One of the most popular skill being used in the current meta. Since it is easily obtained, this skill has the potential to bring new players to Gold ranks or even Platinum.


Begin duel with the field spell "Jurassic World" activated.



How to get

  • Rex Raptor level 4.

Rating and Explanation

This skill is considered to be one of the best in the current meta game, since it is easily obtained by leveling up, it is more reliable for new players. The effect is to make your dinos more powerful with 1900ATK after being summoned.


Rex Raptor skills list


Rex skill:

Dino Ice Age

Tribute all your earth dinosaur monsters, and inflict 1000 damage for each dino monsters you control. This skill can be used once per duel.
I... think this is a bit outdated.
<< Anonymous(Boink)
Boink x2 Reply
I very lovely this deck... Powerfull and easy...
Where´s the description?
<< Anonymous(TKSainto)
Uroucyon_GameA Reply
fixed now.

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Right now, until Jinzo is obtainable, the best way to deal with Circus Trick is to start the duel...
Even more annoying part is that Crowler runs 2 copies of this.....
Yep, this is one of those cards that looks bad at first glance but is actually borderline OP.
I managed to have Marik use the Point-to-Point Transfer effect of Ra, meaning Marik only has 100 ...
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