Mini Event: Mission Circuit

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Duelist Chronicles GX: Welcome to Duel Academy!
update 16/07/2019

Event Details

Period11 July - 19 July 2019

How to Play

Complete Mission to race arround the circuit!

You can obtain points by completing the Missions and your Duel Runner will move forward based on the points you have received.

You can complete 1 Lap for every 100 points. Race around the circuits to get Treasure Box Rewards and Lap Rewards.

Mission Details [Updated]

  • The mission will be updated every day at 13:00 p.m.
  • You can play missions as many times as you want, even complete ones.
Play 1 Duel(s) (surrenders are not counted).30
Win 1 Duel(s).20
Win the duel within 10 turn(s).25
Destroy 3 Monster(s) in one duel.20
Event Related MissionsPoints
Win 1 Duel(s) against Prophetic Sartorius in Duel World.40

Bonus Item Drop Rate Increased

Bonus Item

Treasure Box

Exclusive Card Reward

Card of Distrain [SR]

Card of Distrain
Card of Distrain
Normal Spell
Mini Event: Circuit Mission [SR]
Activate only while your opponent controls 2 or more Set cards in their Spell & Trap Card Zone. Select 1 of them. It cannot be activated this turn. This turn, inflict 800 damage to your opponent each time they activate a Set Spell/Trap Card.

Exclusive Card Sleeves

Card SleevesHow to get
Mini Event: Mission Circuit
Mini Event: Mission Circuit
Rewards for completing 200 Laps.

Today Treasure Box rewards

1stGold x1,000
2ndGems x5
3rdDuel Orb x5
4thR Jewel x5
5thGold x1,000
6thGems x2
7thR Jewel x3
8thGold x1,500
9thDuel Orb x5
10thGems x3

Lap Rewards


Hot New Top
Hmmmm 1hour ago
When you use a stardust dragon and get another stardust dragon
Osa sama 17hour ago
Ugh 1536 laps 3 UR 5 SR
<< Anonymous(Osa sama)
Anonymous 11hour ago Reply
Bad luck bruh
Anonymous 14hour ago
2238 laps, 12 UR and 20 SR. Too much luck I think...
Eduardo 14hour ago
I'm at 260 laps approximately and have got 2 SR 2 UR and about 5 R and 5 N, I thought I had 1 SR and 1 UR but when I went to claim them I had 2 haha was very happy to find that out, but I think I've been very lucky after reading your comments
Anonymous 17hour ago
About 232 laps but still 1 n and 1 SR
Player1 1days ago
A pretty good freebe event, got a good amount of gems. 30 being the highest i assume. I like it.
<< Anonymous(Player1)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
I just got 40 gems... Also, on my 3rd SR. Clearly the Heart of the Cards is with me!
Anonymous 1days ago
Good i get one ur in my 845laps
Putra Borneo 2days ago
I just had 255 laps, 4 SR ticket, 3 UR ticket..
<< Anonymous(Putra Borneo)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
great pulls
Anonymous 1days ago
I do like this event, being able to grind for useful but still rare rewards even after obtaining the main one is great. I don't understand why all events insist on the 30 rare jewel thing though. Would rather have nothing!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Rare jewels are used to upgrade card rarities via the Trader, and are otherwise pretty hard to grind in large enough quantities.
Anonymous 1days ago
Great event, I got lots of gems, 2 UR and 3 SR tickets
Anonymous 1days ago
I liked this event. 4SR and 2 UR tickets. Hopefully they don't nerfed the rewards the next time like they did with Duel Quest. It was like this when it began but the 2nd and so on Duel Quest gave 0 SR and 0 UR tickets.
Anonymous 1days ago
Better than other shitt mini-events
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
30 R jewels per 50 laps are cruel.

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LMAO, so innocent... Cannon Soldier, be the standard version or the Toon, is NEVER happening, bro
Are you seriously debating the reason why Cyber Angel is limited and Neos Fusion not? Are you guy...
cancer card with gem knights, infinite looping
Yeah it's called using Winged dragon of Ra
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