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update 18/01/2018

Yugi Muto Lvl 40 is finally at the Gate! He uses deck which is same to the one he used during the roaming event.

Decks on this page were used to farm Yugi Muto during the roaming event. We will introduce more optimized/fast farming decks soon!

Labyrinth Gravity Axe (7k-8k)

AnteatereatingantGravekeeper's VassalIron Blacksmith KotetsuIron Blacksmith KotetsuIron Blacksmith KotetsuUnion Attack
Union AttackGravity Axe - GrarlGravity Axe - GrarlGravity Axe - GrarlShard of GreedShield & Sword
Acidic DownpourAcidic DownpourAcidic DownpourAbyssal DesignatorSecret Pass to the TreasuresRiryoku Field
Riryoku FieldRiryoku Field
  • In the first few turns, try to get some draws using Kotetsu if you get it in your starting hand. If Yugi gets first turn and sets a monster, then Kotetsu will not work. But you can take a few attacks before summoning Labyrinth so that you have more turns to try and draw for Riryoku Field.
  • Once you have Labyrinth, equip him with Gravity Axe - Grarl to prevent Yugi's flip monster effects.
  • If you already equip your Labyrinth with Gravity Axe, don't set your Kotetsu anymore since Yugi will most likely not attack it, unless he has a face up attack position monster on the field.
  • Yugi only has 2 Order to Charge, so you only ever need to set 2 riryoku field. It's recommended that you set them one at a time so that you don't clog your spell/trap zone. Sometimes Yugi also clogs his own field, preventing him from using his OtC.
  • Use Abyssal Designator 1 turn before your last. This is so you don't force Yugi to throw his Sphere Kuriboh from his deck in case his cards left is lower than yours. It's also so that you get comeback bonus.
  • On the last turn, it's important to keep in mind that you need to use Shield & Sword first before special summoning Anteatereatingant / The Fiend Megacyber, and special summon Fiend Megacyber before Gravekeeper's Vassal (if you use megacyber). Then you will need to switch Labyrinth to attack position before entering battle phase.

Ojama Token (7k-8k)

This deck credited to @yutolinks.

Obtainable score7,000 - 8,000
Popular skillOjama Overflow
Essential cardsBreath of Light

Example deck

Power InjectorPower InjectorMythical Beast CerberusSerene Psychic WitchSerene Psychic WitchSerene Psychic Witch
Gravekeeper's VassalUnion AttackUnion AttackEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy Controller
ExchangeBreath of LightBreath of LightBreath of LightMirror WallWall of Disruption
Wall of DisruptionWall of Disruption--------

How to Use

  • Get your LP to 500 or below. Adjust your LP by letting Yugi attack you directly, placing your monsters in attack position to let Yugi attack them, or paying for the effect of Power Injector or Mirror Wall.
  • Use Wall of Disruption, Mirror Wall, or Enemy Controller to save yourself from lethal attacks.
  • Next you need Breath of Light to clear Yugi's field. Do not summon Cerberus before activating Breath of Light if Yugi has a set spell/trap card, that card might be Order to Charge.
  • After clearing Yugi's field, activate Ojama Overflow to fill his monster zones with Ojama tokens which cannot be tributed. At this point you can stall easy for the rest of the Duel.
  • Summon Mythical Beast Cerberus and another monster while stalling and them keep on the field. Do not attack.
  • What you need for your final turn are: 1 Gravekeeper's Vassal, 2 Union Attack, 1 Exchange, 1 Enemy Controller, and 1 Mythical Beast Cerberus and 1 other monster on the field before your final turn. You can use extra Enemy Controllers you have to power up Mythical Beast Cerberus, do not use Enemy Controller's second effect.
  • On your final turn, summon Gravekeeper's Vassal then use 2 Union attacks on him.
  • Use Enemy Controller to switch an Ojama token to attack position.
  • Use Exchange to take Yugi's Sphere Kuriboh if he has it on hand. Make sure you have nothing important in your own hand when you activate exchange.
  • With you boosted Gravekeeper's Vassal, attack the attack position token to finish the Duel.

Labyrinth Builder (6k-8k)

  • Union Attack: 7000 - 8000
  • Piranha: 6000 - 7000
skillLabyrinth Builder
Essential cards

Sample deck

Mystical Beast of SerketA Cat of Ill OmenA Cat of Ill OmenCrystal SeerCrystal SeerPiranha Army
Double SummonTemple of the KingsStormArray of Revealing LightGift of the MartyrAbyssal Designator
Abyssal DesignatorSecret Pass to the TreasuresDimension GateDimension GateDimension GateAdhesion Trap Hole
Jar of GreedJar of Greed---Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Luck on Your Side (6k - 8k)

Obtainable score6,000 - 8,000
Popular skillLuck on Your Side
Essential cards

Sample deck

Twin-Barrel DragonTwin-Barrel DragonTime WizardTime WizardTime WizardAmazoness Chain Master
Gravekeeper's VassalPlanet PathfinderUnion AttackUnion AttackArray of Revealing LightArray of Revealing Light
Array of Revealing LightStormExchangeCup of AceCup of AceCup of Ace
Mirror WallWindstorm of Etaqua--------


Note: A deck used in a video below is a bit different from the decklist above (less optimized).

Lvl 40 Yugi Muto's deck



Hot New Top
Anonymous 5hour ago
But at least could someone upload a deck so i can get union attack?
Anonymous 7hour ago
im farming for union attack why must it be apart of the yugi farming deck!
Anonymous 27days ago
Easy 8K 40lv yu-gi farm deck.

Add 1 field spell card what you want.

Use Abyssal Designator spell to remove kuribohru

Use life cost 0 Skill
<< Anonymous
revised 2days ago Reply
Exactly the idea for the reason life cost 0 is not most necessary. I used alpha for a reason because I used Rex Raptor as the farm character, whose decent skill I have is only alpha. You may use other skills like restart or life cost 0. That's totally better. I just wanna show that you can farm even without any skills, while without compromising much of the win rates.
<< Anonymous(revised)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
And the windstorm is there for changing back those defense position monsters into attack.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
This garbage deck doesn't work 80% of the time. Yugi will use order to charge on your RA/cosmic compass on the last turn regardless of what order you play storm.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
You're pretty clearly supposed to play Storm BEFORE either Cosmic Compass or Ra. Not sure how that didn't occur to you.
NieThePiet 4days ago
This "Labyrinth Gravity Axe (7k-8k)" - Deck is awesmoe.
This deck works very well
- Gravity Axe will lock down Yugi's defense position monster
- Horn of The Unicorn so Valkyrion cannot get over Labyrinth Wall's defense
- Labyrinth Wall + Shield & Sword + Unicorn + double Gravity Axe = 4700 ATK, enough to bring Vassal's ATK into over 10000. Just make sure you activate Shield & Sword first, then summon Vassal, use Secret Pass and Union Attack before you equip the second Axe to Labyrinth Wall
- You don't need to bring AMA, because Yugi won't activate Order to Charge on your last turn
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
this deck work fine. thank you :)
<< Anonymous
Leukocyte 28days ago Reply
He has 9 cards still left in the deck. He only has 2 copies. Keep trying.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Best farming deck. Thank you!
<< Anonymous
Rormir 8days ago Reply
It's not working. He activates Order to Charge and I lose. :(
Anonymous 8days ago
I'm using Dark palidin. He used order to charge to get rid of my dark paladin? I had cards in my hand so how couldn't I negate it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
You had toggle off?
Hagen Trinker 10days ago
lol, met yugi muto in duel town, made a regulation of tribe deck, was happy it worked so well until i realized i can't duel with yami yugi against yugi muto at the gate...
Anonymous 13days ago
I find it really disturbing he got all the credit as King of Games on GX/BBB movie despite Yami Yugi/Atem was the one that did it.
Anonymous 13days ago
I hate this little cunt with a burning passion
Meeeee 20days ago
Something is wrong with my game, yugi muto and yami yugi arent at the gate everyone else is tho (They used to be there)
<< Anonymous(Meeeee)
I am seto kaiba 20days ago Reply
Me too! Something is wrong with my game, seto kaiba isn't at the gate everyone else is tho (he used to be there)
<< Anonymous(Meeeee)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
If you're playing with any one of Yugis, you cant see them at the gate
Anonymous 18days ago
Got like 17 copies of Union Attack, and 1 copies of other SRs. C'mon midget.
Bash4 18days ago
Sometimes he'll set 1 or 2 Order to Charges and use them on the final turn, so I've been using Magic Deflector instead of Riryoku Field.
<< Anonymous(Bash4)
Bash4 18days ago Reply
Wait nevermind, that negates your own Gravity Axe.

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