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Mrs Lee 9hour ago
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<< Anonymous(Mrs Lee)
Anonymous latest Reply
Damn form herbs to credit cards that's new
<< Anonymous
Anonymous latest Reply
you forget about magic
Anonymous 1days ago
How competetive is this game? Reached Mid-Platinum with a half-baked dragon deck. It even loses to most Lvl 40 LDs, but climbing ranked is so super easy 'cause my enemies always make fcepalm misplays (ECon on Horus Lvl6, lol).

I hardly believe that one needs any tier 1 deck to reach legend rank nor kog if people play like this.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Most people on platinum are noobs atm, all the good players already rush to KoG for upcoming KC. Heck, I even seen some random noob deck on legend.
<< Anonymous
kingoflames 1hour ago Reply
I take you're from YGO proper? This is a lot more casual in general, but once you reach KoG people do start taking it seriously for the most part. Its a mixed bag up until that point though.
<< Anonymous(kingoflames)
Anonymous latest Reply
This op is just a troll or a big talker. He just ridiculed the whole load of u and talk as if he don't misplay or do anything silly. Anyone can be kog if he wants, its just a matter of effort. Useless post.
<< Anonymous
Queen latest Reply
Yes there are always kids and jerks like them who is a showoff and talk sht at forums.
DANDO 18days ago
My game goes to a black screen every time Jadens intro into Gx world plays Ian there any way to stop this?
<< Anonymous(DANDO)
The_Monk52 8days ago Reply
Same issue, absolutely ridiculous i think i have my data saved to my app so if I unistall im screwed. Tried restarting phone, rebooting app. No use.
<< Anonymous(DANDO)
The_Monk52 8days ago Reply
Konami please help i do not want to uninstall and this is an unplayable game because of this issue. Fix asap!!!
<< Anonymous(DANDO)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
same issue here -.-
<< Anonymous
anon 12hour ago Reply
still not fixed, please fix this
Kog climb? 1days ago
Is there in the KoG rank still some way to climb?

For example being in the top x% of the KoG players.

In other words is there something like a top, mid and bottom in KoG?
Or everyone in KoG is just KoG?
<< Anonymous(Kog climb?)
Anonymous 23hour ago Reply
Hmm i think there's no such thing as those ranks like you mention while you in KoG. So, KoG is just KoG. In general, KoG is same as Casual Duel. You can try whatever deck you wanna play without worrying to get a rankdown from losing.
Guigeek 1days ago
There is something I don't understand with ranks... I'm Legend 1. I won 4 in a row after 3 consecutive defeats. i was about to be Legend 2 but I lost (shame...). Then, I won 3 times in a row but no Legend 2.
Anonymous 2days ago
IS there some trick to get more chance for UR?
I got my first Mirror Wall after 120 packs and Senju after 70 more, Silent LV8 after 60 packs, Sonic Bird after 130 packs.
On my other account i got 6 UR from first Generation Next 30 packs, Silent LV8 from first pack, but im using it only for cumulating gems or some events.
Also after watching all those Youtubers having so much copies of every UR, there is no way to get so much without any tricks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
R N fucking G
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Or you know. money.
Anonymous 4days ago
I just got into the gx series. And whenever it loads up jaiden and he does his intro my screen goes black. It's been happening since Saturday and it's driving me crazy. I was playing all day buying cards PvP etc. Went to complete my missions and unlocked jaiden.. does anyone know how to fix this problem?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
I have the same problem ....
Chazz 2days ago
can someone help me create auto duel deck?
<< Anonymous(Chazz)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
From my experience,there is no 100% auto-duel deck.You have to play at least the first couple of turns and then press the auto button.If you want to build one such deck,just stick to simple combos because the AI is not the most advanced one.
Anonymous 2days ago
hi guys,I was thinking why not use a ban list only when you go in PvP?I mean,they nerfed Cyber Angel because everyone was using it in PvP but some people never got the chance to even use it.Just let us use weird decks versus SDs and LDs and change whatever you want in PvP in order to make it more competitive
Anonymous 2days ago
I hope theres a Trading Card, where two player can trade each others card with the same rarity..
Or like Bidding Card, where your cards in a bid for a gold exchange (ofcourse not gem)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Did you actually believe that you are saying?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
^ your English sucks so much I want to laugh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
i can confirm i am saying.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
he has a point... in tcg that thing is actually happen.. but konami lose some money because of that thing
Anonymous 3days ago
Guys, did they nerf skill drop rate really hard? I've been farming skills for certain characters recently but get none.
Ranks? 3days ago
Are there ranks in king of games?

For example king of games 2,3 etc. Or being in x% of the top of the total king of games player population?

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you forget about magic
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