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anoymous 4hour ago
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TheSexCrab 4hour ago
Fucking A! I could vomit, this is like the fifth time IN.A.ROW that this is happened and literally fucking nothing!
anoymous 4hour ago
Theres more yucky,nasty bugs in Kentucky than Ohio
anoymous 4hour ago
Duel level 40 and not 30. If your not high enough level yet then level up first.
TheSexCrab 4hour ago
Fucking A! I could vomit, this is like the fifth time IN.A.ROW that this is happened and literally fucking nothing!
anoymous 5hour ago
I need
Waldo 5hour ago
Where's Waldo,?
anoymous 5hour ago
How are you guys attaching screenshots to your posts?
anonymousE 1hour ago
But for some reason it doesn't always work for mobile phones. mine fail to upload. In PC though it always works.
anoymous 4hour ago
There should be a "choose file" button under your post. If it isn't there then idk.
anoymous 5hour ago
Cut me some slack, there's no "how to" page on this site.
anoymous 5hour ago
Theres more yucky,nasty bugs in Kentucky than Ohio
anoymous 5hour ago
Yes, now answer the question please.
anoymous 5hour ago
Are u stupid
はくりょく 7hour ago
Is Ultimate Rising going to be back soon??
はくりょく latest
Marciano 4hour ago
Pretty much the only staple is Sphere Kuriboh. The rest will be outdated eventually. Mystical Space Typhoon will replace Twister, ect.
TheSexCrab 4hour ago
I hope so because its such a fantastic pack, probably the best of the bunch. I would definitely invest your gems in it now just in case its not but I do think it most likely will.
anoymous 11hour ago
Mods deleted the post about trump but kept the spam about mesothelioma which counts as ADVERTISEMENT
anoymous 10hour ago
The mods deleting anti-Trump posts means this place prefers fake news.
anoymous 11hour ago
So??...people need to learn to protect themselves from mesothelioma it's a good thing
anoymous 11hour ago
Who else is a virgin here?
anoymous 11hour ago
Me but I just jack off so does that count as Virgin still
anoymous 14hour ago
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anoymous 14hour ago
Exending 16hour ago
Can i reach kog with this deck?
anoymous 12hour ago
No hombre
Colton 16hour ago
Ive lost four games in a row in PVP because i "ran out of time" but theres no way the timer should have been out. One of them it was the opponents turn when I lost to timer
Sari 6hour ago
That's alright my game keeps crashing at the end of duels
PK 18hour ago
What is a good auto-duel deck that gets 4000 or higher points against level 57 duelists?
Payaso 18hour ago
Is this normal?
anoymous 6hour ago
Buh bugs
Payaso 17hour ago
You can only activate the effect of wonder wand if you control the monster. He also used Spell power grasp on my Cerberus before that
anoymous 18hour ago
is wonder wand equip to your cerberus? never seen it happen to me but I suppose I can see a used for it when your opponent has an annoying spellcaser now.. 0.0 never thought of it since I can remove their spellcaster and gain 2 cards for it.
Raven 19hour ago
Please remove or nerf gravekeeper cards, they are way too op. So over the top op
anoymous 18hour ago
Lol, L2P bro. Not OP. GOOD, but not OP.
anoymous 18hour ago
I mean, with the meta trying to introduce banish more common Gravekeeper will lose most of it's power now.
anoymous 23hour ago
Every time I defeated Yugi I always felt super guilty, especially when I used cerberus deck. I mean look at those eyes and that cute face..... I feel so sorry for him. And when I let my LP go down on purpose and he just beamed like a child, it's so adorable and at the same time I feel like I'm the meanest person on the planet
anoymous 4hour ago
The solution is to lose on purpose, and make a little (fictional) boy happy then tell you that he won, but it wasn't easy. then you will feel good inside because you know that you let him win and in the greater scheme of thing you are the winner still.
anoymous 23hour ago
lol, you seem to live a sad life if you feel any emotion for a fictional character
anoymous 1days ago
Am virginity
Johnny apple seed 1days ago
Am need plant mi apple
Yankee doodle 1days ago
Oh say can u see? Yankees doodle dandee went to town

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