mellodias 9hour ago
You press "quit" and win the match.
忍野忍 5days ago
Just wondering is the recruitment for contributors legit? Stage 48 player here with English/Chinese proficiency. Reached KoG last season, see badge.
GameA1 5days ago
Hi thank you for your comment. Please visit the link below and follow the application process.
anoymous 6days ago
Hey guys was just wondering... Is it actually possible to Summon gate guardian in this game? Seeing that the required tributes themselves require 2 tributes each, and this game only has 3 monster card zones. I saw gate guardian at the card trader.
忍野忍 5days ago
Whirlwind prodigy, unshaven angler, Light Effigy or Kaiser Sea Horse
anoymous 13days ago
Why mako tsunami don't appear? I read who mako appear when you summon 150 monsters but i don't appear in my game!
anoymous 13days ago
I believe mako is unlocked at 150 tribute summons, which you need 27 more of.
party rock 16days ago
Can I get Pegasus even after the event ended?
Hi, I was late to the party and Pegasus is one of my favorite characters, is there a way to unlock it without the Toon World event?
✺ Boc4rdi 7days ago
I think they will re-run the event soon... they will rlease the game global... i thin is next reset (01/10/2017) or next day (11) .. and if they don't re run on 11th, they will do this soon..maybe 1 month after? stay tuned on the game!
anoymous 15days ago
There's no way this was the one and only chance: a character is too big to be exclusive, and the game isn't even released worldwide yet. My guess is that this event will be repeated at least each Christmas, and possibly at another time as well since once a year isn't very suitable for a mobile game.
anoymous 15days ago
Not at the moment, the event implied it would be back at another date
nikkaz 22days ago
Hey guys wondering if anyone can help me out, I deleted the app and reinstalled it as it kept crashing, now I cannot log back in to my old account, I tried recovering the account through in-game konami account recovery inquire but have not got a response for like a month, anyone had this issue? Thanks!
Anonymous 24days ago
Hi guys, how do we get odion? or we have to wait for future updates?
Odion 24days ago
Use 300 trap cards "Abandon all hope"
Aristo Riady 24days ago
U can get odion by using trap cards, i forget how many, search in the how to obtain character section
anoymous 27days ago
my game can't connect to server as well


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