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update 26/06/2017

Super Rush Headlong

Super Rush Headlong
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCost / Card effect


Target 1 face-up monster you control and declare 1 Attribute; if that target battles an opponent's monster with that Attribute this turn, destroy that opponent's monster at the start of the Damage Step.

How to get / rarity

PackDawn of Destiny [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • The monster that battles with the targeted monster by this card is destroyed.


  • It can only destroy the battling monster with the same declared attribute.


This card is one of the universal cards that can be used in many decks. You can use this for offense and defense and it's very useful against decks with monsters that has 1 kind of Attribute.

Destroy Multiple Monsters

Super Rush Headlong has a great synergy with Asura Priest since Asura Priest can attack all of your opponent's monsters. If your opponent's monsters have different attributes, you can equip Scroll of Bewitchment to one of the monsters to match the declared attribute.



ActionsDeclares an Attribute
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys your opponent's Monster Cards


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I swear it’s so funny to play this card against illiterate players. My opponent was playing Masked Heros and attacks my monster with his Anki. I activate STH, my opponent thinking they’re about to make a god play, actives his mask change from his hand to bring out another Anki so that the initial one didn’t die in vain. He then proceeded to attack the same monster only for his Anki to get destroyed anyway. He retaliated with a hard rage quit lol.
Opponent had BEWD (Light). I only had Aromage Rosemary (Light) to summon and my SRH. Decided to attack BEWD with my Rosemary and SRH and selected Light as an attribute. My Rosemary still lost. Anyone care to explain? Appreciate it. I'm having difficulty understanding how to use SRH.
<< Anonymous(K)
Anonymous Reply
Did your opponent summon Azure?
<< Anonymous
K Reply
Ohhh that explains. Thanks a lot!
Rate 10/10
This card might be one of the best techs in the game, it never gets old and since it's not being overused I believe it's going to have a long life in DL =)
<< Anonymous(Rate 10/10)
Fair enough Reply
This card is crazy and somehow underrated, but it really boosts decks such as Geargia, Buster Blader even huge monsters like UAGG struggle against so yeah, think it's rate should be a solid 10/10
A must in Geargias.
Fur Hire user
working nicely with furries
Maybe I'm playing the cars wrong, but if I declare the attribute correctly of an opponent's face down monster, and then attack it,it should be destroyed... right? I have run into this a few times when I combo Canadia and then attack their face down afterwards.
<< Anonymous(Aboredgamer)
Anonymous. Reply
why the hell would you even bother using SRH after the enemy is already face down from canadia?
You must really suck if you're wasting two good cards that way.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Aboredgamer Reply
Depending on what I draw, it is how Anki gets over blue eyes, Cosmo and other high Def boss cards. Furthermore in order for the smaller cards like Decider or Celestial, they need a way to get over those monsters. I'm asking because if the card is already facedown, the mechanic should work.
Why I can't negate this f****** card with stardust dragon?
I mean, i have checked the spell speed and i think i can activate stardust effect for counter this...
Please somebody give me answer, i'm gettin mad!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's because SRH effect doesn't directly destroy. Unlike Sakuretsu & Widespread, SRH effect will only be occur if you attack the selected monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sphere Kuribo can negate it
Somehow I couldn't negate srh with stardust dragon's effect
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And yet a pathetic little Ultimate Insect LV1 can. (Admittedly, it probably wishes it didn't, but still amusing.)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
haha that's right
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Amusing indeed XD
<< Anonymous
Cool Card Reply
holy s**t bruh ! I owned a cyberdarkness dragon( 7100 ATK ) with this card.
can someone explain why i cannot seem to play this quickplay spell from my hand when my faceup monster is getting attacked? it doesn't give me the option to activate
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can only activate Quick-play from your hand during your turn, dude
Can this card destroy blue eyes shiny dragon? Because the card says that it cannot be targeted by spell effects but you dont directly target him... Just the type
<< Anonymous(Lauthor)
Anonymous Reply
BESD should be destroyed by this card, yes, since you don't target BESD itself.
<< Anonymous(Lauthor)
Anonymous Reply
It may not since the destruction effect targets BESD because it is attacking or you are attacking it. I would look into official rulings
<< Anonymous(Lauthor)
YU5AKU Reply
Whenever a card description says "targets this card" it refers to effects that bring up that pop up screen that tells you to select a target.
<< Anonymous(YU5AKU)
Anonymous Reply
Spellbook of fate has that pop up screen yet it doesn't target.

To clarify, if a card doesn't specifically say "target" then it doesn't target. Super rush headlong target your own monster but not the opponent's.
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The Monster card must in face up atk position to active the effect of card.
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