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update 12/04/2017

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It is very tough to get 3 copies of Dark Voltanis. Howeverm, it will be possible that you climb up to KOG with using this deck.

Useful cards

Dark Voltanis
Dark Voltanis
It can also be special summon once a "counter trap card is activated" and a tribute is needed.(can be special summon even at battle phase)
Trap Jammer
Trap Jammer
Useful against cards such as Mirror Wall and Windstorm of Etaqua, it can trigger Dark Voltanis effect.
Divine Wrath
Divine Wrath
A great card to counter Relinquished effect and even Yomi Ship,then special summon Dark Voltanis.
Magic Jammer
Magic Jammer
A reliable card against Enemy Controller, be careful not to discard Dark Voltanis to activate its effect.
Magic Drain
Magic Drain
It also serves as Magic Jammer, Dark Voltanis effect will still trigger even if the effect of this card is negated.(except with Seven Tools of the Bandit)
Curse of Royal
Curse of Royal
A situational card useful against cards such as Wild Tornado or even Nobleman of Extermination, can also trigger Dark Voltanis.
Seven Tools of the Bandit
Seven Tools of the Bandit
By paying 1000LP this card can negate a trap card activated by your opponent, it can trigger Dark Voltanis
Riryoku Field
Riryoku Field
A great card to counter Enemy Controller, and other equip spell cards.
By paying 500LP this card can negate almost all trap cards activation, however, the trap card can still be activated the next turn. Also usefull to summon Dark Voltanis.


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Does twister count as a counter trap
<< Anonymous
Jerry Beans Man Reply
<< Anonymous(Jerry Beans Man)
Anoymous 21days ago Reply
Thanks jerry

kog test
Familiar Knight and Twin-Barrel Dragon make an effective combo in this kind of deck. At least in my first few duels, it allowed me to destroy some big threat cards on the opponents turn.
I've read that voltanis effect can work by tributing dark monster in the spell/card zone, like pumpkin princess. I've no tried yet
<< Anonymous
xkaito Reply
Nope u cant because when pumpkin princess is in s/t zone it becomes a spell
dead meme
what about gemini counter with skelesaurus and dark voltanis , also are there any other dark gemini monsters ??
Chinese punk
How about this one?
<< Anonymous(Chinese punk)
Chinese punk Reply
You can get magic card back and let Voltanis down activity. Sorry for my poor English
I only have 2 Voltanis cards. Would that suffice for this kind of deck?
<< Anonymous(Claire)
dead meme Reply
yeah it works fine
This card has the possibilities to reach tier 2 or 3. With counter trap can easily counter meta deck with divine wrath. Negate activation of powerful trap card like mirror wall with trap jammer. Negate enemy controller and other spell with magic jammer or riryoku and special summon voltanis for easy winning
dead meme
i put double coston , whiptail crow , archfiend and gross dreams as my dark monster in my voltanis deck
Can we have a complite deck i mean those are just usefull cards but we will need a deck with some monsters that are usefull for this deck for sure... so will there be a complite deck for dark voltanis out soon?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
recipe boy ..... hahaha
2 copies are enouf?
(can be special summon even at battle phase) T__T

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You motherfucker stop spreading bullshit around this site
Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman will be even more of a boss.
An extra boost for my Flash Assailant/Wonder Baloons deck.
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