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update 06/09/2016

Book of Taiyou

Book of Taiyou
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect


Flip 1 face-down monster on the field into face-up Attack Position.

How to get / rarity

PackGeneration Next [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • It can target your or your opponent's face-down monster.
  • This card can flip face-up a face-down monster on the field and activate its effect.
  • It can force the activation of your opponent's Flip effect monster.


  • Your opponent might have a monster with flip effect that would benefit him.


Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

You can avoid Gandora the Dragon of Destruction from being destroyed by setting it then use Book of Taiyou on it. Switching battle position using Book of Taiyou isn't treated as a Flip Summon.

Flip Effect Monsters

Use the powerful effects of these cards on the same turn when you set them by using Book of Taiyou.





ActionsFlips monsters face-up


Hot New Top
One word: Geargia
this card so underrated ,this can protect your monster from canadia/trap hole.
is this the only one that flips one of your guys?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's the only Normal Spell, but Desert Sunlight and Ghostrick Scare can do so as well.
n00b tip

This card alone is useless.... but this card is 🔥 with flips effect monster.

"There is not one card in this world thats useless..." forgot who said these.
<< Anonymous(n00b)
Mah Boi Reply
Clearly the guy above doesn't know King of the Skull Servants...
<< Anonymous(Mah Boi)
Some guy Reply
"Mah Boi 6days ago close reply
Clearly the guy above doesn't know King of the Skull Servants"

Good point. I didn't. Maybe it was a bad example then to use skull servant.
<< Anonymous(Some guy)
No.62 Reply
Time will tell
<< Anonymous(Some guy)
Anonymous Reply
get gut rekt Ring-a-Ding Baby!!
Hmm... floodgatd counter anyone?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yes it can flip the monster after being floodgated but You cannot change its battle position
Difference between book of taiyou or block attack
<< Anonymous(shivvy)
Anonymous Reply
You can use this card on your own monsters
<< Anonymous
shivvy Reply
Just so much for UR
<< Anonymous(shivvy)
Anonymous Reply
Really useful for flip effect monsters that require flip summons like Guardian of the Statue.
<< Anonymous
Fyuudo Yuusei Reply
Flip a monster through a card effect doesn't count as Flip Summon. Effects that flip monsters only trigger FLIP effects.
<< Anonymous
Dark Decade Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Me too. Kog with it lol
<< Anonymous
beforedawn Reply
Been thinking of trying it out this season. IDK if it is consistent enough.
<< Anonymous
... Reply
Decklist or it didn't happen.
Book of moon*
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Book of moon flips it back down regard this flips it up
Great card in a Statue Control deck.
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
Anonymous Reply
The card is only great when you play statues first turn. I wouldn't run more than one tbh..
<< Anonymous
Guigeek Reply
It depends if you use an alternative deck, with Medusa Worm, Statue and Attack the Moon...
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
Guigeek Reply
... It doesn't work with these cards... Not a flip summon.
terrible UR second worst Axe Raider still the worst
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it only good with Book of Moon(like we will get that)and Flip monsters
wow... whole bunch of nothing. This pack has so much useless URs it's not even funny. Maybe if we had the jar monsters... but otherwise this sucks.
How is this card a UR?!? Why???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
because you can activate flip effects straight away, which is a really good tactic
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you can also reveal what monster the opponent sets before you play a monster

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