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Anonymous 19hour ago
May someone please enlighten me : what's the point of playing toons and red eyes zombie in CASUAL duels ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19hour ago Reply
To make you pray for the stars, and fall on your knees.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13hour ago Reply
idk about others, but I play in casual to test decks out..
FlyingKiwi 2days ago

Anyone else who feels like this game is heading towards a bad path? It's no longer fun, it's all about grinding.

OTK decks, cancerous cards such as Toon Kingdom.

I shouldn't complain since I have these cancerous decks and cards myself. But whenever I try to be interactive and fun in Ranked Duels I get so salty!

It will end up with me just switching to Toon Deck or OTK Naturia or even a Red Eyes Swarm Deck.

To you guys who still play Dinosaurs, Odion Traps only and other fun decks. Bless you!

<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
lava golem isnt a banworthy card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
you're right, lava golem isn't ban-worthy. most people just tribute over top of it. to the poster that said, burn decks need to be balanced, I'm in legend pvp, and there is about 5 types of decks that counter it. there was a point where I played this game and it was a waste of time to play it without harpie hunting ground. now there's enough variety in the top decks that kog is fun
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18hour ago Reply
Hmm, the best deck is Red eyes, which is locked behind a massive paywall. The other decks are frustrating swarms all the time, it'd be fine if they required skill but they don't, you simply go through the motions. The deck balance in the WCS qualifiers was better imo, HHG abused but was very beatable and the games were more interesting.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16hour ago Reply
I copied a handless Red Eyes deck. Uses RE.Spirit and C.Villigance. Seriously the best deck I have ever played, only thing missing is more copies of RE.Instict!
Mike 3days ago
So, not sure if anyone else is having this problem or not Rope Of life is not activating have well more than 1 card in hand Monster was destroyed by battle wont activate at all. Balance isn't allowing me too get Cerb the first draw nor starting hand. In PVP duels and in CPU duels some monsters wont attack at all. Also tribute summon (Ishziu card) something like that wont activate at all either?
<< Anonymous(Mike)
Anonymous 21hour ago Reply
Just had my first duel using Rope of Life and it didn't activate for me either. Has to be a bug right?
Flying Kiwi 21hour ago
Why is the auto duel retarded? I had a mirror wall and Econ set. Activate mirror wall and then pressed auto duel since I'm impatient. Autoduel then Econs the monster to change battle position. Lol what? Why?
<< Anonymous(Flying Kiwi)
Anonymous 21hour ago Reply
not auto duel retarded is the AI retard :V
Ash 1days ago
Special summoning is ruining the game. Every new deck (ice warrior, naturnia and with red eyes) comes with some bullshit way to special summon a monster from the graveyard after being killed with card effect or just special summoning a tribute monster without any costs. The way this is going unless everybody creates a deck with these cards, you will be ko'd in merely a few turns
<< Anonymous(Ash )
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Excuse me sir Ash Catch-up, I would like to formally welcome you... to Yu! Gi!! OOOOOOOOHHHH- OOOO000@0OOUOXP!!!!!
türkoğlu 1days ago
türkçe dil gelsin artık oyuna
FlyingKiwi 2days ago

How about the ultimate deck that can fare well against most meta decks?

I would imagine it would look something like this:

Skill: Mind Scan

- 3 Sergeant Electro
- 3 Heavy Knight
- 3 Amazoness Sage
- 2 Kuriboh
- 3 Mirror Wall
- 3 Econ
- 3 Super Rush

Think about this deck, know the monsters effects. It's all about board control.

I know this deck have lots of flaws but please help me in trying to make a deck.

A deck that is so extensive that every deck will have a hard time against it!

Best regards!
<< Anonymous(FlyingKiwi)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
There is already a similar deck but with statue garduian instead of amazoness, it counters red eyes but weak against weevil masks& lava golem.
Anonymous 3days ago
Anyone else has a bug with SD.For me only 9 appear even though im at stage 45.This started after the last update
agathokakological 4days ago
<< Anonymous(agathokakological)
agathokakological 4days ago Reply
i need your help to build my own deck, but i can't upload the file
<< Anonymous(agathokakological)
agathokakological 4days ago Reply Thanks
FlyBoy 4days ago
Has anyone come across the problem of the game freezing up when attempting to tribute summon?
braeckmans 4days ago
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Your Mum 4days ago Reply
why dont you go and kys, sonny. i bore you for 9 months and raised you for these years and you turned out to be a trash
Anonymous 5days ago
Hi, can someone help me? This is my Seto Kaiba deck for pvp ranked duels..i've lost 10 or more battles in a row and never have right cards in my there something wrong with my deck or it's just because opponents ever have perfect combos at first or turn or they always f**k my attacks and strategies with the same sh***y traps like mirror wall or michizure or riryoku?..if it's my deck please tell me what's wrong because out of pvp works fine!!
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
So it's me unlucky or something wrong in my deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
your deck doesnt have enough focus around 1 thing, which makes it not very good, for instance, it looks like you want to focus on kaibaman/blue eyes, which means you need to remove cards that dont help you in that aspect.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
I thought that Riryoku and 2 of the traps are to avoid the destruction of a dragon or the effects that make my attack suicidal..and monster reincarnation to maibe resurrect a Kaibaman to special summon a white dragon and save my ass ahahaha and for example the Trojan blast is in the case that a opponent steal my monster, if he steal him he takes 3000 life point damage!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
The equip card is in case i summon Blue-eyes ultimate dragon to hit him directly two times with 3000 ATK damage, anyway thank you for your advice now i'll try to change something focusing only on Blue-Eyed evocations!

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