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update 07/04/2017


This skill fits in a deck which uses cards with LP cost to deal double damage to your opponent. It helps farming decks achieve Over 9,999 Damage Duel Assessment.


Whichever player has double or more LP than the other takes double battle damage.



How to get

  • Reward for defeating Legendary Duelists when you play as Rex Raptor.

Rating and explanation

This skill is not so popular in ranked matches because of other Rex skill “Dinosaur Kingdom” which is much more preferred when it comes to consistency, but it can help in fun decks or farming decks like Millennium Scorpion to deal double damage and get the 9999+ duel score.



Rex Raptor skills list


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Why I took 5600 Damage from Anki with this skill?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. Reply
"Offset Anki's original half attack effect"

Can anyone explain this to me? Titan shodown offset's anki's original half attack effect, but when I try to do the same thing with cyber dark edge + claw equipped, it didn't offset the half damage effect of edge.
Instead of doing 2,400 x 2 = 4800 damage, it instead did 1,200 x 2 =24,000 damage.
what's the difference??
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous Reply
I'd guess because Cyberdark Edge halves its ATK, while Anki halves the damage it inflicts. I suppose Titan Showdown just replaces the damage modification from Anki entirely.
<< Anonymous
Rogo Reply
Its a bug. The skill shouldnt double the original att since its not in the description. It talks about "att dmg". Its a well known bug btw and i dont know why komoney havent solved it yet
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nice math, retard. Maybe you should try reading again.
It appears it does not stack with Piranha. I got 24k w/o Titan Showdown. Was hoping to double to 48k to speed up the stage 55 battle damage.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope only doubles original attack
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is the clear proof this skills doubles original ATK of the card. I can't believe people DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THIS and pretend to keep calling it "a bug" for endless months. I guess when someone is dumb enough, they just want to get away with whatever random idea they believe in.
so only rex can use the skill effect ,, i thought enemy anki can use it too
Does this stack with Piranhas?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No. It double the "original" attack of monster so your piranha will only have the total amount of attack you stack on it + 800.
this with gandora= OP
<< Anonymous(chrome)
Anonymous Reply
You need to destroy 7 cards in order to deal 4000+ damage so its not OP at all
<< Anonymous(chrome)
gandora keelz Reply
I just got a gandora tard user destroyed.
He placed a big bunch of cards and I just placed straight flush, it was HILARIOUS to see his shitty 900 atk Gandora, all I had to do was summon Hazy Cerbereus with 1k atk, since Showdown reduces ORIGINAL atk, I did 1k dmg so match was mine lmao
<< Anonymous(gandora keelz)
WiiGi Reply
Enjoy your below gold level'd strats then
I got mine from ranked pvp against kaiba
DM and maus/curtain otk?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
knives and dma or arrows could work but probably too inconsistent
I know this is kind of hard to believe but I got mine beating a standard duelist with an assessment of 3500
<< Anonymous(Zaid)
Anonymous Reply
That's not even possible.
Its really hard to get this skill. I almost spending more than 10k keys in LD
I saw one replay in which the Titan Showdown player used Mausoleum to set Suijin turn 1 and the other guy attacked into it. It was just kinda funny.
Witch LD drop it ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
All LDs drop all the skills in the game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Asper Roba
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The you mean Asper Roba?
i use this for lava golem/owner's seal. amazing skill :)

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