One of Yusei and Jack's closest friends and bearer of the Tail Mark of the Dragon, Crow grew up along side them in Satellite. Crow uses Blackwing deck composed of DARK Winged-Beast monsters with Blackwing Armor Master as his initial ace monster, later awakening his Signer Mark along with his Signer Dragon Black-Winged Dragon.

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Anonymous 28days ago
How Blackwings work?
Anonymous 29days ago
How does Blackwings against unlimited CA?
Anonymous 30days ago
Crow's skill: begin duel with continuous spell "Black Whirlwind"
Taylor 30days ago
I hope he comes alongside the 5D's world.
BF-Raikiri better Ace monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, look at Crowler getting Ancient Gear that so called op in the past.
<< Anonymous(w)
Anonymous Reply
ABF Raikiri is from Arc-V Crow, I think this Crow will only have his 5Ds cards.

I mean, we still don't have Alexis' Cyber Angel Nasateiya and Cyber Angel Vishnu.
We don't have Aster's D-Hero Dystopia and Dusktopia either.

That points to us not getting ABF Raikiri for a while. Their Arc-V ace cards might need to wait until Arc-V world is in.....
<< Anonymous
w Reply
Yeah, true. So Blackfeathers isn't will be strong first
<< Anonymous
w Reply
And yes, ABF* sry

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This game is becoming more shit by the day
Any deck can go over 5000 DMG. In fact, you should be aiming for over 9999 DMG for even more asse...
FYI "putang ina mo" means your mom'a a whore in Philippines
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