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I love this deck
Sure thing Cyber Stein gets along with this card.
Please can you specify the names of the cards you have in the deck as its very blur to read or recognize them...
<< Anonymous(ATBBM)
Sorry, but are you extremely new at the game?

Most of those cards are either old cards or popular cards......
<< Anonymous
obviously because I also don't know, lol. but at least I didn't judge him.
<< Anonymous
just say what cards it is man it's not that hard
<< Anonymous(boiiii)
Not hard but soft.

Did you expect him to be hard all the time just for you?
since you all wanna just be jerks:
2 sphere kuriboh
3 cyber stein
2 crystal seer
3 bewd
3 enemy controller (not possible anymore)
2 reload
2 ancient rules
3 draining shield

this is a really old deck


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