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Jojiojiojioj 2hour ago
Will yubel come soon?
<< Anonymous(Jojiojiojioj)
Anonymous 2hour ago Reply
It looks like Konami is just going to keep putting characters on the gate that were initially released after Yubel forever. Or until they finally understand that it is okay to give players permanent access to her cards because they are not that great anymore.
Anonymous 16hour ago
The game population has decreased more than 10 times, no matter how many positive posts assigned konami trolls post its over I give it a month at best
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8hour ago Reply
Legacy of the Duelist isn't a competitor to Duel Links in any way. It targets a mostly different audience (some overlap with casual players, but they're more likely to play both than just Legacy). There is more to how games work than "lol those 2 are based on the same thing, so one's going to die".
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8hour ago Reply
The fact is the 90% of the player base is gone only meta slaves remain and they will get tired of mirror matches very soon
<< Anonymous
Kimi no Na Wa 7hour ago Reply
You are just another pathetic loser that lies for no reason. Duel Links reached 90 million users as of March 2019 and the mobile market is now the overwhelming majority of the gaming industry's revenues so it will always be the most popular Yu-Gi-Oh! project.

There are losers saying games are dead in every game that exists but they only prove that their life is just bad.
<< Anonymous(Kimi no Na Wa)
Anonymous 2hour ago Reply
^frustrated liar^
Why do u delete it? 15hour ago
I can't believe GameA deleted this comment, when in fact, it's Duel Links related. I only said:

Clear evidence only TERRIBLE players think this game is expensive or pay to win.

Playmaker Duel Links reaches top 51 at the competition with only 2 copies of Silent Magician, because he got them for free and everything else with gems.

But he's not the only one, another guy from the Duel Links Meta crew reached top 58 playing HAZY FLAMES.

Only bad, very bad players think this game is expensive. Duel Links has always been Free-To-Win and Free-To-Compete.
<< Anonymous(Why do u delete it?)
Anonymous 7hour ago Reply
Ban this guy admin.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7hour ago Reply
Why? Cus you can’t handle that Duel Links is F2P despite your childish hissy fits and lack of patience for it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
Lol dude bumping his own post with fake anti comments because no one pays attention to it
Anonymous 16days ago
Are masked heroes still alive?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Yes, against bronze players
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
As long as someone plays them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Once in a great while you will see a KOG deck on sites with masked heroes. There was even one here for May. They are more of a KOG worthy deck now and not tiered really.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
yes its alive i kog with it
[ Ember Umbridge ] 15hour ago
The current meta is very stable to be honest. I'm seeing a lot of different decks: Subterrors, Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes, Neos, amazons, buster blader, Synchro decks even fur hires.

And now we just received Amano Iwato
Anonymous 5days ago
Why was my comment deleted? It did not break any rules.

I think people want to know that the game’s audience has dropped from 90,000 to 5,000.

I played 5 games in this championship and got to the top - 5000

It was the top 90,000 last year

Only people who pay real money are left
<< Anonymous(Arya )
Levi Heichou 4days ago Reply
(Sorry I took much time to reply you). Last hour, I was testing my skills in duel room with someone who was using that ugly subterror deck, all I knew that they have a trap that you can vever get rid of it and it has 6000 different abilities, and some other monsters that have flip effects?! It was terrible, and I didn't read what does "Subterror Final Battle" do.
<< Anonymous(Arya )
Levi Heichou 4days ago Reply
But how can Masked Tribute help them? It's supposed they cannot normal/special summon monsters? I still don't know anything about this tactic...
<< Anonymous(Levi Heichou)
Arya 4days ago Reply
I may have downplayed it a bit. If they get too many of the monsters, it is really bad. Esecially with final battle. And that one swordsman just brings them out. One time, someone got two final battles at once. Masked tribute is awful because they can just pull out a free melchid and tribute it for anything. The versions without Umbra and Lumis are easier to manage against.
<< Anonymous(Arya)
Arya 4days ago Reply
*Wait. Can't remember if you can tribute with it. All I know is that that thing just gives them another free monster at the worst times. One time I lost the whole duel because of it.
They know what you really really really reaaaaally want! damn.
Hi. I missed out on the Sartorius Kumar event, what do I do now? Is it going to happen again?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nothin, just wait for Konami until they think to re-doing this event
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Either they will do the event again eventually, or they will put him into the Gate which makes him unlockable anytime.
amazoness deck
2 princess
1 queen
3 swords woman
1 tiger
1 sage/paladin
1 embestida
2/3 memory loss
3 dimensional prisio
2 amazoness heirloom
fill with staples like wall of disruption or floodgate
<< Anonymous(Phenom)
Phenom Reply
yay or nay ? the objective is try to vanish everything
<< Anonymous(Phenom)
Anonymous Reply
I reached early KOG a week ago with this:

2 Bad aim
3 Floodgate
3 Canadia
3 Wall of D
1 Sazank (because I have only 1, 2 could be better)
1 lava golem, 2 Princess, 3 Swordswoman, Queen

<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Memory loss is underrated
How are these decks faor ? Just a pay to play scam
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Duel Wield is Lethal braaaah
Literally man, you can reach King of Games any day with Samurais right now, is not that difficult. It's already LATE in the meta, if you think it's "too difficult" lol then at you buddy, the problem is yours, the deck is still 100% consistent and effective.

By the way, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO PLAY IT WITH THE TIE THAT BINDS, again, :big lol: stop blaming your cards just because you lack some skill.
<< Anonymous(WTF)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Samurais clap
Kharmah 12days ago
All I ask for
<< Anonymous(Kharmah )
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
At least you know what to ask for. I don't. I love the new FULL Synchro decks, but they are a bit expensive... maybe they want to keep the amount of people playing them controlled.

But they are not broken at all, not even with 3 sangan, quickdraw and Cockadoodledo. So I'm ok with that.

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