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Yugi Muto unlock event!
update 28/08/2017

September events

On August 25, Konami provided duelists with information on upcoming events that are scheduled from early September till mid October.

New Event: Duelist Chronicles: Set sail for the Kingdom [Early September]

A new type of unlock event that is said to be based off the original series. Based on the name this might refer to the Duelist Kingdom arc from the anime and manga. Additionally, we will be seeing a new type of duel and be able to unlock a new playable character, speculated to be Yugi Muto.

Let the Mayhem Begin [Mid-September]

Based on the manner of speech written on the text, the new event is most likely a variation of Rex Raptor, similar to how Super Joey was to Joey Wheeler and Elegant Mai was to Mai Valentine. Based on this, he will most likely be a roaming LD with drops different from the usual Rex Raptor.

New Upcoming Event [Late September]

A new type of event, that has never been released before, seems to be planned for late September.


  • The text reads a "mysterious tower", combined with the fact that this event will most likely precede a Halloween themed event, this event will likely be related to Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower.
  • "Face them with new strategies and techniques" might refer to a new type of dueling or challenges not yet seen in duel links.

Massive Update Incoming! [Late September]

An update planned early on in October, will be adding many new features to the world of Duel Links including:

  • Addition of a new world.
  • Addition of a new character
  • Addition of new missions.
  • Special Login bonus.


  • "Addition of a new world" might refer to the addition of YuGiOh GX, based on the recently datamined image.
  • Since "Addition of new characters" is planned just before October, this might refer to a Halloween themed character, Bonz maybe?
  • "Addiition of new missions" is quite vague, it may refer to a new type of mission that is yet to be seen. Or maybe new stage missions that will increase the stage cap. Worst case, it might only be referring to extensions on the lifetime missions(e.g. Login for a total of 1000 days).
  • "Special Login bonus" is very self explanatory. You login, you get free stuff. Although would this be permanent or a temporary event, similar to card flipper events.

October events

Event: "Duel-a-thon" [Early October]

Duel-A-Thon will be held again in Early October. During the event period, you will earn points every duel, to fill your "Duel Meter". Gather points every day and get daily rewards, accumulate those points over the course of the event to get even bigger prizes.

A new character coming to Duel Links! [Mid-October]

Mid-October would be releasing a character "fit for this time of the year", if we are going with characters from the original series only, this almost 100% confirms Bonz as the new unlockable duelist. Adding to this, the dialogue written saying "Dueling me will give you a spook that will put you in your grave", further solidifies the speculation Bonz will be released.

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Hot New Top
Anonymous 1hour ago
Love this game only issue is the quick victories how many turns does it take to get that as a reward
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
Less than 5 turn
Craftypiker 11days ago
Please do bakura event! I need to get the cards from that event! Thank you!
<< Anonymous(Craftypiker)
Konami 10days ago Reply
By 20$ worth of packs and we will personally send the event to you
<< Anonymous(Konami)
ITSTJORERIC 10days ago Reply
Are you the real Konami?
<< Anonymous(Konami)
SySt3m 6hour ago Reply
Umm I have bought over $200 worth of packs so release pegasus event now!
Anonymous 9days ago
how about a bakura event?
Anonymous 9days ago
Please update event page
Anonymous 12days ago
Please put the egyptian god cards in the game , including animes for their summons and attacks !! It would be really awesome and I'm really looking forward to something like that!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
Meh. They're suck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
well, just want to be awesome
Anonymous 10days ago
We need Yugis Grandpa
Not Moto's skill (grandpa's cards).
Anonymous 10days ago
GX got too many males, need more characters with boobs.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
tome san?
Need Pegasus!!!
<< Anonymous(Raven)
Pegasus Reply
<< Anonymous(Pegasus )
Raven 23days ago Reply
Aww But i need him ^.^
<< Anonymous(Raven)
Phalanx 17days ago Reply
Me too. I didn't get him at the beginning and when it returned a while ago i wasn't available.
<< Anonymous(Phalanx)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
He's on his way,just wait another 20 days.
Blue Eyed Dragon
If GX Characters is coming to duel links.....i sewar i will quit
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
Anonymous Reply
DM already have: Yugi Kaiba Marik Bakura Rex Weevil Keith Odion Pegasus Paradox Anzu Mai Ishizu Who else do you want? Kaiba grandma
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^We want more characters from DM so that no other characters in other series will come to this game!!! -DM fanboy
<< Anonymous(Blue Eyed Dragon)
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
Why does anyone here even give a fuck? I mean really? Go. Nobodies gonna miss you I really don't know who you're 'threatening' there but nobody gives a shit about you tbh
<< Anonymous(Blue Eyed Dragon)
Dru 12days ago Reply
I will give you one reason alone to like GX. Two words: Alexis. Boobies. I think I've made my point. Checkmate.
Kailyou 22days ago
I would like to have Zane so I can play my Cyber Dragons :)
<< Anonymous(Kailyou)
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
I have a feeling if Zane comes in game it'll be during an event
Kryo, the Duel King
Duelists we need to see in Duel Links.
1. Tristan Taylor
2. Duke Devlin
3. Noah Kaiba
4. Espa Roba
5. Grandpa Muto
6. Dartz
7. Rare Hunters
8. Rafael
9. Alister
10 Valon
11. Bonz
12. Rebecca Hawkins
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They have themes to go off at least, even if they don't have specific cards. It's not like Mokuba used enough cards to build a deck, either. But they made decks influenced by his character. Dartz, Alister and Valon have all appeared as DLC characters in Legacy of the Duelist with pretty character-appropriate decks. Duke's pretty easy to build a deck around.
<< Anonymous
TryHardNinja Reply
How do you get to the game code and voices?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
blah blah blah who cares
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
i care
Citrine 17days ago
We will probably see Marik Ishtar I don't know about Ryou Bakura though.
<< Anonymous(Citrine)
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
Basic Bakura is more prevalent overall than basic Marik. He has been around longer, and he has been a supporting character. I see Bakura as being more likely to be added.

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I hope it never comes out. trash card trash GK
the thing that is hard to understand about that is coming back to the top of the deck is not good...
This is his lv3 skill. Starts the duel with this active. Geartown would be too fucken op I think....
Only need one more Jinn, then I have all SR's
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