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update 22/04/2017

Yugi Muto back to duel world again!

According to today's in-app announcement, the Yugi Muto event will be held again during the following period. The announcement was deleted now though.

Period (GMT +00:00)May 1 - May 8

Event details

  • Yugi Muto will not appear at the Gate
  • Only one Yugi Muto will appear at one time in Duel World
  • The Duel Assessment for a Yugi Muto Duel will be carried out in the same manner as Legendary Duelist Duels.
  • The lottery determining Yugi Muto’s appearance is in no way connected to the spawning of Standard Duelists and Legendary Duelists.
  • Using Duel Orbs/Boosted Duel Orbs will not affect Yugi Muto’s appearance in Duel World
  • The appearance of a Lvl. 20 or higher Yugi Muto will be determined randomly, depending on your Stage.

Have duels against Yugi Muto!

Finally, Yugi Muto arrived to Duel By winning duels against him, we will be able to get his Signature Card, Gandora the Dragon of Destruction!

Cards you should get from the event

CardRating / explanation
Gandora the Dragon of Destruction
Gandora the Dragon of Destruction
Banishes the entire field, preventing your opponent's card from activating their effects if sent to the graveyard.
Toy Magician
Toy Magician
Can be used as a bait in the form of a spell card or flip summon to destroy any spell/trap cards on the field.
Rain of Mercy
Rain of Mercy
A good healing card with a slight drawback that can be turned to work in your favor by using Bad Reaction to Simochi.
Union Attack
Union Attack
This card is vital to another farming method that uses this together with Gravekeeper's Vassal. Highly recommended to try and aim for.
Magical Blast
Magical Blast
Mostly usable in high score Cerberus deck, which can provide continuous boost with only 1 card.

Lvl 10/20 Yugi Muto's decks

Here are some notes for helping you farm Yugi Muto with using Cerberus deck.

Lvl 10 and Lvl 20

  • Lvl 10 and 20 Yugi Muto uses Shattered Axe to decrease the ATK of Cerberus. You may have to deal with the trap card by using Storm and Twister. You may also add cards like Windstorm of Etaqua and Half Shut to prevent your Cerberus being destroyed by attack in case the ATK of it is significantly decreased.

The Journey's Extension / Lvl: 20

Lvl: 10


How often does Yugi Muto Spawn:

It is not yet known how often Yugi Muto appears, but we can confirm from the news that it is not affected by using boosted duel orbs or the spawning of standard and legendary duelists in duel world. Until we can confirm further, it is random.

How can I duel a higher lvl version of him

Yugi Muto’s lvl appears to be random depending on the player’s stage, requiring the player to reach a certain stage before a higher lvl can show up, but a lower lvl version can still appear for players that are already at stage 50.

Will I be able to obtain Yugi Muto:

No, the event is only to duel him to get a chance to obtain some of his cards.

How to earn a high score:

Some have stated that the cerberus deck works against him, see this page to see what to use in a cerberus high score deck:


FixPvP 1hour ago
Another repeated PvE event... and only 1 PvP event (KC Cup). PvP ranked system is awful and the rewards are even worse (50 gems -.-). This game feels so much PvE oriented... Auto-duel AI and get better rewards than playing ranked, what a joke.
Noobs 5hour ago
I hope there isn't any deck changes especially for the lvl 40, don't have gems anymore :(
MSprecher 6hour ago
They probably removed the post when they realized the current even does not end until the 5th. Over lapping events.
Noobs 5hour ago
IMO double event is a good thing too (like bakura n double exp before)
anoymous 6hour ago
why not pegasus with new rewards like bakura before??
Jamess 8hour ago
This cunt again.. pfff.. how about some new characters like bonz, rafael, dartz and Rebecca
anoymous 11hour ago
I want my first sexual relationship and union attack :v
anoymous 11hour ago
why is the mail notice dated 2 days in the future?
anoymous 14hour ago
No not again, dont want noobs to be farming like ducks
Noobs 5hour ago
Well f*ck
anonimo 14hour ago
Gandora x???
anoymous 15hour ago
gonna go for second union attack, the spell reclamation strat is so random sometimes
anoymous 14hour ago
Spell Reclamation hits a nail when I randomly activated it to Secret Pass to the Treasures. Better get a 2nd one
anoymous 18hour ago
Gonna farm those Union Attack again. lol I got 2 but I'll farm for Gandora (as I got 1)
anoymous 12hour ago
I got 5 gandora but only got 1 union atk. :(
KingPin 18hour ago
Great,This is my chance to get Union Attack again

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