Standard Duelists Lvl 33

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update 08/10/2018

Updated Information

  • Thunder Family, Heart of the Underdog, Magical Hats & Deck Scraper Decklist Updated
  • Knights of the Round, X-Saber to the Rescue & Radiant Synchro Decklist Added

Stage 33 - 38

From Stage 33-38, Standard duelists use Lvl 33 decks.

Knights of the Round Lvl 33 (5D's)

X-Saber to the Rescue Lvl 33 (5D's)

Radiant Synchro Lvl 33 (5D's)

Thunder Family Lvl 33 (Updated)

Heart of the Underdog Lvl 33 (Updated)

Magical Hats Lvl 33 (Updated)

Deck Scraper Lvl 33 (Updated)

Aqua Chorus Lvl 33

Flips For Real Lvl 33

Gemini Monsters 2 Lvl 33

Graveyard Power Lvl 33

Spirit Monsters 2 Lvl 33

Union Aid 2 Lvl 33

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This deck is counter for all meta now. 10 wins in a row! But The hardest duel is against spellbook
Why not just play ties of the brethren? Two relevant plays: Since Princess is Queen when its o...
"I need 1 more cannon to play it darn you zane." Same here....pfffttt
Drop rate still sucks sadly..
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