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update 05/09/2016

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Monster TypeDragon
Card typeFusion


"Blue-Eyes White Dragon" + "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" + "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"

How to Get

PackUltimate Rising
Level-up reward
Victory against--
Card trader--


How to GetRarity
Pack: Ultimate RisingUR


Has the highest ATK and DEF among cards available in the game currently. However, difficult to use since requires three fusion materials and one fusion spell to be fusion summoned.


  • Strongest fusion monster in the current card pool.


  • Difficult to summon with generic ways - i.e, Polymerization + 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragon which is 4 cards required in your hand or your side of the field.



You can summon 2 copies of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon provided that you are able to meet the pre-requisites of Life Cost 0. However, this will put your LP at risk.

Summoner of Illusions

You can summon a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon by using Summoner of Illusions's effect to tribute another monster on your side of the field. However, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon will be destroyed during the End Phase on the turn that it was summoned this way.

Temple of the Kings

You can summon a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with Temple of the King's effect as long as Mystical Beast of Serket is present on the field.


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Hot New Top
King of games 4days ago
I got blue eyes ultimate dragon on my 15th pack
<< Anonymous(King of games )
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Slow clap
Why don't u just order off of amazon, thas what i did. I got 3 blue eyes white dragons, and a blue eyes ultimate dragon.
<< Anonymous
Ur retarded Reply
What? Where does come into play?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
You are lucky. I only got them on ebay :(
Has anyone actually made a fusion deck around this card?
<< Anonymous(Puya)
Zach Reply
I have, i use this and pair it with dark paladin(I am stage 47 Duel monsters and at least level 20 or higher with all duel monsters characters so I had the gems to spare)
Got it after open 15 pack :D, but my mission just get wonder balloon and still not get it lol
<< Anonymous(Ganicus)
Anonymous Reply
I like Pumpkin Princess better. Unless you use a burn deck
i beat this with 1 man eater flip
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wow ur a pro
<< Anonymous
Jack on wood Reply
But I have Divine Wrath face down
Egyptian Hocus Pocus
Took me about 109 card packs to get blue-eyes ultimate dragon and there is 2 UR cards remaining too talk about rough luck lol.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
171 packs without Axe Raider... Bad luck.
<< Anonymous(Egyptian Hocus Pocus)
Anonymous Reply
got it in my first one and after box reset in my 20th pack #Lucky
<< Anonymous(Egyptian Hocus Pocus)
Anonymous Reply
shut up you indog
<< Anonymous(Egyptian Hocus Pocus)
Anonymous Reply
2nd pack
3 heads hard fusion, and no effects, other crap cards with 2 heads got 2 attacks effect, or other good effects, WTF this is so cheap. attack is shit that can be easy reduced
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why does it sounds like anyone who don't use meta cards are crap? These nerds can't think out of the box, only metas.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
they dont want to have fun ignore all of this meta slave just play it your way i troll meta player using a 30 card extra extra deck lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
easy to say, then ranked is waste of time, when you lose in 99%
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
let them have fun why are you so butthurt about it lol
tea can use her power with cyder stein
two have three of them it was on a youtube video
I was the one who requested this card to have an animation when it is summoned. So your welcome. :)
<< Anonymous(Edwin)
Anonymous Reply
lol this kid gtfo
<< Anonymous(Edwin)
Anonymous Reply
Thank you Edwin for bringing us this animation :)
No longer the strongest fusion dragon with the highest ATK DEF. Five-Headed Dragon has since then overtaken BEUD.
<< Anonymous(LegendOfBlueEyes)
Anonymous Reply
You can't cyber stein 5 headed poki or temple 5 headed poki, yes he is stronger but BEUD is easier to summon, plus this was written before 5 headed poki was in the game
<< Anonymous
LegendOfBlueEyes Reply
Just in terms of ATK and DEF strength, Five-Headed "Poki" is clearly stronger.
Just summoned this in a ranked duel, why couldn't I attack the turn I summoned it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
battle city rule
I have ultimate rising down to 51 packs and still don't have it. :,(
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'm down to 25 and still don't only 2 ur left hane hane and blue eyes. Is there a chance I won't get it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
dont loose faith you'll get it I was down to like 30 packs left
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I have 2 of them , but got it in the last 10 packs , it s good to Have 2 if u use cyberstein with life cost 0 u can summon both of them , I also have the 5 headed dragon but can't be summoned by cyberstein

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