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update 03/12/2017
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Event guide



When Dueling with the tower monsters, there is a chance that the D.D. Invader will appear.

  • Completely different from normal tower monsters, D.D. Invader is a formidable opponent that uses a D.D. Deck. If you manage to defeat it, you will receive 1-4 Mission Points depending on the difficulty mode, and have your LP fully restored.
  • The D.D. Invader will disappear 1hour after appearing. Be sure not to let your chance to slip away!

You can receive various Rewards by completing the floors of the tower or by opening the D.D. BOX.

Event PeriodEarly March

Changes since the Last D.D. Tower

  • Tower monsters can now be Dueled after losing a Duel in D.D. Tower even if LP has not been fully restored. (It is not possible to Duel when LP is at 0).
  • Duel Missions have been re-balanced, as well as the Mission Points obtained from completing Duel Missions.
  • The d.D. Invader will appear after certain Conditions have met. See below for more details.
  • Details on Duel Missions can now be checked while in a Duel with a tower monster (tap the menu button on the upper-right and check the Mission tab).
  • When reaching the same floor as a friend, your LP will be restored equal to the number of friends on that floor x1000
  • Exclusive backgrounds will be used for Duels against tower monsters. (*For aesthetic reasons, your Game Mat will not be displayed when Dueling against tower monsters).
  • Fire Dimension Packs, Card packs that contain cards from previous D.D. Tower (Fire Dimension) have been added to the D.D. BOX.

D.D. Invader

Event details

  • This event is available after reaching Stage 4.
  • This event may be held again in the future.
  • The limit for obtaining items from D.D. BOX is 2017 (date unknown).
  • At the end of the event your remaining LP Potions will be converted into gold at the rate of 1000Gold per LP potion.
  • When you Loose/Draw/Surrender a Duel against a monster or quit a suspended duel in progress, your LP will be reduced to 0 and you cannot duel at the tower until it is restored to 4000.
  • Even if your Life Points exceed 4000 at the end of the Duel, your LP will start 4000 for the next duel.
  • Your LP in this event will not affect your LP when dueling in Duel World or Arena.
  • Once you defeat a monster, you can duel that monster again whenever you want. However, even if your LP exceed that of your starting amount at the end of Duel, it will be reset to what you started with.
  • Even if you fulfill the mission requirements of a Duel Mission, the Mission will not be considered complete unless you win the Duel.

Event flow / How to play


Duel against monsters that guard each floor. Defeat all monsters on a floor to receive the floor completion reward and move on to the next floor.


Damage to your Life Points carry over between duels in the D.D. Tower, so be wary of how much damage you take. (If your LP fall to 0, you cannot duel in D.D. Tower again until they have completely healed!)


Earn Mission Points by completing "Duel Missions" that will be given when Dueling against a monster! Once you accumulate enough mission points, spend them to obtain D.D. BOXes, which contain various items and cards!

Event exclusive items

LP Potion

Restores your LP to 4000. Can be obtained from Floor Completion Rewards and D.D. BOXes. It can only be used during the event.

D.D. Box

By spending 5 Mission Points (obtained by completing duel missions). you can receive an item from the D.D. BOX.

  • The D.D. BOX contains 12 items (Gold,event exclusive cards, etc.), which will be randomly given out each time you open the BOX.
  • When all items are obtained, the BOX is reset.
    (You can reset the BOX before it is empty by tapping on the BOX reset button.)
  • You can access the D.D Box via the Event Page or by tapping on the "D.D. Guide".

Recommended Event Rewards

You can receive the various Rewards by completing floors of the tower or by opening the D.D. BOX.

Can be special summoned from your hand if you control both FISH and WINGED BEAST-Type monsters. When special summoned this way, you can change the Level of all your monsters between 3-5. Activating the Skill "Beatdown" with 3 Lvl 5 monsters will increase all of your monsters ATK drastically.

Other recommended Event cards

D.D. Box Cards

Card / [Rarity]Rating
[- / 10]
Medium of the Ice BarrierMedium of the Ice Barrier [SR]--
Ice WaterIce Water [N]--

List of Reward cards

Card / [Rarity]Rating
[- / 10]
SirenorcaSirenorca [UR]--
Gishki ArielGishki Ariel [SR]--
Medium of the Ice BarrierMedium of the Ice Barrier [SR]--
Gishki NataliaGishki Natalia [R]--
Gishki EmiliaGishki Emilia [R]--
Water GirlWater Girl [N]--
Ice WaterIce Water [N]--

Cards from Fire Dimension Pack


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they REALLY need to bring this back.
<< Anonymous(OhMarioWV)
Anonymous Reply
I want this event back again too, perhaps with a different Attribute this time?
<< Anonymous(OhMarioWV)
How Lazy Reply
Do you guys even READ the notification?! Wind & Earth Dimension will come in March
<< Anonymous(TinkyWinky!!!)
Nestlé Reply
At least the Tomato guy is right, tomato is a fruit while coco is nut. Pun intended.
<< Anonymous(Nestlé)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(NoSkills)
AnimeCow Reply
Now that the new event is out how can I play d.d. tower monster again, since marik is ongoing
Including 1kk Gold, nice Event!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Some people sacrifice their life opportunity for a children card game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Says the dude who is surfing here cuz the game offline atm, otherwise you'd play right now, so 🔥
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Grats boi, now 🔥 to that mermaid picture!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
MY MAN... you got a problem.
ok so wat are the conditions to summon dd invader? just duel? could i just auto duel level 10 monsters and keep farming invader?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
About 5 duels and he spawned ;-) ! Sometimes even 4 or 3
7 pyrorex but 0 royal firestorm guard. I think they forgot to include it in the pool.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
dude 🔥 i keep getting royal firestorm guard but i want 2 more pyrorex to complete my collection
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Same here, only got 1 pyrorex but got tons of other cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
🔥 you
Oh man, I didn't manage to finish this event. Too much playing around that I failed to get that UR card :(
my last one ...nice drop
The rewards kinda sucked and the levels were too short
Can anyone reccomend a good 🔥 for 3 days player?
<< Anonymous(n00b)
Ultimate Nigga Reply
Black, long and thick. It's viable to any kind of trap hole.
<< Anonymous(n00b)
n00b Reply
Lol sorry, I meant deck, I want to play a card game, not having sex.
<< Anonymous(Ultimate Nigga)
Anonymous Reply
I see you're a man of culture as well Í¡° ͜ʖ Í¡°
<< Anonymous(n00b)
Anonymous Reply
I too just want to play cards games and not have 🔥 that's the dream
I gotta say, I do feel like I'm enjoying the tower event more this time around. The new features are nice.
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
Oh, I forgot that some people consider c*** as a swear word. Heh, heh! Sorry about that! I'll tone it down in the future!
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
it's not that much of a swear word, but for you to say it is not appropriate, you are a role model
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
My God the is the most pathetic group I've ever seen In my life this entire comment page is 40 year old virgins and a guy acting like a girl good job man you baited all the white knight fairys and virgins
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Also guy who thinks crap is a bad word is the biggest fairy 🔥 of all time you're a sensitive queer
I’m only going to say this once, I was checking stuff out and I see many people pretending to be me, trying to talk to my Val I see, you drooling sicko’s with nasty thoughts! Well she knows now so you can have that name, I will not use it again, the next time abc comments, It will not be me, so bye! you can enjoy using that name as much as you want while I enjoy bedtime with My beautiful wife.
<< Anonymous(Mega Ultra Chicken)
executive producer Reply
Mega Ultra Chicken stop commenting on things that are outdated, if you don't like what is posted don't comment, you will only bring the post to the top,unless you like to talk about this subject and you are a hardcore wanker yourself you stupid freak, you don't deserve to be a YGO abridged fan
<< Anonymous(Mega Ultra Chicken)
Yami Kuriboh Reply
lol a chicken that touches himself is truly 🔥..... sick...
<< Anonymous(executive producer)
Anonymous Reply
wow, I think you hurt his feelings with that last sentence, too cruel you lol
<< Anonymous(executive producer)
Mega Ultra Chicken Reply
Ok I'll leave now
Anyone understand what happened in the picture? I thought the fisherman would not block my attack as the ocean is treated as Umi. Turned out he can. Is this a bug? 'cos I remember fisherman+ocean+spirit barrier, though inconsistent, work as farm deck.

What annoy me the most is that I suppose to win in this turn to complete mission but turns out I'll have to do it all again, sigh.
<< Anonymous
W.H. Reply
I see. Thanks.
<< Anonymous(W.H.)
Yami Reply
Who gives a 🔥 about you playing a duel?? Keep that screenshot for yourself and don t post another!
<< Anonymous(Yami)
Anonymous Reply
Do you have to act like a total dick? People is asking if whether there's bug or not. If people like you is the current standard for us human, then this should be the reason why this world is so 🔥ed.
<< Anonymous
Stifmeister Reply
The man is right, 🔥 him, people are just showing off with their screenshots especially when they got some rare card after duel which someone else didn t.

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It shouldn't work though! Lol. Cyber Blader (which she first used fusion weapon on) is level...
Or, you could, you know, wait for them to activate the spells/traps first then chain your immunit...
That's because by design link monsters cannot change their battle position. They have no lev...
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