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update 22/06/2018


Notable Detail : If your deck consists of 10 monster cards and 10 spell/trap cards, you will have 2 monster and 2 spell/trap in starting hand.

Description (Since 2018 Jun 26)

Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck. This Skill will not activate unless you have at least 6 of each type of card (Monster, Spell, and Trap) in your Deck.


How to get

  • Mako reaches Lvl 20.
  • Other characters can acquire this skill as reward for winning duels against Legendary Duelists.

Rating and Explanation

Having ten monsters, five spells, and five traps in your deck, will make you get two monsters, one spell, and one trap card in your opening hand. The ratio of your deck will affect your starting hand.


Updated History

Description (Until 2018 Jun 25)

Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck.

Mako Tsunami skills list


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IC weiner
Skill is absolutely useless now.
<< Anonymous(IC weiner)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Doubt it, ladder now is full of balance skill
Anonymous No. 2
In the revamped Balance skill - is the 4th card always random or can you predetermine that one too, e.g. by having 12 monsters, 6 spells and 6 traps, so that you always get 2 monsters, 1 spell and 1 trap?
<< Anonymous(Nope)
Anonymous Reply
"This Skill will not activate unless you have at least 6 of each type of card (Monster, Spell, and Trap) in your Deck."

You only have 2 traps mate
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous Reply
@ the "nope" anon

lol you're so dumb it's hilarious
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
Not working. I have 12/6/6 still I get 3 mons and 1 spell/trap
<< Anonymous
Another Anon 27days ago Reply
We use balance to improve consistency. And apparently konami's smart peoples don't like it. So they nerfed it so that even with 12 6 6 it's still don't guarantee your opening hand MST ratio. It's a "balance" skill that don't guarantee opening band's balance.

Konami is smart. Don't complain.
I'm a bit confused. I just got Balanace with Mako, but I can't use the skill with Yami Yugi or even Marik, but I have seen people using it with Aster Phoenix. Do I need to fight Aster at the gate until he personally drop the skill to use with him or any other character besides Mako for that matters?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its random drop.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That wasn't exactly my concern, but thanks for clarifying that part.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it came back with nk and gladiator beasts
<< Anonymous
HC Reply
Maybe it can be useful with cyberdarks as well.
Sometimes it activates, but doesnt give either the spell or the trap... is that normal? I have 6+ of each tipe of card btw.
<< Anonymous(Dr.Agon)
DrillDude Reply
Is your deck have 20 cards or more than that?

I've tried before, if I have 30 cards (18M, 6S, 6T), I get something like 3 M + 1 S/T in hand.

But if 20 cards deck (6M, 8S, 6T), I always start with 1M,1S,1T + 1 random card. (Every time, and never failed yet, NK deck)

The skill actually doesn't ensure you have 1M,1S,1T, but it reflects your deck.
I think I understand how the updated Balance skill works now. You are given a percentage of the type of cards that will go in your starting hand. So let's say you have a 20 card deck with 15 monsters and 5 spells. That means you have a 75% chance of obtaining a monster card and a 25% chance of obtaining a spell card. Unlike the old balance skill, where this setup gives you 100% chance of having 3 monster cards and 100% chance of having 1 spell card, this change means you have more randomness and your deck will no longer be as consistent as it used to.
That kinda sucks tbh. Haha
<< Anonymous
Anon Reply
That doesnt make sense because that is just mathmatically the odds of opening those cards to begin with lol?
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Anonymous Reply
Multiple tests I did showed high level of randomness for 4th card, lower for 3rd card, minimal for 2nd card and almost non existent for 1st card. One would think that by running 14 monsters in a CA deck you would get one monster hand with a high chance of 2. However after about 39 duels got several hands of 1 monster and 3 spells. By 60+ got a full spell hand with a monster on the top of deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Considering that I just came to the ironic (but expected)conclusion that balance is now way too imbalanced to be trusted as an skill. I'd recommend it only for handless decks or similar stuff that play mixed monsters, spells and traps since it is almost guaranteed that you will get 1 monster at some point of the 1st or second turn (rarely).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You have to have 6 monsters, 6 spells, 6 traps. Then you can start every duel with a monster, spell & trap card in your hand
ADD Zane to the list. Just dropped for me.
new balance give you the ratio base on your deck and it sucks because when it proc, and if you go first you can't draw the fifth card.
it's like skip a turn just like restart. Had it happen twice to me lol.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Are you joking? Player who goes first can't draw their fifth card, not because of the skill itself but the game's rule.
6 of each seems a bit overdone tbh...
can't it at least be 5?
Balance for Kaiba doesn't work!
<< Anonymous(ScrewdaRules)
Anonymous Reply
Read the announcement -_-
<< Anonymous(ScrewdaRules)
Hippiesmoke Reply
How does Kaiba get the balance skill?
<< Anonymous(Hippiesmoke)
Anonymous Reply
By farming legendary duelist using Seto Kaiba.
now with the update still dead
Alexis boobs can learn balance.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
(-u- )
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

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Yubel also works 100% I can confirm on lvl 30, I don't know if it works on lvl 40 though.
U think every second is literally every second, u say konami know every end result but dont know ...
that's why you put in multiple copies.. But if you get 3, mill 1 & and have one in your ...
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