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Atem Muyi latest
Hello guys i have a problem with Yugioh Duel Links. I started playing the game from the November of 2016. I played the game like 8 months and then i deleted it. Before i delete the game i linked it with the Google Play Games to dont loose my profile. After a month i downloaded again the game and i used the Data Transfer method via Google Play Games to transfer my account. Then a sudden problem came out and said that it cant load the selected profile . I was like mmm okay let go into the game and report inside of the game the issue to regain back my account. Then like an idiot i linked my new account with Google Play Games and then my old account was lost ... I already sended the issue to the Konami Support likes 10 times but their bad support cant help me regain my old account.
theRealValencia 3hour ago
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Valencia 4hour ago
I will give some lucky person my panties if I get defeated in a duel.
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Anonymous 4days ago
Hello, just want to ask a question that baffles me...
So I already made a konami id before... did it only save my data before or it just update everytime? should i update it so that i can update my data? Is that how it works? So when i change my device and install this app, will it only shows the data that ive been saved before??I just dont want to lose my account when update it...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Yeah, if you data transfer in your new device, youll get data from your last syncro, so you should set your data every week or every time you get a good card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11hour ago Reply
Is it "data transfer" or "data redownload"? If data transfer is the case, should i set a new konami id? I already have one btw.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
nvm.. thank you for your help!
PeuVoRa33 2days ago

it would be great to get some help with a problem:

Allthough I already reached level 14 with Yami Yugi, I didn´t get "Dark Magic Attack". When I take a look at the cards in the menu, the card is still grey, as if it´s still unlocked. What do I have to do to finally get this card? Did I forgot something or is it a problem with the game?

Best wishes from Germany
<< Anonymous(PeuVoRa33)
PeuVoRa33 2days ago Reply
*forget (sorry, my English isn´t the best :D )
<< Anonymous(PeuVoRa33)
Anonymous 16hour ago Reply
Try to search "magician" in the card catalog and see if it is there.
<< Anonymous(PeuVoRa33)
Anonymous 12hour ago Reply
It should be in there
Anonymous 23hour ago
Ok, just 40'ed all characters available and currently has no gems saved up for future box. Need more lvl cap update from 40 to 45/50!!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21hour ago Reply
so do I ...
Anonymous 1days ago
What do you do after you defeat all of your standard duelists? I've been completing my stage up missions fighting level 10 Marik, is there something else I should do? Currently stage 35.
Anonymous 1days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
I am sorry to tell you but you're illiterate.
Anonymous 1days ago

PASS: duellinks123

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Hello guys i have a problem with Yugioh Duel Links. I started playing the game from the November ...
U just want to boast ur farm. Admit it.
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