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update 01/11/2017


You can receive various Rewards by completing the floors of the tower or by opening the D.D. BOX.

Event Periodunknown

Event details

  • This event is available after reaching Stage 4.
  • This event may be held again in the future.
  • The limit for obtaining items from D.D. BOX is 2017 (date unknown).
  • At the end of the event your remaining LP Potions will be converted into gold at the rate of 1000Gold per LP potion.
  • When you Loose/Draw/Surrender a Duel against a monster or quit a suspended duel in progress, your LP will be reduced to 0 and you cannot duel at the tower until it is restored to 4000.
  • Even if your Life Points exceed 4000 at the end of the Duel, your LP will start 4000 for the next duel.
  • Your LP in this event will not affect your LP when dueling in Duel World or Arena.
  • Once you defeat a monster, you can duel that monster again whenever you want. However, even if your LP exceed that of your starting amount at the end of Duel, it will be reset to what you started with.
  • Even if you fulfill the mission requirements of a Duel Mission, the Mission will not be considered complete unless you win the Duel.

Event flow / How to play


Duel against monsters that guard each floor. Defeat all monsters on a floor to receive the floor completion reward and move on to the next floor.


Damage to your Life Points carry over between duels in the D.D. Tower, so be wary of how much damage you take. (If your LP fall to 0, you cannot duel in D.D. Tower again until they have completely healed!)


Earn Mission Points by completing "Duel Missions" that will be given when Dueling against a monster! Once you accumulate enough mission points, spend them to obtain D.D. BOXes, which contain various items and cards!

Event exclusive items

LP Potion

Restores your LP to 4000. Can be obtained from Floor Completion Rewards and D.D. BOXes. It can only be used during the event.

D.D. Box

By spending 5 Mission Points (obtained by completing duel missions). you can receive an item from the D.D. BOX.

  • The D.D. BOX contains 12 items (Gold,event exclusive cards, etc.), which will be randomly given out each time you open the BOX.
  • When all items are obtained, the BOX is reset.
    (You can reset the BOX before it is empty by tapping on the BOX reset button.)
  • You can access the D.D Box via the Event Page or by tapping on the "D.D. Guide".

Recommended Event Rewards

You can receive the various Rewards by completing floors of the tower or by opening the D.D. BOX.

D.D. Box Cards

Card / [Rarity]Rating
[- / 10]


Hot New Top
Anonymous 1days ago
Biggest problem with DD tower is that your characters don't get XP for duels
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
At least the rewards are good
Anonymous 1days ago
We better get another wetlands card
Anonymous 6days ago
DD tower can suck it. top floors are hard as fuck since they always start with the perfect hand to fuck your day all up.
<< Anonymous
Indopride 6days ago Reply
Or you just noob and suck wkwkwkwkwk
<< Anonymous(Indopride)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
so fucking true
Anonymous 2days ago
I think only Aqua type monsters will be dueled in the tower.
Ishizu Isthar 5days ago
I can predict Enchanting Mermaid with her boobs uncensored will be this event UR card.
<< Anonymous(Ishizu Isthar)
Demonizer 3days ago Reply
I can predict that Eria the Water Charmer stripped down to nothing will be the UR card.
Anonymous 9days ago
Can't wait to get this bad boy
<< Anonymous
Alexis 5days ago Reply
I like slime ^^
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
beautiful description :P
Anonymous 12days ago
i think the UR monster in this event will be Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord.
There are 4 Elemental Lords total, so that means the D.D tower events would be fire,water,earth and wind
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
you are the shittest sherlock holmes
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
The different tower might be different types as well like Aqua, Dragon, Warrior, Psychic, Rock, Reptile, Spellcaster, and more.
Anonymous 9days ago
hate me, i liked the D.D tower, because it's hard as hell.
<< Anonymous
Leukocyte 8days ago Reply
I like a challenge too, but the Fire Tower was WAY too hard. Even for people who put money in the game, I felt so bad for F2P players.
<< Anonymous
Mah Boi 7days ago Reply
It wasn't challenging, it was difficult because of all the grinding to get mission points. Because of that, it was boring as hell.
<< Anonymous(Leukocyte)
iBakura 7days ago Reply
Easy af for me just ran Mako with two star boi and I am f2p (just giving a heads up for a good deck to run next time it comes around)
<< Anonymous(Leukocyte)
iBakura 7days ago Reply
Easy af for me just ran Mako with two star boi and I am f2p (just giving a heads up for a good deck to run next time it comes around)
Anonymous 8days ago
People starting to believe this event got pushed to start next month or got postponed in general?
K1llua 11days ago
i love the "aqua" themed cards for thier unique effects and cause they look nice :P especially the frog cards but iam still waiting on a nice meta for "Des Croaking"
Anonymous 11days ago
Or maybe this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
lol. That would be on 5Ds event. Not on this.
Anonymous 11days ago
We will meet this soon

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It's not the big thing guys, maybe sounds strong, but remember the effect is a double-edged ...
It's consistent enough, but for some fucking reason I keep getting bad starting hands and ba... A very consistent farming deck
The only usefull card i see in espa roba drops.
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