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NhiteWigga 6days ago
Hmm.. can someone tell me what happened here? What I dis wrong..
<< Anonymous(NhiteWigga)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
You deserve it
<< Anonymous(NhiteWigga)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
your wrong cos playing burn.dek
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Replay to: "...I'm going to assume you used Three Star Demotion. That's the only thing that makes sense. Except that the only reason TO do so would be to trick the people that reply to this, since that skill seems to be pretty useless in a burn deck."

BURN decks uses that skill to set one of the 3 elementary gods anytime, that makes there opponent have to lose +2000 damage if they attack them.
<< Anonymous(NhiteWigga)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
That is pretty wierd.
Connection error.
Try again in a location with a stronger signal...

What the is this error in ranked and causal duels??? I am getting this error since duel a thon event started. I lost back to back 50 duels in 1st or 2nd turn because of this fuckin error. Does anybody else is having this shitty error??? How do I complaint about it.
<< Anonymous(Otong)
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
lol. It's called Malaysia, dude..xD Ring-a-Ding Baby!
<< Anonymous(Chirag )
CocaSniffer 12days ago Reply
People are using auto clicking apps to make their character speak lines repeatedly so fast most phones cant keep up, forcing a DC
<< Anonymous(Chirag )
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Only happens when I'm winning. There must be some kind of cheat people are using whenever they know they're going to lose.
<< Anonymous
RaggenZ 2days ago Reply
I think they using some kind of internet cheat or glitch, is happen few times for me when I about to lose the winning music came out from the opponent then they disconnect to get the final result win....
(Is not a coincidence is literary few times the same things happen to me)
One-Shot Wonda 2days ago
Any chance we can get Twin Barrel Dragon back again in some kind of rotation? (was available last Card Trader EX)
Winstreak 6days ago
In legends rank you need to win 5x to go up a rank.

If memory served me right this could also be:

Win x4 + lose x1 (fall back to win x3) + win x2
Resulting in rank up too.

However i have had several times now in legend 3, that i lost the final 5ft rank up match and that i had to redo all 5 wins again before i got the yellow rank up bar again.

Has this been changed?
<< Anonymous(Winstreak)
Just a Guy 3days ago Reply
Your reasoning is correct for Legend 1 and 2. However, Legend 3 requires you to win 5 duels in a row.
Gaara 4days ago
When finaly come It's a Toon World event!!!???
<< Anonymous(Gaara)
Shukaku 3days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Gaara)
Valencia 3days ago Reply
I started the game right after the last one ended, and even though I don't use toons, it's still kind of sad because I just wanted to see it once. I think there was an option in one of the surveys a awhile back where they gave you a list of previous events to vote from for the one you wanted again. Even without that option, simply asking for it in a survey might help to bring it back.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Valencia 3days ago Reply
You think you're funny?
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
more than toon event i want the golem event.
Anonymous 4days ago
Is there a way to go around lvl 40 Crowler's scummy fixed starting hand? Always starting with 2 ancient gear castles,summoning a monster that immediately gets to 2400 attack due to the castles and if you manage to kill it he summons ancient gear golem next turn with his castle tokens, the thing is i have very good trap and spell cards to counter him but of course they never show up, and in case his starting hand isnt this like 90% of the time when you think you have the upper hand that 1 card in his spell/trap field is gonna be the one that switches your monsters to defense position and continue to kill them on his turn.These fixed unfair hands they give to the npc are driving me away from the game, i lost all my enthusiasm to play...
Anonymous 5days ago
To admin:

can you please add an option for users to delete their comments? It would alot.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
** "help a lot"
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
That, or GameA should just block a person's IP address whenever someone does that stuff.
Anonymous 5days ago
found a dumb glitch, my card got stuck there and i can't do nothing with card in my hand lol
Anonymous 5days ago
LMAO, Bonz AI went suicidal and decked himself out on turn 2 XD, did this happen to anyone else? I killed his face down monster and i couldnt get a good look at it because when its effect activated BOnz started discarding ALL OF HIS CARDS to the graveyard,then his turn came up and he lost since he had no cards to draw XD
umop apisdn 6days ago
Why does Duel Links force a draw for you during your draw phase? A LOT of times I lose because I should have activated a skill, pre-draw, yet if you stay in the drawing phase for 5 freakin' seconds, the game draws for you instead. WTF KONAMI
<< Anonymous(umop apisdn)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Pre-draw is opponents end turn
<< Anonymous
umop apisdn 6days ago Reply
incorrect. your opponent has their end phase, then end their turn. Next is your turn, beginning with the draw phase. if you don't physically tap to draw a card, or physically tap 'activate skill' before drawing your card, then 5-10 seconds into your draw phase, duel links will automatically draw for you, rendering your skill useless if you wanted to use it.
<< Anonymous
umop apisdn 6days ago Reply
you can't expect people to not look away from the screen for 5-10 seconds. you can't be glued every single turn. it shouldn't be an issue against the AI- SDs, gate duelists, etc. It shouldn't even be a problem in pvp. if you take 200 seconds on your draw phase, you lose. just like any other part of the duel. don't draw for me after 5-10 seconds of inactivity. ffs konami
<< Anonymous(umop apisdn)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
And what's stopping you from taking the five seconds to activate your skill before doing something else and rudely keeping your opponent waiting for up to 3 minutes? Distractions happen, sure, but 5-10 seconds is a lot, especially when you know you're going to want to trigger your skill.
Alexer 6days ago
ive seen people activating storm and then immediately chaining their own red-eyes spirit, however, everythime i try it, it destroys my card before i can do anything, am i missing anythinh?
<< Anonymous(Alexer)
NhiteWigga 6days ago Reply
You need to turn on 'self chain' in options
<< Anonymous(NhiteWigga)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
You can also do it with the chain option on the duel field set to manual if you tap, as well. (That's come in handy while grinding a few times where I forgot to re-enable self-chain.)
Anonymous 6days ago
where i can send my non-meta deck, that is interesting enough and worth sharing?
<< Anonymous
blyat 6days ago Reply
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