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Anonymous 1hour ago
What the hell were Konami thinking with most of the new level up rewards
mRshykid 3hour ago
I can finally unlock Arkana right?
<< Anonymous(mRshykid)
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
Yes, in May
Sean Masterz 4hour ago
I think They Should Update The Characters Drop Cards Also
Me 5days ago
Got this from arkana lv 20 LOL + Autoduel deck
<< Anonymous(Me)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Lucky you. I got AMA which is nice, but I wish I get the crimson Dark Magician as well.....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Same anon here, I finally got the crimson Dark Magician when my Tea leveled up after dueling Arkana XD
<< Anonymous(Me)
Wow! 4hour ago Reply
Sooo Cool!
Bob 4hour ago
Game is awesome
Friendduel/challenge 9hour ago
(Character limit on title sorry) I've been having trouble when I try to duel any of my friends. Either it would start and 1 minute later (yes I timed it) it would say time limit loss or not connect in general. Any one else having these problems and what's the best way to fix it?
Dany 17hour ago
Are the cards from normal ticket will be available in the next season?
I'd like to get the contact out, but i have no ticket left.
Syunas 1days ago
Are the cards from normal ticket will be available in the next season?
I'd like to get the contact out, but i have no ticket left.
<< Anonymous(Syunas)
Anonymous 19hour ago Reply
I don't think they've ever discontinued a card from the PVP tickets.
A 20hour ago
Yup. at least give us the option to choose who goes first depending on who wins the toss. i might have a deck best suited for going second so ill let my opponent go first.
<< Anonymous(A)
no 19hour ago Reply
yes this would be a fair and reasonable feature
Anonymous 23hour ago
Guys, i want to share same of my thought about the game. What do you think?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23hour ago Reply
- and of course we need a very-very smart nerfing.
- if Konami nerfing, limiting one card, but later its become common, then unlimit it.
<< Anonymous
akubane 23hour ago Reply
dont think theres something wrong with sharing thoughts as long as you stay respectful. well, there will be different oppinions too.
<< Anonymous(akubane)
Anonymous 23hour ago Reply
Only ones who will have different opinion than him are Sylvan players, to be honest.

Even well-known players in the West and champions in Japan agrees the meta right now is ridiculously stupid due to Sylvan, and if Konami doesn't do something, the game will only die because of it.
<< Anonymous
Gary Rose 20hour ago Reply
Honestly, more than specific fixes, I feel that Duel Links needs to make balance changes each month, or at least, check the game's health each month. The current game meta is not Sylvans, nor Masked hero, nor Sea Stealth Attack. The current meta is "Coin-flip meta", a meta where you toss a coin at the start of the duel, and it defines wether you win or lose. There's little to no room for skill.
Anonymous 1days ago
Hey guys really struggling to build a decent deck. Got quite a few good cards but am free to play and a lot of decks I see use a lot of multiples of pack sr and ur cards. Any ideas of decks that predominately/only use cards from farming and/or any common or rare cards from packs. Have a few good cards from packs for reference as well, 2 mirror wall, 1 sphere kuribo, nobleman of extermination, stamping destruction, champions vigilance, order to charge. Ps any card trader cards or ticket cards are fine. Thanks heaps any suggestion welcome :)
Anonymous 1days ago
So preddie. Gold and silver. :)

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It's obvious UR from that mini-box is Tricky and White Night Dragon (on banner). Nope, no op...
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