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Yami Marik event!
update 22/04/2017

During this event, Yugi Muto will randomly appear in Duel World. His card rewards are centered around Valkyrion the Magna Warrior, and his the other Magnet Warriors, but he also drops Union Attack, which is a very useful card for many farming decks.


Period (GMT +00:00)June 7 - June 12
  • Yugi Muto will not appear at the Gate
  • Only one Yugi Muto will appear at one time in Duel World
  • The Duel Assessment for a Yugi Muto Duel will be carried out in the same manner as Legendary Duelist Duels.
  • The lottery determining Yugi Muto’s appearance is in no way connected to the spawning of Standard Duelists and Legendary Duelists.
  • Using Duel Orbs/Boosted Duel Orbs will not affect Yugi Muto’s appearance in Duel World
  • The appearance of a Lvl. 20 or higher Yugi Muto will be determined randomly, depending on your Stage.

Event missions

Jun 7 - Jun 12 (5:00 AM GMT+0)

BlockmanWin 1 Duel(s) against Yugi Muto.
Alpha The Magnet WarriorWin 3 Duel(s) against Yugi Muto.
Beta The Magnet WarriorWin 7 Duel(s) against Yugi Muto.
Gamma The Magnet WarriorPlay 15 Duel(s) against Yugi Muto.


Finally, Yugi Muto arrived to Duel By winning duels against him, we will be able to get his Signature Card, Gandora the Dragon of Destruction!

Cards you should get from the event

It is strongly recommended to get at least 1 copy of Union Attack during the event. This spell card makes it easy for you to farm Lvl 40 Legendary Duelists by being used in a certain Combo. Check the link below for more details!


How often does Yugi Muto Spawn:

It is not yet known how often Yugi Muto appears, but we can confirm from the news that it is not affected by using boosted duel orbs or the spawning of standard and legendary duelists in duel world. Until we can confirm further, it is random.

How can I duel a higher lvl version of him

Yugi Muto’s lvl appears to be random depending on the player’s stage, requiring the player to reach a certain stage before a higher lvl can show up, but a lower lvl version can still appear for players that are already at stage 50.

Will I be able to obtain Yugi Muto:

No, the event is only to duel him to get a chance to obtain some of his cards.

How to earn a high score:

Check the level 30 and 40 page to find the decks that work against him, and use the ones that you can make.


Hot New Top
so far seen yugi at least 30 times so and it just gave me 2 UA and another gamma still no valkerion
I got 2 Valkyrions and 1 Gandora in one day! I guess my luck for the next 10 years is gone...
Drop and spawn rate so bad. When the Joey event was on I couldn't get rid of him! Now Yugi shows up once in a blue moon
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Couldn't agree more. Out of all LD it seems Yugi is the most stingy. All other LD dropped at least a SR every 3-4 duels, Yugi drop none after 5+ duels of 8k score each time. And once it drop, it either Rain of Mercy or Gandora. Not a single Gamma and UA dropped since last event whatsoever. Really hate that impotent shorty
Check this guy farm yugi level 30 easily with rex

And this is for level 40 guys
Check this guy farm yugi level 30 easily with rex
Will Yugi Muto appear when playing as Yami Yugi?
<< Anonymous(Yeath)
TECS Reply
Yep. I'm farming him with Yami.
<< Anonymous(TECS)
Anoymous Reply
what deck are you using to farm him
I hate this event. Fucking garbage drop
Got 2 UA yesterday one is lvl 30 and the other is lvl 40. Luckly, last event I managed to get one UA now I have every cards in order to farm
<< Anonymous(Jason)
Anoymous Reply
Btw I didnt use any farm deck just standard and still get good cards it really depends on your luck guys
About 25 duels, most of them were lvl 30.
And yeah of course didn't get a single SR except the free Gamma.
Double UR dropppp
Well 3rd yugi event here still no UA
<< Anonymous(Colress)
Anoymous Reply
its ok man i got my frst one this event so will you
Man he spawned 11times yesterday, and only 4 times today...I got gamma but still.

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Shame that he doesn't have his god card :(
Yeah but why play it in ninjas when it's a legendary ocean card?
The irony is real
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