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Tabletop RPG: Monster World event has started!
update 19/09/2017
D.D. Tower event pages

Event guide

Floor guide

D.D Tower: Water Dimension has begun!

Event PeriodNov 29 - Dec 7

D.D Tower: Fire Dimension has begun!

You can receive various Rewards by completing the floors of the tower or by opening the D.D. BOX.

Event PeriodSept 19 - Sept 27

Regarding the Event

  • This event is available after reaching Stage 4.
  • This event may be held again in the future.
  • The limit for obtaining items from D.D. BOX is 2017 Oct 3. 13:00
  • At the end of the event your remaining LP Potions will be converted into gold at the rate of 1000Gold per LP potion.
  • When you Loose/Draw/Surrender a Duel against a monster or quit a suspended duel in progress, your LP will be reduced to 0 and you cannot duel at the tower until it is restored to 4000.
  • Even if your Life Points exceed 4000 at the end of the Duel, your LP will start 4000 for the next duel.
  • Your LP in this event will not affect your LP when dueling in Duel World or Arena.
  • Once you defeat a monster, you can duel that monster again whenever you want. However, even if your LP exceed that of your starting amount at the end of Duel, it will be reset to what you started with.
  • Even if you fulfill the mission requirements of a Duel Mission, the Mission will not be considered complete unless you win the Duel.

Event Flow/ How to Play


Duel against monsters that guard each floor. Defeat all monsters on a floor to receive the floor completion reward and move on to the next floor.


Damage to your Life Points carry over between duels in the D.D. Tower, so be wary of how much damage you take. (If your LP fall to 0, you cannot duel in D.D. Tower again until they have completely healed!)


Earn Mission Points by completing "Duel Missions" that will be given when Dueling against a monster! Once you accumulate enough mission points, spend them to obtain D.D. BOXes, which contain various items and cards!

Event Exclusive Items

LP Potion

Restores your LP to 4000. Can be obtained from Floor Completion Rewards and D.D. BOXes. It can only be used during the event.


By spending 5 Mission Points (obtained by completing duel missions). you can receive an item from the D.D. BOX.

  • The D.D. BOX contains 12 items (Gold,event exclusive cards, etc.), which will be randomly given out each time you open the BOX.
  • When all items are obtained, the BOX is reset.
    (You can reset the BOX before it is empty by tapping on the BOX reset button.)
  • You can access the D.D Box via the Event Page or by tapping on the "D.D. Guide".

Recommended Event Rewards

You can receive the various Rewards by completing floors of the tower or by opening the D.D. BOX.

Pyrorex the Elemental Lord [UR]

A monster card that can be special summoned when there are exactly 5 FIRE monsters in your Graveyard. Try to pull off a special summon by sending FIRE monsters to the graveyard using cards such as Brushfire Knight.
When there are more than 6 FIRE monsters in your Graveyard, use "Sealing Ceremony of Katon" together to reduce their number.

Other recommended rewards

Cards from the D.D. BOX!

Card / [Rarity]Rating
[- / 10]
SalamandraSalamandra [SR]--
Raging Flame SpriteRaging Flame Sprite [R]--

New info!

Note This information was leaked by a famous Japanese Yugioh fan website, Starlight Sokuhou.

The mysterious tower that will appear in Duel Links now has a name, it will be called the "Different Dimesion Tower" directly translated from it's Japanese name "Ijigen no Tou". This event will be introducing a kind of "Survival" system, where duelists will retain their LP after every duel. Duelists will be challenged with successive duels till they reach the top of the tower, all this while collecting event points to get event exclusive cards, gold and other items.


Use healing cards

Seeing as your LP is retained after every duel, you can use this to your advantage by healing to start yourself with more than 4000 LP for the next duel. An easy way to so this is to use Aegis of Gaia just before you end the duel so that you gain 3000 LP, without the risk of having it destroyed and losing 3000 LP. To do this, switch toggle to ON before your final attack.

Avoid using LP costs

Conversely, while healing cards are good, effects that require you to lose LP are not recommended. The skill Last Gamble might be the worst example of this, starting with 100 LP during your next duel, and no way to use the skill, is essentially suicide when facing stronger duelists.


Possible Themes and/or Characters

The Big Five

A possible theme for this event would be the Big-Five and Noah, as the text states that there will be multiple never before seen enemies. And seeing as how in the anime they were the ones who tried to take control of Kaiba Corp., it is possible that the story of the next event would go something like them trying to take control of Duel Links which is a game Seto Kaiba created.

Going with this theory, the "new system" of duels mentioned might be similar to the Virtual World arc of the anime where duelists will be able to choose a deck master. But if this ever were to happen, only few monsters would have deck master effects or many will get generic effects, as giving every monster a unique deck master effect would be unrealistic.


Another possibility is that this event would be themed after towers, similar to how Duel-A-Thon was themed after running. Seeing as this event is right before the big update, Konami might not have time to implement something as big as the Big Five and Noah, meaning that we might be seeing something smaller similar to Duel-A-Thon. In this case, a very possible theme would be Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower as we will most likely be seeing Bonz this October.

Possible rewards

Big Five

Dragon Master Knight and Five-Headed Dragon might seem too powerful for Duel Links, but considering how difficult they are to summon and with no way to protect themselves from card effects they would seem pretty balanced. So it should be okay to add them to the game, as long as we do not get something like Dragon's Mirror anytime soon. In this case Nightmare Penguin might be the strongest of these speculations.


Clock Tower Prison might be a bit too good but the rest seem balanced enough for Duel Links.


Hot New Top
Why do people comments about the DARK tower in the FIRE/WATER tower page lol
Forget the challenges, you can get 3 copies of each card just by winning up to floor 30
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, each card except Necross, of which there are only 2 atm, and only if you go to floor 40.
can u stop making challenges impossible pls baring in mind that i have run out of lp and potions and is now starting me with 100-200 lp to even start a game then getting instantly 1 shotted unless im lucky enough to go 2nd and now i have to wait 3 hours for lp to recover, whelp might as well hit my head against the wall until then, thanks konami.
Just my luck. Grinding all day for Skull meister, yet he's at the last pack. Yawn.
And here I am wanting to get 3 copies..
At floor 11 it tell me that i cant battle this monster yet. What i should do to be able to battle it ?
<< Anonymous(george1234)
akubane Reply
hi, i hope you know that there are 2 opponents from 11 on. i got the message when i wanted to fight the 2nd without clearing the 1st.
<< Anonymous(akubane)
george1234 Reply
oh thanks, i hadnt noticed that ^^:
<< Anonymous(george1234)
Anonymous Reply
Anonyboy is gay???
<< Anonymous(george1234)
Anonymous Reply
Just click on the skeleton guy and not the kangaroo.
Is it just me or are these events getting shorter and shorter XD haven't got time to play until the weekend then come on Saturday morning to find out its ended yaaaay
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is not entirely true Konami needs free riders aka f2p and p2w players it's called network effects crazy thing is the amount of f2p has to be bigger (but there is a threshold) than the amount of p2w to maximize profibility due to positive and negative network effects
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Most people finish this event between 1-2 days. Beside 1 week is enough for event like this, people just want 500 gems every week from event. Shorter the duration = more event = more free gems. Think!!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You forgot More events = Less quality
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Who cares, vets wants more gems income.
I still can't get past Floor 11. How is that deck a level 20? I've had an easier time against legendary duelists. Can anyone give me some tips on how to get past these annoying pests?
<< Anonymous(InuGhost)
Aquablast Reply
That "Lv20" Emperor of Flame deck definitely should be a Lv35 deck or something. It has Salamandra which boosts ATK by *700*, Shooting Star Bow - Ceal to lower your ATK by *1000*, Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu to add the said equip cards to hand and trim the deck at the same time, and finally Tenkabito Shien who is outright immune to trap cards.
<< Anonymous(InuGhost)
Aquablast Reply
There are only a few ways to deal with it:
1. Use non-trap monster destruction cards: Exploder Dragon, Yomi Ship, 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom, Super Rush Headlong.
2. Use non-trap cards to switch from atk to def: Sphere Kuriboh and Enemy Controller.
3. Use cards that destroy spells. Not ideal since the AI gets 3 Salamandra on first turn shockingly often.
4. Riryoku can help, so long you survive.
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
InuGhost Reply
Thank you all for the help I appreciate it. Hopefully I can get past this stupid floor with all this advice. :)
<< Anonymous(InuGhost)
Anonymous Reply
There are 2 monsters click the one highlighted to battle
People will at least have the chance of now using Mokuba, Jaden, Aster, Chazz, Alexis, Vellian, and Bastion at the event.
As well as Hammer Shark, Cure Mermaid, Lekunga, and Toon Mermaid. Just 8 Tower Monsters.
Monsters I see as Tower Monsters in the Water Dimension: Des Frog, Imairuka, Needle Sunfish, and Fortress Whale.
Selling my account
Superior Than You
Lifeless fuckers playing this pathetic card games. Kill yourselves for the sake of humanity
<< Anonymous(Superior Than You)
The lemming Reply
You first , I promise I'll do it after you
<< Anonymous(Superior Than You)
Jinzo Reply
Hey, "Superior Than You"
Have you ever tried looking in the mirror?
Avoid at all costs, before you see how hideous you really are suppose to other people.
Actually, try it out and kill yourself in the end. (do us all a favor and shut the up).

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Yubel 133
GX's last 2 seasons were the peak of Yugioh anime thanks to this succubus
I thought there would be a firefist-gorilla in this box ?
Unnecessary, just stop being so EDGE like Yugioh must be as EDGE as your putrid souls.
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