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update 12/02/2017

Order to Charge

Order to Charge
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect


Select 1 face-up Normal Monster (except a Token) on your side of the field when you activate this card. When this card resolves, Tribute the selected Normal Monster and destroy 1 monster on your opponent's side of the field.

How to Get / Rarity

PackUltimate Rising [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


Rating9.0 / 10


  • Can be used on enemy's turn since it's a Quick-Play spell.
  • Destroys any monsters whether it's face-up or face-down.


  • Requires a normal monster as tribute.

Tips, related cards, skills

The Agent of Creation - Venus

This card can easily summon Mystical Shine Ball from your hand or deck to easily use Order to charge to your opponent's monster.

Knight of the Red Lotus

Knight of the Red Lotus can revive normal monsters from the graveyard. Special summon monsters to use as tribute for order to charge.


  • The two effects tributing a monster and destroying a monster are treated simultaneously.


ActionsTributes as an effect
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your opponent's Monster Cards


Hot New Top
I want this meta again
Is RESD able to negate it using its ability to discard an equipped monster?
Say Hello to Silent Magician Lv 8
I remember when this card make people cry like "must be banned/limited" lol
Does this card work with lamb token same way as Mystic box?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Did you not read the description? It says EXPECT FOR TOKENS so any token can not be used.
This card is crap, it can't activate in response to mirror wall or other cards when I need it to letting my NORMAL monster die
<< Anonymous
WTF Reply
rank makes no difference whatsoever, what matters is that a quick play spell is not functioning properly and can turn the game
<< Anonymous(WTF)
Anonymous Reply
For example twister which is another quick play spell will offer activation during the battle step but not OtC
<< Anonymous(WTF)
Anonymous Reply
Are you a retard? Both Twister and OtC can be activated at battle step and neither of them can be activated during damage step, only stuff that affect ATK/DEF like Mirror Wall can do so
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No need to call someone retarded if they don't know but yes they cannot be activated during the damage step
This card never works for me. It just won't activate.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well are the monsters you trying to tribute normal? if the monster you control has an effect, it won't work.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It activates when I don't need it, not when I need it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it only works with NORMAL monsters. make sure to fill your deck with NON EFFECT monsters
This card should be above ultra rare it's so good. It has more decks built around it then any other card. As soon as u see a normal monster u think order to charge. It's ridiculous. Sacrifice crap to destroy any monster face up or down even b4 they activate their effects at any stage of any phase. Should be a 10/10 no argument. U could easy make a plat deck with the 3 big cards. 3 order2charge 3 econ 3 kuribo and the strongest level 3/4 beaters or even better normal harpies and the deck is top tier.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You're sick to slander kuriboh. I run 2 kuriboh 2 econ and it works beautiful. Different situations favor each. Rather get dealt 2 kuriboh against harpies or 2 econ against 3sd.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
nah there's a reason why most decks run 3 econ but 0 kuriboh. obviously there are some exceptions but this is the case for the large majority of decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i run 3 kuriboh for my daedalus deck. once i activate its effect and try to attack directly, either they have econ and put me on defence position and stop me from attacking directly that turn and then next turn destroying my daedalus kuz of its weak defence or their own kuriboh's effect activates. this way, in my opponents turn when he summons a monster with 1600 atk or more, i know i won't get
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
fucked up and i can use my kuriboh to stop the little fucker from destroying me daedalus. and if i have an umi card next turn in my hand, i can use that, activate daedalus effect again, normal summon 1 monster and attack directly with both monsters.
60 packs left and I still haven't got 1 yet :(
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
50 packs and no fusion gate, but i got two order to charge -.- just in case i become a pussy and decide to play a cancerous vanilla deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ya if u run a deck that uses vanillas you're cancerous xD
I had a BEWD on the field and Champions Vigilance set. My opponent used OTC on their turn and destroyed my BEWD without ever letting me activate Champions Vigilance.
This doesn't seem like it should be possible or is there something I'm missing?
<< Anonymous(funnyguy)
Anonymous Reply
What monsters were on the field?
<< Anonymous
funnyguy Reply
On my side it was just the BEWD.
On there side they had 2 Two-Headed King Rex cards, my opponent was using Rex Raptor.

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It's meant to work with Darkflare.
I don't think fur hire with widespread ruin is the most optimal build. If anything, econ is ...
What does one have to do with the other?
OTK decks doesn't need trap.
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