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update 21/08/2017

Union Attack

Union Attack
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect


Target 1 face-up monster you control; add up the total ATK of all other face-up Attack Position monsters you currently control, then during the Battle Phase of this turn only, the monster gains that much ATK, but cannot inflict battle damage to your opponent, also other face-up Attack Position monsters cannot attack.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstYugi Muto Lvl 30, 40 [SR]
Card trader--


Rating7.0 /10


  • Good for taking down monsters with higher attack when you have more monsters.
  • Needed in some farming decks, and very effective if used properly.


  • Limited usability since it can only be used to destroy enemy monsters but not able to deal damage to LP.
  • Only selected monster can attack.

Tips, related cards, skills

A well known popular combo is Gravekeeper's Vassal with 2 monsters with a total attack of at least 4400 ATK to achieve the "Over 5,000 Damage" assessment. As of now, Gravekeeper's Vassal is the only card that has perfect compatibility with Union Attack as it nullifies the drawback effect of Union Attack.

Gravekeeper's Vassal

Since this card deals effect damage, it can be used together with Union Attack to deal some damage. Used to farm some LD because it can get a high score quite easily by using 2 monsters with high attack, and end the duel with effect damage ONLY.

Spell Reclamation

If you only have 1 Union Attack, you can use spell reclamation so you can use it twice. This will make it so that you can reach 10,000 damage if your total monster's attack is at least 5,000. If you have 2 union attack, then use 2 instead of this.

Mystical Beast of Serket

Used to special summon high attack fusion monsters, and using less cards than 2 monsters + a Polymerization. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon or Master of Oz are the ones often used together with Vassal and Union Attack.


LPPrevents battle damage
Stat changesYour monsters gain ATK
Attack categoriesPrevents your monsters from attacking

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Hot New Top
Asta 20days ago
Please put 1 Union Attack on the missions of Yugi Muto. I'm doing 6 to 8k and I do not droop.
<< Anonymous(Asta)
Unlucky at All 20days ago Reply
The same here!
<< Anonymous(Asta)
angel 17days ago Reply
He drop me one UA and i olny deal to him 6k damage, and i lost many duel, idk how is the drop system, but i feel that im lucky, keep tryng men.
iiForceX 20days ago
Picked UA for Plat 1 rank, hoping for a second one from this event.
Anoymous 21days ago
Part two
Anoymous 21days ago
Please don't hate me, I had struggled like the rest until now.
Anoymous 29days ago
So there's no way to get this card until the event comes back ?
<< Anonymous
Unlucky at All 29days ago Reply
This is the only way, unfortunately!
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 25days ago Reply
make it to platinum 1 in world qualifier event, get choice of super rare card
<< Anonymous
Unlucky at All 24days ago Reply
And this is what I did! Finally got it via "WCQ" :)
Unlucky at All 24days ago
OMG!! I cannot believe that I finally got my 1st UA! Thanks "World Championship 2017" :''D
I came here to chew gum and whine that I didn't get this card, even if I tried everything, and I'm all out of gum! ;-)
<< Anonymous(Bernhard)
ImLosingMyPatience Reply
Yeah, I know how it feels like, it was my second event and I still didn't manage to get this card but I'm okay, I just want to kill however did the rewards algorithm.
<< Anonymous(Bernhard)
Stormterror95 Reply
Same here dude. Gimme some gum pls :) Have to be patient for another madafaka muto event
<< Anonymous(Bernhard)
Unlucky at All 29days ago Reply
The same here! Two events of farming and chewing gums, but still no Union Attack! :')
Whait! When did the card start saying "does no damage"? Isn't this useless now?
<< Anonymous(Slowking)
Anoymous Reply
it has always been like that. it's kinda why people use gravekeeper vassal with it since it can deal effect damage instead.
<< Anonymous
Slowking Reply
... I never thought of that... I feel so stupid...
<< Anonymous(Slowking)
Anoymous 30days ago Reply
actually it works to destroy a high level monster if you have 2 or 3 with lower atk.
<< Anonymous(Slowking)
Unlucky at All 29days ago Reply
It "does no damage" when attacking a monster, but when attacking directly, it does a real damage!
Goodluck 30days ago
Ok, hear me out guys. So i have an idea for a slightly different version of union attack.
So how about we use the same deck but instead of BEUD, tempel of the king and tbe beast with few other cards, we use 2 labrynth wall and sword and shield at the final turn. Do not summon vassal just yet, when having the 2 labrynth wall faced uo, use the spell card sword and shield to have their attack become 3000 and then summon vassal and end it wuth the same methode?
<< Anonymous(Goodluck)
Unlucky at All 29days ago Reply
This is a very good idea! Unfortunately, still didn't get my 1st Union Attack after 2 events of farming.
I don't have this nor Riryoku... Which card can I use instead of those??
<< Anonymous(Daniel)
Anoymous Reply
Gift of the Martyr
So I had a question, cuz I mean its supposed to add the attack before the battle phase.
So lets say i have 2 blue eyes, and a vassal.
It would add it and be 6700 then that number should be added during the battle phase correct?
But what if I martyr one of my blue eyes? techincally when the card activated it would still be 6700, but it only adds 3000 at the battle phase? Is this a bug or is the card wording weird?
<< Anonymous(Zoltar)
Anoymous Reply
"add up the total ATK of all other face-up Attack Position monsters you currently control". So if you gift of the martyr 1 BEWD, then u currently control 1 BEWD left with vassal, right?? It is obvious why your vassal just gain 3000 from UA (Union att) because u r currently control just 1 BEWD.
The event is almost over again, and I have lost count on how many times I've farm him, and I still didn't get this card. I'll delete this game If I don't get this card this time. I've just farm him at lvl 40 and I only get some gems and dark stones, I'm f*cking done with this..
<< Anonymous(ImLosingMyPatiente)
You Reply
I hope you get it in time man I just got one today in the middle of the night
<< Anonymous(You)
ImLosingMyPatience Reply
Thank you! I envy you, It's almost 3:00 am here, I've been farming him since I wake up, and didn't get anything but coins, r cards, gems and stones, but I'll try until the last second..
<< Anonymous(ImLosingMyPatiente)
Anoymous Reply
You are just like me, man! Be strong and have hope to get UA. Even if we don't get it this event, we will wait till the next one. Hope we get it today. No one knows!
<< Anonymous(ImLosingMyPatiente)
ImLosingMyPatience Reply
Well, I did't get it guys.. It's my second event and I still didn't get this card. But it was still better than the previous event,which I didn't get any UR or SR card. This time the only cards I didn't get were Union Attack and Magical Blast. I'm really upset though, I hope they'll put Union Attack on Card Trader..

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