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update 29/04/2017

While Yugi Muto's cards aren't going to make a huge change in the meta in terms of PvP, some of his cards are quite useful for farming against LDs. Here are some of the cards you should try to aim for, and their uses:

1. Union Attack

A highly sought after card that's very useful for farming. With union attack, you can use many different decks to farm, as long as you can summon high attack monsters and finish off the duel with a union attack or two, and use Gravekeeper's Vassal. With the added bonus of winning through effect damage only, you can get around 5,000+ DA quite easily.

2. Rain of Mercy

A useful heal card that can be used in many farm decks, especially ones that require you to take some damage in order to activate your skill (like Destiny Draw). It will also heal your opponent as well, making sure that there will still be a LP difference when you heal so you can get "Comeback Victory" bonus.

3. Toy Magician

Somewhat difficult to make good use of since it requires flip summon, and backrow destruction aren't common yet, but with cards like A Feint Plan, it can guarantee that you will be able to flip summon next turn and destroy a spell/trap card. It has potential to be often used when spell/trap destruction becomes more available and strong in the meta.

Other Notable Cards

Valkyrion The Magna Warrior

With a high attack and defense, it comes with a tricky special summon requirement, needing all 3 materials to be either on the field or the hand, Drawing the required cards might not be that difficult with Heart of the Underdog. His second effect can be a somewhat tricky to do as well since there's only 3 monster zone, but summoning all 3 magnet monsters can be useful for some Order to Charge or White Elephant's Gift plays.

Gamma The Magnet Warrior

An essential piece to summon Valkyrion the Magna Warrior. It has good defense for a level 4 monster, and it has no effect as well, making it usable with normal monster support cards.

Shattered Axe

Another card that's quite useful to farm. Since the effect can stack indefinitely, this can help you reach over 10,000 damage. With the addition of Jowls of Dark Demise, you can use it in combination with Reverse Trap so that you can take control of your opponent's monster and be able to attack directly. Alternatively, you can use Tailor of the Fickle and Shooting Star Bow - Ceal instead of jowls.

Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

A UR card that can be difficult to obtain and has very limited use. Even with Desert Sunlight to make him stay instead of self destructing afterwards, it can be difficult making a Gandora deck to work due to limited board space. It's definitely worth trying to get, for either collection purposes or to wait for future cards to make it viable.


With so many defensive cards already available, it won't be difficult to keep it alive for at least a turn. With an effect that can multiply itself, it can make tribute summoning much easier. Use it with cards like Gilford the Lightning, Moisture Creature, or Angel O7 to make the best use of it.

Beta The Magnet Warrior

Has potential to be used quite often in many decks due to its solid attack and defense, making it identical to Warrior Dai Grepher but obtainable outside of packs. There aren't that many earth or rock supports yet, but it's quite usable with the ones with cards like Painful Escape, or Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane and many others to make it easier to summon Valkyrion.

Alpha the Magnet Warrior

In comparison with the other magnet warriors, this card's stats are lower than the others. If not used to summon Valkyrion then it might not be used much. Recommended to get at least 1 to summon Valkyrion.


Hot New Top
I kill yugi ;(
Lmao got straight 2 union attacks after 2 duels agains yu gi muto
I want to like this Yugi Moto event but I haven't gotten a single SR or UR, honestly, if they make an event please at least make it possible to get decent cards.
They should bring tag dueling back
I really like the idea of the shattered axe farm, didn't hear about it yet. But anyways thanks very much for the post!
new rewards,like bakuras event so problably no union attack/gandora/etc
Lash evnt I got 9 Gandoras and just only 1 union attack. which one should be an UR or SR? Anyway, hope they still keep the union attack in the upcoming event.
<< Anonymous(Zan)
Alph Reply
Last event I got three Union Attacks and 0 Gandora. It's just RNG, man.
<< Anonymous(Zan)
Anonymous Reply
I was lucky and got 3 of each, I'm kinda scared I wont have the same luck for valkyrion
"New rewards will be added" can easily mean "old rewars are being removed". So who says that Union Attack and so on will be available anyway?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Exactly."New rewards will be added" means something.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well, the announcement does say that the return is because a lot of newer players were asking for him, most likely because of union attack. I feel like there's a pretty good chance that at least union will be available, but who knows.
JP Frost
I missed out on Toy Magician and Union Attack, I really want that union attack for farming
Thanks for the post
Actually we got many new players now, GameA will never only thinking about an old Fuckin' retard player like you all, just cut your ass and go away
<< Anonymous(Noobs)
Anonymous Reply
new players arent noobs, not like you who need this shit guide.
<< Anonymous(Noobs)
Anonymous Reply
Relax boy, go sleep
<< Anonymous(Noobs)
TKSainto Reply
What a nice guy

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