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This page notes what the Duel Orb is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, the ways to get orbs, and how to use duel orbs.
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update 19/12/2016

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Duel Orb

What is the Duel Orb?

The Duel Orb is the item used to get standard duelists to appear immediately in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. Usually standard duelists takes 30 minutes after they are defeated to show up again. By using the item, players can earn EXP, golds, and rewards faster.

Boosted Duel Orb

The Boosted Duel Orb has a different effect from the Duel Orb. It calls standard duelists and they stay for 60 minutes right after the item is purchased. It is unavailable in the Beta version.

How to Get

Missions & Login Bonus

The Duel Orb is basically obtained by completing missions and as rewards for login bonus. Since other ways are not confirmed, the item is very valuable.

In-App Purchase

The Boosted Duel Orb is not available in the Beta, but will be purchasable in the in-app shop.

How to Use

Tap Top-Left Corner

Duel orbs can be used by tapping the top-left corner of the screen.

Effective Ways to Use

  • Players can get standard duelists to back to Duel World by the max number. That means it it the best to activate the orb when no standard duelists are availabe.
  • Since the max number of standard duelists become higher as the game progress, keeping the item at the early stage is recommended.
  • The Boosted Duel Orb should be used when players can play for 60 minutes.


my dual orb number is stuck at 76, no idea why. it just wont add more
Is there a limit how many duel orbs you can have?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maximum 999 duel orbs. After that you can’t collect anymore. The game will grow an error stating you have too much
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The rest will clog up your guft bix. I already have 11 sets of duel orbs in my box and I get more than I could use.
I Wish i could toss then away
Whats the maximum number of duelists that you can get? so far i can have up to 8 right now and seeing that you have 9 it seems it can go higher
<< Anonymous(pooperdooper)
Anonymous Reply
10 Standard Duelists at stage 45.
<< Anonymous
akubane Reply
10 at stage 60 and 30 in gx
Hello guys I'm new. Just want to ask about your all opinion on tomorrow's Pick-a-gift campaign.

> 200 gems vs 1-- Duel Orb

Which one will you guys choose? I personally always will go for gems because I kinda feel like duel orbs is only for exp farming? But so far I only obtained about 31 duel orbs so tomorrow's 100 duel orb kinda interesting to take over 200 gems. What is your opinion?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
F2P Gems
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Go for orbs they are the best
Is there any limit for duel orb we already have?
What is the maximum number of duelists overall? Is 9 the max or will it exceed to 10?
<< Anonymous
Dom Reply
It's already been 10 for me the last 3 weeks I'm stage 51 tho lvl 30 orhigher on everyone
why to stay for 60 minutes?
does it mean the spawn rates become faster or 1 duel orb is equal to full sd? but regular 30 mins spawn rate?

<< Anonymous(xruxi)
Doom Reply
I believe what it means is that for 60 minutes after you use the orb, the maximum number of duelists will remain in your world. Once the 60 minutes as passed, each Standard duelist you beat will again have a 30 minute respawn timer.

I have not tested this yet though, because i am saving all of my orbs for the toon event to max out on stars.
<< Anonymous(xruxi)
Anonymous Reply
you are absolutely right, if boosted duel orb is bought, all the standard duelist show up immediately within 60mins and stay even if you duel with them whether you win or lose. it's like: hey, buddy, 60mins tik Tok, go get your exp and dice

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