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Anonymous 1days ago
Can you please, PLEASE release fairy support. Just a few cards, PLEASE. Sanctum of Parshath would be nice.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
Superb Tea is returning next month, I really hope she brings Sanctum with her this time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
This will make fairy more viable
<< Anonymous
Anonymous latest Reply
Superb Tea mid July! Rebirth and Sanctum PLEASE. And Athena looks like a cool piece. Only issue would be bringing her up without Court of J. (Thats way to time consuming) Also don't think me bad but I am a Christian and I know its a card game but cards with words like goddess and athena and ra makes me uncomfortable.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous latest Reply
Ties of the Bretheren. Sanctum and Rebirth. Yeahhhhhh
Bug 1hour ago
Anyone else noticed that Amazones princess is bugged?

I cant send cards from my hand to the graveyard with her, even though i didnt have a full field.
Good boy 9hour ago
Where is the girls? Please talk to me!!!!
<< Anonymous(Good boy )
Alexis 9hour ago Reply
Kiss my butthole ~
<< Anonymous(Alexis)
Good boy 4hour ago Reply
Ok I love you you are good girl
BearRM 6hour ago
Whats this new update that you can Train your Kuriboh? and how do you download the update from the title screen? it just logs right in.
Harpy Prince 4days ago
Does anyone else feel like Konami needs to revitalize Harpies?

Mai’s skill Harpies’ Hunting Ground is basically dead because of how they “balanced” it. I understood why they did it then, but in the current meta, it just isn’t as overpowered.

I think they should do 1 of 3 things:
1. Restore the skill to how it was before.
2. Modify the skill so it has a secondary effect, i.e. you start out with HHG in your hand *and* if your LP drops 2000, you can randomly draw Hysteric Party, Hysteric Sign, or Harpie’s Feather Duster from outside your deck.
3. Keep the skill as is, but introduce Harpie Queen and HHG as obtainable cards (or Harpie Harpist, Channeler, Hysteric Sign, etc). In this event, I think they should also give Mai the skill Peak Performance.

They could always just re-balance the skill if it becomes too overpowered, or limit the Queen/HHG, but I just think they need to do something already. Harpies are dead right now and they really need to be re-worked.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
There is no way to give Harpies a come back. I remember watching Mai face off Yugi on T.V with Harpie Lady and Mirror wall when I was a kid and I was in awe. The archtype is simply too low in attack to sustain on the field for long. But if they could somehow revitalize it that would be awesome.
<< Anonymous
Harpy Prince 1days ago Reply
It’s definitely possible to give them a comeback. Harpie Harpist is versatile and has decent ATK. Harpie Channeler is very powerful in that she can quickly summon Harpie’s Pet Dragon (which I think would be nice, I think Channeler would be a fair level up reward). Harpie Queen has a great effect. Hysteric Sign helps with draw power. Plus Hysteric Party is a nice ace in the hole.
<< Anonymous(Harpy Prince)
Harpie Prince 1days ago Reply
Also, Harpie Queen, Harpist, and Channeler —even if just one (1) was release could help the pre-existing cards/skills become more consistent: Phalanx Pike, Harpies’ Hunting Groune, Aqua Chorus, Phoenix Formation, Harpie’s Pet Dragon, & Harpies’ Last Will. If they release all of them it’d be overpowered, sure, but c’mon, at least give us access to one or two of those cards!
<< Anonymous(Harpie Prince)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Channeller, Harpist and Queen yes! Dancer is under lock and key in Blades. And one copy too before reset.
Anonymous 7days ago

Well, guess what... !
People responsible for those bots...
*** Created some kind of Glitch (that lasted a couple of days, but even so, promoted the "glitch" everywhere, (as if it would have lasted years!)).
*** Came here to this website to promote hate about the Kaiba Cup (April).
*** Hated when Sylvans came out (and still keep doing it from time to time).
*** Hated on Amazoness deck as well.
*** And today, these people is the VERY SAME that hates HARD! on Silent Magician deck, trying to make people believe it's Pay-to-Win, Tier 0, big etc.

Clever huh?
By the time the 12th mini box is released.
These folks, these "haters" that try to boycott the game by any means necessary, are going to FIND ANY EXCUSE to spread hate and rumors about the new release. YOU CAN MARK MY WORDS, it's going to be so, and you guys will notice.

I'm not trying to convince you.
I don't need to.
Because it's going to happen.

I'm just saying...
So you guys can know...

Who could be so interested about ruining other's bussines?
Well, I investigated a little.

It seems, that these guys... do not like any other company besides their HUGE CORPORATIONS. Yet, they have been very nicely welcomed here, in the USA.

This is not the way, you should know that; I guess YOU are reading this as well.
If you want to protect your money that badly, you can't conspire against others, and specially not against the ones who have opened their walls to you.

I don't wish any "punishment" to you, nor I wish some kind of "revenge".
But you should know... this world can't be a place where everyone "Eats before being Eaten".
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Its all right to dislike stuff and state your opinion ,its called freedom last time I've checked. it goes both ways tho sir.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
^it seems that you don't know the diference between good and evil. What are yo then, "sir"? a mere animal?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
yeah man! I agree with you, no need to punish these dudes ! but, I'd just want to know why are they so WORRIED about money, money, money, money... like 24/7 man, so bizarre.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
I want some of whatever you are on.
Anonymous 2days ago
GOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
awesome man ! ^^
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
congratz !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Parallel twister huh ! I see what you did there, congratz ! =D !
<< Anonymous
Valencia 1days ago Reply
Anonymous 7days ago
So dudes, I decided to destroy the myth behind Silent Magician and the "pay to win" issue; I tested if it was true, so I choose Cyber Angels, a Spell based deck. Took out Saffira and started playing, and guess what EVERY SINGLE TIME I FACED THAT POOR WAIFU, I ENDED WINNING; because she's only able to negate spells ONCE PER TURN.

How do you say the card is too op?
I don't bother if these EX packs become series, they are exclusive cards for fans, who want to support the game. No one is forcing you to buy it, because it's not by any means "Overpowered".

So that's it, even Handicaped, with a Spell-based deck, and NO SAFFIRA AT ALL.
You can win against Silent Magician.
And these haters, yeah, these people that keep complaining. I'm afraid they have never played duel links; but they keep hating, trying to boycott the game for no reason.

Anyway, leaving these raging and incoherent folks aside, I wish you all happy dueling !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Fur Hires are stronger imho
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
fur hires are the big deal now, and they are pretty much free to play
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Dude I beat this deck with a cloudian deck. I will stop typing now.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Hey ! faced Silent Magician with my crystal beast deck and won !
I'm Kog now! I'm sooo happy ^^ !
Bilbo Baggins 2days ago
Man I love the fact that every month there are more and more decks in the meta!, I think nerfin skills was GOOD ENOUGH.
Played for a while, and I don't think 3 amazoness onslaught are "op" at all. Restart was the problem.
<< Anonymous(Bilbo Baggins)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
same thoughts here... restart was a thing.
not the cards.
Anonymous 2days ago
Who here actually wins 5 duels in a row at Legend? I keep telling myself "stay in Platinum. Stay in platinum. Stay in platinum. Enjoy ypurself. Have fun. Stay in plat." And every time I will get into legend and be like "why didnt I stay in plat?"
<< Anonymous
Justin Beaver 2days ago Reply
I do. I use Beaver Warrior control.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I'D SAY... aim to KoG ONLY if you trust the deck you are playing with. When I say "trust" I mean, if you know, you surely damn know YOU CAN WIN with that deck !. That's trusting.
If you choose a deck only because many have played it and it's known to be great; maybe it won't be that good for you... dunno... it happened to me. So I'm just saying.
Anonymous 2days ago
There is some kind of creature lurking here on this page. Always using proper grammar and stuff. Calling everyone a kid. Whenever I read their comments and replies I get this kind of distatseful scary almost evil vibe. Is it just me? Its like they have low self esteem or like just sad or like lonely and bitter or something. Random IK.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
I don't think that is a person anymore. It looks like a bot is continually copying and pasting those same comments and pictures everywhere.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Hmmmmm. I see.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Settle down, kid.
<< Anonymous
Kid 2days ago Reply
There is some kind of creature lurking here on this page. Always using proper grammar and stuff. Calling everyone low self esteem or sad or like lonely and bitter. Whenever I read their comments and replies I get this kind of distatseful scary almost evil vibe. Is it just me? Its like they are kids or something. Random IK.
Anonymous 4days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
in the next dimension
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
xD !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply

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