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  • Standard Duelist (5D's) Decklist Updated

Stage 20-26

From Stage 20 to 26, Standard duelists use Lvl 20 decks.

Winged-Beast Synchro Lvl 20 (5D's)

Monster Card x18QTY
Skull Red BirdSkull Red Bird3
Faith BirdFaith Bird3
Water SpiritWater Spirit3
Eagle EyeEagle Eye3
Rallis the Star BirdRallis the Star Bird3
Gusto FalcoGusto Falco3
Spell Card x2QTY
Trap Card x0QTY
Extra Card x2QTY
Vortex the WhirlwindVortex the Whirlwind2

Charmer's Gathering Lvl 20 (5D's)

Warriors in Tuning Lvl 20 (5D's)

Basic Synchro Lvl 20 (5D's)

Cú Chulainn the Awakened Lvl 20

Charmer's Gathering Lvl 20

Fusion Monsters Lvl 20

Monster Card x15QTY
Battle WarriorBattle Warrior3
Monster EyeMonster Eye3
Skull ServantSkull Servant3
Spell Card x5QTY
Silent DoomSilent Doom3
Trap Card x0QTY
Extra Card x4QTY
Zombie WarriorZombie Warrior2
Super RoboyarouSuper Roboyarou2

Gemini Monsters Lvl 20

Spirit Monsters Lvl 20

Thousand Dragon Lvl 20

Thousand Energy Lvl 20

Union Aid Lvl 20


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So, everyone can climb until phase 26 (DM).
After that, Circus Trick and Trap decks.
Best you can do is level up phase on Gx, DSoD, 5Ds and Zexal (if one day is added).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Those decks aren't really strong. You can even beat them with an auto duel deck.
Jess: “It seems like I have too many spells and traps in my deck...”
Me: You we’re playing the Cú Chulláin deck, which has a grand total of 3 spells and 0 (!) traps.

Chrissy: “It seems like I have too many high level monsters in my deck...”
Me: You were playing the Thousand Energy deck, which has a grand total of 0 monsters above level 2...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or the ones that say they should keep their deck to 20 cards when there's like literally 2 decks that have more than that.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Those girls are clueless... they'll never be Legend Duelists like this.
If gamea/someone wants to know strategies against the lvl 20 SDs.

Bring 2k+ ATK/Def monster against Cu and you easy win.

The Charmer deck is difficult without any protection against their monster effects. If it sets a card, then you need 2k+ atk to overcome the charmer else you risk the no damage. W/o any backup it's possible that your own strong creatures will be used against you. To counter this bring either strong monster effect-immun monsters or use the ritual cage bringing skill with ritual monster use from Alexis(I do it so).

Fusion combination can bring out a 2200 atk monster(against monsters), so you need something that is even stronger ATK/Def-wise. Else anything over 1.5k will easy wreak this deck.

Gemini Monsters are easy to beat with 1.6k+ ATK monster.

For Spirit Monsters you need 1.8k beater to overcome even the decent Maharaghi. Stalling can be dangerous with the burn spell+Inaba monster.

Thousand Dragon is really annoying, not only with the Time Wizard, but also the fusion Thousand Dragon that can overcome normal strong beaters. So you need at the same time high ATK/Def and protection against monster effects. I use ritual monster with the ritual cage skill from Alexis for this 🔥our deck.

Thousand Energy can be surprising with its instant high ATK monster spawn. Anything below 2.4k ATK/Def is in danger except if it clog its field with the Balls. Then you can stall until you can bring the big beater as it will normally not use more than 1 energy(but I had the case with 2 played energies).

Union Aid can be very luck dependent/dangerous due the Flamberge sword. If it goes first, it can bring out a 2k beater, but the worst is when it goes second and have 2 of the swords + beast pumping out a 2.5k killer. Any destruction effects(that are not monster effects as those get negated at destruction) are very recommended in combination with 2k+ ATK/Def monsters.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Anonymous Reply
Also very helpful, thanks. The easiest way to beat charmers though is just bring a 21 card deck and set monsters. Or use Divine attribute monsters (Swamp Mirrorer does it easily).
Tribute Summons can be dangerous surprising as any monster summoned can be tribute-doll into the dragon. While you are safe for 1 turn, you need a 2.4k+ Beater to overcome this problem. But be aware, that one of his monster can lock on your beater to destroy it after the third turn. But if you have enough ATK the turn after its summoned, you can OTK him through this, else you have either to wait or tribute your monster to remove the indestructible effect on that monster(or use piercing damage) or a destruction effect on it.

Elements unite skill is very useful and can be used against Union, Tribute, Fusion, Cu and Energy. It can't be used against Spirit, Charmer and Thousand Dragon as it's a gamble you very likely lose against, as those have one or several ways to either get rid of the Gate Guardian or damage you directly. Like the Rabbit for Spirit, Time Wizard for Dragon or any attribute Charmer stealing your Guardian.

Hopeful this helps!
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Anonymous Reply
Very helpful, thanks.
missing Tribute Summons deck for SD
<< Anonymous
Planeteer Reply
Scouted it myself:
Serpent Knight Dragon x3
Dark Effigy x3
Viser Des x3
Samsara Kaiser x3
Tribute Doll x3
Cost Down x2
Overwhelm x3
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Icant find viser des in all card database, how to get viser des in game?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thanks planeteer I was looking for that deck list
<< Anonymous
CheddarChazz Reply
It’s a Yami Marik Level-up reward.
Famous ;-)
Where is tribute summons deck ?
Famous ;-)
Where is tribute summons deck ?
My lvl 20 auto deck. Only pain is viser des. If he shows up, just tribe that monster and run him over. Otherwise an easy deck with Yugi. I love arsenal with element doom as a team. Most of my quickest wins came from these two.
How to get vider des in game? i cant find that card in all card database.
<< Anonymous(Zoxamide)
Zoxamide Reply
I mean "viser des"
Any tips for getting rid of Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou . It keeps wrecking me early on.
<< Anonymous(Chrisvigilante)
anonymoose Reply
Twister is your best bet. Best quick S/T removal in the game.

If that's not in your card pool, Curse of Aging will reverse the ATK bonus at the cost of 1 discard. Don't run more than 2.
<< Anonymous(Chrisvigilante)
Anonymous Reply
Free cards:
Windstorm of Etaqua (Mai Lvl 25), Block Attack (since Flamberge Baou only rise atk), De-Spell (Twister alternative).
The "Fusion Monsters" deck listed here is actually called "Fusion Combination" in the game, at least for the English version.
what is card for recover life point? thx
<< Anonymous(alfaridzi)
MrE Reply
There are several ways. If you go to starting guide. Scroll down to stages. Select your stage and it will tell you what's best cards to use to advance in your stage

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Well, they buffed that Red-Eyes Fusion skill now, and now it's really good apparently.
Even worse, sometimes the cards they choose to reprint are the garbage ones.
Good news, with the current Banlist a lot of top tier deck are nerfed but shiras are not touched ...
Manjome-like sass is fun, I agree.
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