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Anonymous 1days ago
...........I feels more good when poop than when I f4p
Anonymous 1days ago
..........I feels more good when poop than when I f4p
Anonymous 1days ago
...............I feels more good when poop than when I 🔥
Time Wizard is literally fixed for any NPC opponent to get whatever they call 100% of the time, and it is 🔥.
<< Anonymous(Millia)
Anonymous Reply
Nah, Joey called it wrong several times against me.

In fact he usually called it wrong.

Keith also usually has no luck even with Second Coin Toss. Speaking of which, did they rigged his first turn draw to always have a copy of Second Coin Toss? Feels like it to me.
<< Anonymous(Millia)
BoTheJo Reply
Every time I see this card in a NPC duel my monsters are destrotyed.
<< Anonymous(Time Wizard)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Still wins everytime. And then if I survive the first correct coin toss. He plays a second time wizard the next turns, calls tails instead of heads, and gets that one to. Seems to me about 80% of time its correct. And I've stuck around these stages for a very long time lol
<< Anonymous(Millia)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Yep. Even now, first time wizard calls heads, its heads, the second time wizard calls tails, and its tails. I never get to see the third hah
Anonymous 3days ago
To spletno mesto ni povezano s Konami, zato vam ne morejo pomagati. VSE krove celo navajajo kot "drage", kar je zelo zavajajoče in zlonamerno. GameA je HOROČNA goljufija.
Guest 3days ago
Please can anyone tell me what the sale prices are? 3rd anniversary campaing prices.In euros.
Bloody 3days ago
The chat is bugged
Anonymous 6days ago
Fortune Lady Glitch?
Fortune Lady Dark's ATK was displayed as 2399 instead of 2400 and Earth's was displayed as 2799 instead of 2800.
<< Anonymous
Farma 6days ago Reply
Anonymous 6days ago
Concentrating current or world legacy clash?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Really depends on the deck
<< Anonymous
Farma 6days ago Reply
Cards : magician of chaos, oracle mahad, magician of dark illusion, chaos sorcerer, aleister of invoker, exiled force, sphere kuriboh, arisen gaia the fierce knight, cerberus, dark magician (2x), advanced ritual art, invocation, cosmic cyclone, concentrating current, magical blast, magicalized fusion, eye of timeaus, magician navigation, dimensional prison, drowning mirror force, paleozoic canadia
lenovogreeceg770 9days ago
against Plana level 60 that didn't figure of spell card Creature Seizure
[This image is being checked...]
Anonymous 15days ago
Exactly 9 minutes ago my pvp duel was interrupted because of connection error. It was different than usual because the result was was counted as a draw so I don't think the issue was with mine or my opponent's connection. I don't really mind since we were in the middle of the duel and it was still uncertain whether I would have won or lost, but it's been quite weird and I'm stopping pvping until I'm sure there's no problem with the server. Anyone else experienced this problem today?
Anonymous 16days ago
I won all my shadow games, so I don't really care.

By the way.
I have something to tell you, aphostrophe guy: ’ and I hope you still have enough conscience in that PUTREFACT brain of yours to evaluate what I'm going to tell you, ok?

Here goes:

I don't know how many innocent people you've imprisoned already.

Quite a large number, I'm sure of that, none of them killed THe turtle. Now you call yourself "a mature man", you do it all the time, you believe "you piss greatness", what the hell? a mature man jails people in vain? those acts are fitting for a lowly criminal, don't you think?

At least set all the innocent people free if you have some little respect for yourself, show a tiny bit of decency.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
You destroyed the ultimate 1nbr3d.
I'd say you cleared ROBLOX completely.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
op (myself) is right
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
⬆ ⬆ ⬆ ⬆

“i rePlIEd mY oWn pOsT pReTeNdInG tO bE dIfFeReNt pErSoN.”

“OP (mYsElf) iS rIgHt.”

What an inspiration for birth control.
That's why you should fall in love with a girl that is not from your immediate family, this way you won't procreate R3TARDS!

⬆ ⬆ ⬆ ⬆

If anything, you are an easy prey, 1NBR3D son of a b!tch.

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