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MAPL latest
Guys, i have much problem with connection at duels in ranked, my internet is not bad, you know some way to resolve that? sorry my english.
<< Anonymous(MAPL)
Anonymous latest Reply
If you mean the issue with "reboot" and "retry", it's normal. Been that way since 5ds was added.

Your english is ok by the way.
<< Anonymous
MAPL latest Reply
Thank you, but my connection just drop some times, i disconnect and it's not the reboot button(what occur too and is annoying), just disconnect but i am checking my internet and it don't look the problem, i don't know what to do rsrs
<< Anonymous(MAPL)
MAPL latest Reply
Can i for example change the game server that i am connected?
<< Anonymous(MAPL)
MAPL latest Reply
Look at now for example, my internet is ok and i can't even start the duel rsrs
Anonymous 4hour ago
konami office party
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man I want to work for konami :(
Anonymous 1days ago
Iv heard soon were getting Tyranno Dingleberry
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Tyranno's berries can dingle and dangle back and forth! Sadly, not everyone approves of him....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
You’re a complete no life
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
Thank you i was not know that
Anonymous 11hour ago
There should be no rewards for casual duels.
Unlucky OP 16hour ago
So I've never gotten a prismatic or glossy card from a single box, have opened a fair amount (nothing crazy). What do we think the odds are?
<< Anonymous(Unlucky OP)
Loli Fapper 14hour ago Reply
You can play for 2 years and yet not getting any prismatic from boxes.
<< Anonymous(Unlucky OP)
Anonymous 14hour ago Reply
Do you play Pokemon, Unlucky OP? Because I believe the odds are basically the same as shiny hunting with a shiny charm in Ultra Sun/Moon. Maybe the same as if you have an SOS chain going
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13hour ago Reply
Pokemon? And you still playing it? What about ♡PUBG♡?
hey guys, anyone having this problem?
Error: no network connection detected
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
I've been having that problem 3-4 months now. I think it started around the time of the 5ds update.
<< Anonymous
KOK 4days ago Reply
yeah my bad
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
5ds update made the game broken so many stupid error
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23hour ago Reply
Yeah, since 5Ds update for some reason the game gets less stable in terms of connection. I never have that error before 5Ds world comes in, but now every time I play the game, I got that error at least once.
Anonymous 1days ago
This is possibly the most boring game Iv ever seen,its basically just a bunch of meta slaves beatch slapping each other whole day long :)
Anonymous 1days ago
This game is a colossal steaming coil of poo
Anonymous 1days ago
Captivating russian ladies will suck your kelbasa harder then industrial strength vacuum cleaners ANASTASIADATE.COM
Anonymous 1days ago
This game is horrible at giving out new cards! When was the last time the card trader updated?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
I made sweet love to your moms anus
I <3 GameA Mods 1days ago

An hour ago, I posted a lil joke about Hitler on ARMADES page. It was gone now. Some kind of "system reset" YOU SAY? NO!? Other comments with nearly similar timestamps weren't affected.

AND YET.. the offensive pics below
-9 hours ago
-13 hours ago

... haven't been touched at all!

<< Anonymous(I <3 GameA Mods)
Concerned Dad 1days ago Reply
Site Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

Review: Thank God I don't have to teach all those embarrassing stuff to my kiddo. I can just let my 5-yr old browse this site and he can experiment with the rest. Eases a bit of stress on parenting blues! Kudos, GameA team!
<< Anonymous(I <3 GameA Mods)
Natasha R. 1days ago Reply
Site Rating: ☆☆☆☆ (4/5)

Single-mom here! My 10 yo. daughter used to snob me because I refused to let her know what "sex" is all about. GameA made me reunited with my daughter to unimaginable lengths! This site is like a treasure trove of encyclopedic knowledge when it comes to the adult world! :D

Too bad my daughter trolled me as anonymous here. This needs an account system. 4/5
<< Anonymous(I <3 GameA Mods)
Timmy 1days ago Reply
Site Rating: ☆ (1/5)

TRASH. No DMG waifu. I searched everywhere. >_>
<< Anonymous(Timmy)
Constipated Dad 1days ago Reply
Site Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn this site is the best!
Anonymous 1days ago

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Look at now for example, my internet is ok and i can't even start the duel rsrs
Giving us Traptrix Myrmeleo or Nepenthes would be great, but I have a feeling we'll get Mant...
PS PS. The beatch bruised my right dangler by sucking too hard :)
You know he spends money on the game, right? Konami doesn’t give him cards he invests mone...
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