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A student of the Ra Yellow dorm that first appeared during the second season of the anime and quickly became friends with the main cast. He is a dinosaur fanatic and loves anything with dinosaurs in it.


As his name, character design, and traits suggest he uses a Dinosaur deck with a powerful ace monster, Ultimate Tyranno, that can can attack all your opponent's monsters in one battle phase.


Anonymous 1days ago
When Hassleberry becomes unlockable, I wouldn't be surprised if they included Trakodon in his starter deck, they do the same for Rex, so why not?
Anonymous 21days ago
Wonder if they release ultimate conductor tyranno as well
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
It actually wouldn't be that bad if it was a Rex lvl up reward.
Taylor 26days ago
Wonder how he will first appear in Duel Links
<< Anonymous(Taylor)
jimmy 21days ago Reply
idk but it will be awesome theres a few chars im waiting to get zane definitely aswell
Anonymous 24days ago
He"ll never replace chumley

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Just got to 1 mil and he just showed up
Make a deck with nothing but card trader cards and rank up as high as you can. just for fun.
you dont just get KoG with buying the packs. you have to realize that actually playing the cards ...
I used half Shut and it reduced Ra to 2000 ATK then during the end phase Ra went to 0
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