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Ruthless02 latest
It's almost enough to make you lose interest how many players use suggested decks. 2/3 of the fun is building a strategy of your own that you earned. The other 1/3 is in testing that against others...#King Of Games/No Help
anoymous 1hour ago
why isn't there an option to trade cards with friends
isn't this a card
anoymous latest
Can I get butter on me bread too
anoymous latest
Why it has to do with bread and butter? We're talking about Cards here
anoymous 1hour ago
why would they allow you to mess with their bread and butter?
anoymous 3hour ago
Anyone wants to add me to send each other Vagabonds to level up our characters. My Id 608-138-665
Sunga 3hour ago
Im using a blu Life one x with Android 5.1 with no root and i cant play the game. Whenever i start the game, yugi and kaiba starts talking and when yugi says "i cant afford to lose" the game freezes. Any thoughts on way?
anoymous latest
No one cares
Alex 7hour ago
Just played ranked and for some bloody reason for every turn i played I just got 25 seconds?! Has it happened for anybody else? Why does this happen?
Not normal dude latest
So.. your real name is 'horny'? Gosh.. harsh childhood i can say
Alex 1hour ago
Call me I'm horny
Alex 5hour ago
Fuck u
Anonymousguy5 5hour ago
In the end, we 'all' was the same person
Anonymousguy4 5hour ago
Guys, I'm lonely:(
Anonymousguy3 5hour ago
Oh really? Me too!
Anonymousguy2 5hour ago
Yup, me too
anoymous 5hour ago
Yeah same thing happened to me
Soul 8hour ago
I'd like to why Legendary Duelist duels are so rigged. For example in Standard Duels I always get lvl4 or lower that I can use but in every Legendary Duel it always gives me cards I cannot summon due to too high lvl or just traps/spells. And yes I do have enough low lvl cards in my deck. I'm getting extremely frustrated with this because if I'd just get the low lvls I need I could easily win but no. Even after waiting and waiting it keeps giving me crap so I have no defence. Really starting to think this is rigged.
Soul 8hour ago
Welp I managed to get past him now but damn was it frustrating lel
Soul 8hour ago
I'm new to DL and it's so frustrating that I can't even get past the first LD even though my deck is far superior than his. Using the 777 gems we got as a gift I bought boosters and I have a solid deck with better cards than the LD but can't defeat him because every time the game gives me stuff I can't use. I doubt that it's just bad luck cause I've had several goes at it each with the same result
Soul 8hour ago
And I'm talking about specifically at the beginning of a duel. In SD always at least one lvl4 or lower. In LD nothing and keeps crap turn after turn until the enemy defeats me cause I couldn't summon a defending monster.
Soul 8hour ago
I'd like to know why*
anoymous 9hour ago
I'm trying to unlock Odion and the "traps activated" isn't counting on the profile page, anyone else having this issue?
anoymous 8hour ago
Scratch that, you have to close and open the app
Yamizaryab 9hour ago
Does anyone know how to get UR/ST jewels easily? I habe been farming level 40 legendary duelists but so far only 1 SR i have to get at a higher stage to get more jewels by farming? Im at stage 30 now
anoymous 5hour ago
Play PVP ranked easy to get UR JEWELS
anoymous 11hour ago
Can we start a thread on duelist who surrender
anoymous latest
I thought we were siblings :0
anoymous 1hour ago
Your mommy surrender that pussie
Xenorix 12hour ago
Can someone help me improve this
anoymous latest
U can improve by deleting the game cause what u have here is totally garbage..what the fuck is this trash?
anoymous 10hour ago
30 cards is too much and try to get big wave small wave in
anoymous 13hour ago
I kinda wish we can play as the generic christine... why do they always ignore them and yet they only add generics as playable characters once in a while? I don't think that makes any sense...
anomymous 14hour ago
Do we know why legendary duelists do not appear outside the gate anymore???
Jack 12hour ago
Ive had the same issue since the last event with the new drops from LDs. I opened up a ticked with Konami a few days ago with no response.
anomymous 13hour ago
Personally I haven't seen any legendary duelist outside the gate for 2 weeks now. I don't know if it's just me though.
James 13hour ago
They do, normally one every 1hour-12hours. They do not spawn with orb. If you have a mission which includes duelling a legendary duelist, there's is a 100% chance that the character will spawn in the next 12hours, the vagabond spawns every 2 hours you spend on the game and from friends, also he can occur randomly. More tips on my upcoming YouTube channel
HairyTiTs 14hour ago
And it was at this moment he knew, he fucked up.
Activate beatdown also 2 riryoku's card. Facedown card, michizure.
Get reckt this KOG player :p
rapidd 16hour ago
what's the best deck to farm kaiba now??
anoymous 8hour ago
alecsander 18hour ago
Ola gostaria de saber quando vai voltar, o evento do pegasus , minha opinião e q tinha q voltar pelo menos uma semana , quem comeco jogar agr fica em desvantagen , pois a habilidade do pegasus e mto essencial p subir no ranked , int queria saber quando vcs vam colocar dnv grato desde de jah .
anoymous latest
Vc começou a jogar no meio do evento o problema é seu. Espere sentado.
anoymous 1hour ago
Ali baba li jolkit vomited hor li me opliy pussy
anoymous 4hour ago
anoymous 16hour ago
Aaaeeeeee maaaccaarreennnaaaa
anoymous 1days ago
Hey, someone knows if Necrovalley drop skill for Ishizu is obtainable?
anoymous 1days ago
Anyone know why Tragedy effect does not activate when I use curse of Anubis? I set it 1 turn earlier. I activated during my opponent main phase.
anoymous 1days ago
where are the parents of this kids.. they need proper upbringing and good conduct
Gramps latest
Ok I'm gone shut my ancient ass up
anoymous 1days ago
Shut yo asś up gramps
anoymous 1days ago
How do I play using seto unlocked at stage 15
anoymous 1days ago
nooo!!! you need flute during evacuation process..then use the burst steam so the seed would embedded deeper... for better results.. tribute the Bewd and summon DM girl.. it would help your stamina last longer
Askigh 1days ago
Hi ! I've a question : how works the effect of "punk golem" ?

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