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Upcoming new cards!?!
update 27/06/2017

Card upgrade feature

On June 26, Konami answered to users' requests! They will add a new feature, upgrading cards to glossy/prismatic by spending R Jewels. Players will visit Card Trader to upgrade their cards.

July events

Announced on June 27, Konami provided us with the information for the events that are coming this July. There are several events announced, including a new Legendary Duelist at the mid of the month. In addition to the events, there will also be more campaigns, cards, and updates to various features, as well as working on some balancing issues.

Ranked match revamp [Early July]

Responding to the a lot of requests from users, Konami will set new reward system, and new ranks will be added.

Duel-A-Thon [Early July]

DateMid July
RewardsGems, Golds, and Jewels

Duel-A-Thon will be held again in Mid July. Durin the event period, you will earn points for "Duel Meter" to get new cards by having duels.

New LD [Mid-July]

Coming near the mid of the month, there's going to be a new Legendary Duelist! With the only hint being given is that we have to "Heh heh heh... I've prepared quite a show for you."

Since it is not stated that it's going to be an unlockable character, it might be safe to assume that it's going to be similar to event like Yugi Muto appearance event.

DateMid July
RewardsNew cards


While there are many characters in the first generation of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, one that comes to mind when hearing about the hint, might be Arkana (Pandora in JP).

Who is Arkana?

Arkana was a professional stage magician, who was able to perform elaborate tricks and illusions. He later became a member of the Rare Hunters organization, and appeared in the Battle City tournament to duel Yugi Muto, while also using a Dark Magician deck as well.

New LD unlock event [Late July]

Finally Yami Marik comes to the Duel World!? A new Legendary Duelist (LD)
unlock event will be held! "He's finally here, the Duelist everyone has been waiting for!".

DateLate July
RewardsNew cards, Yami Marik? (Playable), gems, and other items


A new Legendary Duelist will be unlockable this late July. With the hint that he's a character that everyone has been waiting for, and that the character that appears in mid July will have a connection to this event. If the mid July character is a villain that Yugi's gang has dueled in the anime/manga, then odds are, it could be Yami Marik.

Yami Marik

Yami Marik is Marik Ishtar's alter ego, similar to Yugi with Yami Yugi. Marik is the leader and founder of the Rare Hunters, whose aim was to get the egyption god cards, and revenge on the Pharaoh. He was later overtaken by his alter ego, eventually becoming a popular antagonist, one that people have been hoping to come to the game ever since the game's release. There are also images, and sound files of him already in the game, along with his appearance at Jump Festa 2017.

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Parkajr 9days ago
I predict these things. Marik ishtar mini event followed by yami marik unlockable event. Mark my words!
<< Anonymous
Márik Ishtár 8days ago Reply
And what you say about 3 card... + 16 what you can draw. i think good those cards but add 15 Dark Fiend type monster (1 Necrofear) and 1 Veil of Darkness :D and the 20. card: Jar of Avarice :D
<< Anonymous(Márik Ishtár)
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
Not bad :D but if you dont draw first one cards you write?
<< Anonymous
Márik Ishtár 8days ago Reply
Sphere Kuriboh, 1800 DEF fiend monster, good effect fiend monster what change Def position one monster. and i can draw 1 of those cards what i want. jar of greed? skelengel? i get 10251 Gate key , all color i get 3500. wheni get Marik i go farm for Shadow game skill.
<< Anonymous(Parkajr)
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
Yep,it's obvious at this point,I can defenitely see a burn/mill deck with Yami marik
Kryo, the Duel King 26days ago
Duelists we need to see in Duel Links.
1. Tristan Taylor
2. Duke Devlin
3. Noah Kaiba
4. Espa Roba
5. Grandpa Muto
6. Dartz
7. Rare Hunters
8. Rafael
9. Alister
10 Valon
11. Bonz
12. Rebecca Hawkins
<< Anonymous
Alcholics Anonymous 10days ago Reply
1: The Most Recent Movie is part of the Manga Canon, not the Anime Canon 2: Duel Links is not based on the Game in either the Original Anime or Manga. It is based of the game in the VRAINS Anime 3: Kaiba calls it the Neuron VR System, that has nothing to do with Duel Links 4: Saying "Dont you dare argue this truth with me" is not an argument, it just makes you an asshole
<< Anonymous(Kryo, the Duel King )
Omni 9days ago Reply
I agree on: Roba, devlin, Solomon (Granpa), Bonz, and Rebecca.
<< Anonymous(Kryo, the Duel King )
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
Varon,Alister,Rafael,Dartz don't have in the JP manga. Duke can't play duel in JP manga.
<< Anonymous
Alcholics Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Who ever said that they had to be from the manga? Besides, Tea never dueled in the Manga (Mostly off panel duels do not count) but she is playable in the game.
Anoymous 8days ago
Yami Marik the new LD duelist (playable). Pandora will lead up to this epic event what we get :)
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
Marik is the leader and founder of the Rare Hunters.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
Marik best
Anoymous 9days ago
I really hope that it's Arkana and not Marik because we all know how disappointing Marik's cards would be...
Anoymous 11days ago
What about "Rare Hunters event!"?...
Anoymous 12days ago
Gems on world map:
Deniz 13days ago
We want Marik!! A waiting for months..
Anoymous 13days ago
when it said arkana i thought for a second, maybe its arcana force sartorius just spelled in know a character that was actually important to the plot. arkana's purpose was literally just for Yugi to introduce dark magician girl. I'd like some GX characters if your gonna bring GX cards in anyways.
Anoymous 24days ago
"The duelist everyone has been waiting for" will be Tristan, do you agree? :) [it will be Yami Marik for sure but I want it to be Tristan :)]
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 14days ago Reply
Yes! Tristan with a six Sam deck would be great
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 13days ago Reply
Fuck Tristan I want Marik
<< Anonymous
Kurosakazui 13days ago Reply
Konami better give us Six Samz
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 13days ago Reply
F**k Tristan and Marik. I want you guys stop whining
marco volpe 19days ago
duel duck devin
<< Anonymous(marco volpe)
Anoymous 18days ago Reply
its duke man, what u expect from a duck?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 13days ago Reply
Hehehe duck
Indra 16days ago
When event paradox and pegasus. I want obtain this character. I am new duelist.
<< Anonymous(Indra)
Anoymous 15days ago Reply
Indra 16days ago
When event paradox and pegasus. I want obtain this character. I am new duelist.
<< Anonymous(Indra)
Anoymous 15days ago Reply

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