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anoymous latest
Stuck at plat 3...cant seem to win 3 continuous game. Any suggestions for this deck?
anoymous 1hour ago
what's the recommended pack for newbie?
anoymous latest
Depends on the deck you wanted to build. Valkyrie's Rage is the most versatile, however.
Alan Olivero 2hour ago
Bueno gente, quiero preguntarles cuanto les tomo obtener la kill de las arpías? Llevo un mes farmeando todos los días con Mai y no me suelta la kill, ya no se que hacer :( algu. Consejo ? Estoy farmeando con el vasallo pero estoy cansado ya no sale con nada. Cualquier consejo me sirve
Unknown 3hour ago
Why do i constantly getting "no netwok connection detacted" today. My connection n shouldn't have any problem since i still can load video (and post this comment) with the same network. It only happening today.
Is it just me or there is some problem with the server right now.
Duel Links forum 3hour ago
There's a great Duel Links forum. It's not very active but the software is much more powerful for discussion then here:
Noobie 3hour ago
Hi guys, what's up? So let me explain to you my situation: I started playing the game once Ultimate Rising was removed so I got no access to any of those cards:
Right now my deck just consists on Elegant Egotist, Harpie Lady, Harpie Ladie's Sisters and a couple more things, but that is basically it.
I still haven't bought a single booster pack since I didn't want to waste my gems brainlessly, (around 2600 right now).
Which deck (and which booster pack) should I go for having no cards from Ultimate Rising?
Thank you!
Benny 1hour ago
You already have competitive meta deck. The next thing is try to get cards for farming, there are potential farming card aside from ultimate rising and Age discovery
Squidward latest
If you want to build Harpie deck i recommend you to buy some "Wonders of the Sky" pack to get Birdface. However, harpie deck with Harpies' Hunting Ground skill (if you have it) is a powerful deck beside Relinquished deck, currently
Darin 11hour ago
What happens if I lose to Pegasus lvl. 50? Will he come back for me to duel eventually
anoymous 11hour ago
Yep. As far as I've seen, you can encounter him once a day (maybe twice) after winning vs Pegasus in the gate 2 or 3 times for that day.
Thex 13hour ago
Today for the first time i actually attempt to rank up and get at least to plat 1 but that was such a stupid idea. I just faced about 10 mais with HHG in row and i just had this :| face the entire time. Tho my deck is kinda a counter to HHG since i play wild tornados tho i can see why people hate HHG so much. I did reach plat 1 tho and as i was using LG DT + Guardian summoner/statue
Nikolay 14hour ago
Anyone else having a problem with voices of characters not working? Also, I can't seem to click on the characters in the duel to make them say anything...problem started 1:00 pm Central Time today, April 23rd
Thex 14hour ago
maybe you turned it off from setting just check if you didnt..
Thex 14hour ago
maybe you turned it off from setting just check if you didnt..
Nikolay 13hour ago
Yeah I've checked the settings, all the sound-related ones are on. I was wondering if this was a game-wide glitch, but it seems like it's just with my game...
anoymous 16hour ago
hey guys check this guy out farming duel for pegasus level 50.
Thex 20hour ago
This is a deck i used today in farming lv50 pegasus. Not the best idea even also you will have to keep at least one unneeded spell in your hand for magic drain or a wind storm to change relinq to attack.
Thex 20hour ago
One more thing. Play it safe and decrease pegasus life point to very low amount so he doesnt play aggressive anymore.
Thex 20hour ago
Divine wraith is optional just tho it could stall for me for abit. Kinda useless if pegasus used the djinn
anoymous 21hour ago
Hey, how can I report to konami this glitch
When I direct attack using b.e.s big core, it removes a counter from it, while in its effect written "If this card battles a monster..." , direct attack is not a monster
Deinos 21hour ago
This game abides by the OCG effects and disregards TCG text/effects. If you translate the Japanese text of Big Core, it doesn't mention battling a monster. So basically the translation is off. No bug.
Deinos 21hour ago
Credits to Reddit user KHXIII btw :)

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take out 2xbirdfaces and add 2x IMT to protect Relinquishes. I would use sonic bird over Dunames.
If you want to build Harpie deck i recommend you to buy some "Wonders of the Sky" pack ...
Usually ill buy the one that has good spell cards that i can pair with. Whatever works for u. :)
WTF this nooby clown decks doesnt work, played 2 times 2x loose !
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