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update 28/04/2017


Announced this Friday (4/28), Konami provided us with the information for the events that are coming this May. There are several events announced, including a new playable character at the end of the month. In addition to the events, there will also be more campaigns, cards, and updates to various features, as well as working on some balancing issues.

Early May

Yugi Muto evet has started!

Period (GMT +00:00)May 2 - May 9

To help some of the newer players, Yugi Muto will be returning again for a limited time in early May. Use this chance to get the highly sought after Union Attack, which can be used to farm most LDs to get an easy high score. New obtainable rewards will also be added!

Prepare your decks!

In preparation for defeating Yugi Muto, here are some pages to help you with what cards and skills to get to make farming against Yugi Muto much easier.

Early May

Duelist Challenges Event


A new LD with new cards

A certain Legendary Duelist is going to make an appearance in mid-May going "all out", possibly meaning that the level of the LD can be up to 50. Since it is not stated that it's going to be an unlockable character, it might be safe to assume that it's going to be similar to event like Yugi Muto appearance event. While it is not stated that it's a new character, it's possible that they are someone that was mentioned before but have yet to appear, especially since the announcement says that you can obtain new reward cards.

Update: The event revealed

Legendary Duelists




An important character in the show, Mokuba Kaiba is Seto Kaiba's younger brother. Character image files can be seen by datamining the game, showing that it is possible that he might be an unlockable character, or appearing as a duelist through events.

Marik Ishtar?

Similar to Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi, they are both the same characters with an "alter ego". Instead of making both characters playable, Marik Ishtar might just make an appearance through a small event.

What will new rewards be?

With the only hint being "never before seen" cards, it could mean that it's a new LD with an entirely new playstyle depending on the LD that will appear. If it's Mokuba, then it could be more Blue-Eyes support, or maybe Marik Ishtar with new gravekeeper cards.

Late May

New unlockable LD!

Coming near the end of the month, there's going to be a new unlockable character! With the only hint being given is that we have to "Choose a door, and see what lies before!"

Paradox Brothers?

This is somewhat similar to the experience in the anime/manga where the Paradox Brothers asks the question in order to proceed in the Duelist Kingdom arc. With their signature card being Labyrinth Wall, and Gate Guardian, their playstyle revolves around being defensive and confusion.



Yami Marik?

It is possible that it is instead, Yami Marik. There are character images, voice files, and his appearance at "Jump Festa 2017", showing that he is more or less completed and available. With some teases and mentions from the game, Yami Marik will undoubtedly show up in Duel Links, but the question is, will it be this May?


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Datty 26days ago
These boxes are being released too frequently. I mean, I guess it's cool and all, new cards and archetypes all the time but it's getting difficult to obtain the necessary cards. And I spent money, so I'm not a f2p.

However the events are great. Farm skill, farm new cards, obtain a lot of SR and UR jewels, gold. At least the trader is not a problem.
<< Anonymous(Datty)
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
yes, it's too frequently, it's like once a month, but if say you are spent money and considered yourself as NOT FTP player, then just save your money between $200 each month, so you can get all the cards. problem solved.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
Why you play this game anyway?
<< Anonymous(Datty)
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
Pack releases are to frequent for me as well fortunately they haven't released any game changing good cards since valkary. So u don't really need to get new packs
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
I think amazoness is way to op for this game I hope it doesn't get released
Anoymous 25days ago
When synchros and the other crap will be implimented out many wil quit the game, so take your time konami and bring some fresh events. Keep it old skool
<< Anonymous
Jamess 24days ago Reply
Actually i like synchro... but xyz and pendulum not so much
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 23days ago Reply
I agree. Everyone who wants the new mechanics should play Duel Generations instead. The nostalgia is what makes this game so entertaining in my opinion. There are still several characters that can be added and even some cards from the latest boosters might still be fitting for this game.
<< Anonymous
Khoi Nguyen 21days ago Reply
Agree again. Go to Duel generation if you want synchro, xyz - 5 slots mons & trap/spell exactly This game is also about style, and be your favorite characters - old school The game is not fast as they actually are in real worl? "I summon a monster in attack position - I end my turn", not "I summon this, that, there, thoses..." in 1 turn
<< Anonymous(WeegeeKing)
Anoymous 13days ago Reply
Uhhh the spelling of school as "skool" is slang and you do know "kiddo" is slang, too? Dipshit..
Anoymous 26days ago
First to comment! Thanks for all these information!
<< Anonymous
Cool! 26days ago Reply
Early bird gets the worm!
<< Anonymous
Really? 26days ago Reply
sorry, I myself is a loser.
<< Anonymous
Really? 26days ago Reply
I was joking btw, you guys are the losers
<< Anonymous(Really?)
noname 21days ago Reply
Anoymous 24days ago
When will the next mini box be released? It's been confirmed it's going to be Earth themed
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 23days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 23days ago Reply
Where are you finding these datamines then? I couldn't find anything
<< Anonymous
John 23days ago Reply
I've seen the leaked cards too, I can't wait for the new Earth box, it's going to change the meta in a radical manner though
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 22days ago Reply
Great, I was looking for some amazoness support, hope the new box contains amazoness fighting spirit as well
Common Bug 26days ago
lol, gamea made a same grammar mistake, just like konami. It's "never seen before" not "never before seen" XD
<< Anonymous(Common Bug)
Anoymous 26days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Common Bug)
Anoymous 26days ago Reply
This was done purposely in order to make the rhyme with "door"
<< Anonymous(Common Bug)
Anoymous 26days ago Reply
u made a grammar mistake also.... I think u meant to say "the same" not "a same grammar"
<< Anonymous(Common Bug)
Uroucyon_GameA 26days ago Reply
I had a feeling it was kinda wrong, which was why I wrote it by quoting what they said lol. Looking at the announcement, it's still the same too.
Anoymous 25days ago
No paradox brothers guys. They where to insignificant in the show. The new LD will be MArik and the one who is going all out is Kaiba.
<< Anonymous
Knoxx 25days ago Reply
Kaiba? Seto Kaiba? Mokuba Kaiba? Noah Kaiba?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 25days ago Reply
No it will be Marik Ishtar as resemble of rare hunters he controls.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 25days ago Reply
But... isn't it too early for Marik ? That would be "end-game" ?
<< Anonymous
Josh 25days ago Reply
So was bandit Keith
Anoymous 25days ago
if there's really a new box coming because of the duel quizzes, then it makes the FtP player is more left behind. oh come on konami, you just announce the new pack last month, give us more time to collect gems.
<< Anonymous
123 25days ago Reply
no one is forcing u to buy every single new box with your gems just save gems and buy from 1 box that you really needs the cards for first
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 25days ago Reply
From this game was released until now, i never buy a single pack, just grinding from mission reward, event and level-up reward, i'm always focusing on the card/pack that i wanted, and i got them all at least 2 copies. but now all my char are already in max-level and i'm in lv.60. aand here's come the struggle for saving up the gems.
<< Anonymous
mo 24days ago Reply
new LD duelist are coming and they will increase the lvl and stage just relax and wait
Anoymous 25days ago
Shadi Shin ?
<< Anonymous
IC weiner 25days ago Reply
That's the first person I thought of was Shadi
<< Anonymous
Knoxx 24days ago Reply
Shadi is the wielder of the Millennium Key and Scale right? The guy with the turban?
<< Anonymous
IC weiner 24days ago Reply
Anoymous 26days ago
Not releasing ultimate rising yet? Feel so sad :/
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Replyer 26days ago Reply
They're going to rerelease the old packs?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 26days ago Reply
They wont, the packs literally just went, stop crying.
<< Anonymous
Noobs 26days ago Reply
Actually in official announcement they would literally comeback in sometime, but we'll never know when, so sad :"
Jamess 25days ago
I hope rebecca rafael and dartz will also make an appearance
<< Anonymous(Jamess)
Anoymous 25days ago Reply
rebecca? :|
<< Anonymous(Jamess)
Anoymous 25days ago Reply
So much hype after all this years... I would like to get ALL of the characters, also the Kaiba with green hair, from the first series only in JP ^^!_(Toei_anime)_episode_listing
<< Anonymous(Jamess)
Knoxx 24days ago Reply
Rebecca Hawkins, the girl with the teddy bear. Yugi and Rebecca's grandpas are friends.
Magic Mike 22days ago
Paradox brothers?? How interesting...ifso i think they will add espa roba soon too
<< Anonymous(Magic Mike)
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
The only reason I don't want Konami to add Espa Roba is because if they do, his UR card would most likely be Jinzo, and if so, the game will be ruined by noobs spamming it.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anoymous 19days ago Reply
Meh, Jinzo would be fine as a 1 of, like Windstorm for example. e-con and riryoku still deal with it, and since it negates the user's traps too, Jinzo is harder to protect
<< Anonymous(Magic Mike)
Anoymous 18days ago Reply
Don't forget bonz
Anoymous 25days ago
Looks to me like Yugi will be the unlockable one: his Millennium Puzzle is full of doors, after all.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 25days ago Reply
So are the paradox brothers.
<< Anonymous
Knoxx 24days ago Reply
Don't forget Shadi (Millennium Key guy).
<< Anonymous
zenmaister 22days ago Reply
i think that it will be marik. my proof it that i had to re-install the game to my new tablet, it showed the playable characters and marik was right next to bakura. would share a screeenshot, but i didnt think to ttake one.

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