Tabletop RPG: Monster World Event [4 Dec - 14 Dec 2018]

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update 13/12/2018
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Tabletop RPG: Monster World Event
Tristan Taylor
Tristan Taylor
Date4 Dec - 14 Dec

【予告】 冒険盤RPG モンスター・ワールド開催! ダイスバトルとイベント専用デッキでエリア攻略を目指せ! さらに今回は「あの男」ゲットのチャンス! 「魔法の銃を持つ魔銃士ってのも悪くねーな!!」 #デュエルリンクス


Updated Information

  • Area Infinity Guide Map (After Area 40) Updated

Event Details

Area 31-40 Unlocked

Area 31-40 have been unlocked from 10 Dec 13:00! Defeat powerful monsters to obtain more Rewards!

Areas 16-30 Unlocked

Area 16-30 have been unlocked from 7 Dec 13:00! Complete Area 20 to unlock Tristan Taylor.

Updated Monster World

Monster World is now more accessible! This time, you can unlock Tristan Taylor by completing Area 20 which will be added from 7 Dec 13:00

1. Explore the area you are in

The Event overall is pretty straight forward: you find yourself on an RPG Board and you have to explore it

2. Obtain a Event Deck through dice battle

Dice Battle

Both you and your opponent have a certain amount of HP; you both get to roll the dice and the outcome of each roll is the amount of damage you inflict to each other.
It’s an interesting concept, but it gets repetitive very quickly; you might as well tap on the screen without looking, the outcome won’t change.

3. Use your Event Deck to Duel against monsters

Regular Battles

In order to advance, you will have to face a Boss at the end of each area (even though some areas feature multiple Mini Bosses) in a regular duel, but you won’t be able to utilize any of your own decks. You can obtain new decks by playing the event, but you won’t be able to use them anywhere else.

4. Complete the area to obtain a Reward!

Event Rewards

Is this event worth playing in the first place?
If you are solely interested in obtaining Gems, well the event so far. It’s not that difficult to play and you can pretty much Auto-Duel anything up to a certain point if not the entire event.

Dark Master - Zorc

If you were interested in Dark Master - Zorc, he can only be obtained from the Lottery so far, but the event will likely be updated in the next days and, fortunately enough, unlike in the Duel Island Event, the pool of cards for the Lottery is more restricted, so theoretically it should be easier to get what you want (even though having to rely on RNG to get multiple copies of any card, is still terrible).

Zorc is a Ritual Monster that has a 33% chance of destroying all monsters your opponent controls, a 50% chance of destroying only one and around a 16% chance of wiping your own field.

Do we already have something similar in Duel Links?

Garlandolf, King of Destruction is another Ritual Monster with the ability of wiping the opponent’s side of the field, but his effect will trigger automatically instead of having to be activated manually, so it doesn’t if the opponent uses Floodgate Trap Hole or Paleozoic Canadia.

Garlandolf, King of Destruction can only destroy face-up monsters and only the ones whose DEF is lower than his own ATK, meaning he would not be able to destroy a Wiz, Sage Fur Hire, whereas Zorc doesn’t have either of these limitations.

Which one is better? Zorc has slightly more ATK and a more generic destruction effect, but he is not really much of an upgrade compared to Garlondolf.

Winged Sage Falco

An interesting Level 4 monster that can place an Attack Position monster it destroyed by battle on top of the deck.
Unfortunately Winged Sage Falcos doesn’t have the best ATK and, most of the times, you wouldn’t want to give back to your opponent the things he can get over naturally (Amazoness Princess, Donpa, Recon, Beat, Seal).

Skilled Blue Magician and Skilled White Magician

Very similar cards: they can Special Summon Gaia The Fierce Knight and Buster Blader respectively from the deck, hand or Graveyard. They have nice stats, but there is not deck is particular in which you’d want to run either of them.

Earthbound Spirit

Literally just a Fiend-Type Normal Monster with a good DEF and extremely poor ATK.

Berserk Gorilla

A 2000 beater with the Cloudian self-destruction effect that is forced to attack whenever it’s able to; needless to say, this is not a particularly interesting monster card.

5. Save up the lottery coins to use in the lottery

6. Area Infinity

You can explore Area Infinity after completing Area 15
- You can explore Area Infinity will transform and reset after completing all area planned to be added after 7 Dec 13:00

7. Conclusion

The event looks nice, just like previous ones already did, but it fails in being enjoyable to play and the rewards are not impactful; however it’s still better than the Duel Island Event and it even gives you the chance to try out U.A. and Mermails before their official release.

Area 36 - 40 Guide

Area 31 - 35 Guide

Area 28 - 30 Guide

Area Infinity Guide [Updated]

After Area 30

After Area 40

Event Exclusive Deck

Spellcaster Lvl 10

Rogue DollRogue DollThe Illusory GentlemanThe Illusory GentlemanMaiden of the MoonlightMaiden of the Moonlight
Maiden of the MoonlightAncient ElfAncient ElfAncient ElfDoriadoDoriado
DoriadoTao the ChanterTao the ChanterTao the ChanterBlock AttackBlock Attack
Blue MedicineBlue Medicine----

Spellcaster Lvl 20

Legion the Fiend JesterLegion the Fiend JesterCopycatCopycatTrance the Magic SwordsmanTrance the Magic Swordsman
Mist Valley WatcherMist Valley WatcherMist Valley WatcherNeo the Magic SwordsmanNeo the Magic SwordsmanNeo the Magic Swordsman
Rogue DollRogue DollRogue DollWonder WandBlock AttackBlock Attack
Book of Secret ArtsBook of Secret Arts----

Spellcaster Lvl 30

The TrickyThe TrickyKycoo the Ghost DestroyerKycoo the Ghost DestroyerBlizzard PrincessBlizzard Princess
Chow Len the ProphetChow Len the ProphetMaiden of MacabreMaiden of MacabreMaiden of MacabreGemini Elf
Gemini ElfTribute to The DoomedTribute to The DoomedMage PowerOne-Shot WandOne-Shot Wand
Wonder WandWonder Wand----

Dragon Lvl 10

Divine Dragon RagnarokDivine Dragon RagnarokDivine Dragon RagnarokBlackland Fire DragonBlackland Fire DragonLesser Dragon
Lesser DragonKoumori DragonKoumori DragonKoumori DragonWinged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1Dragon's GunfireDragon's GunfireMountainMountainMountain
Block AttackBlock Attack----

Dragon Lvl 20

Lancer LindwurmLancer LindwurmTotem DragonTotem DragonBlue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes White Dragon
Divine Dragon RagnarokDivine Dragon RagnarokDivine Dragon RagnarokHunter DragonHunter DragonKoumori Dragon
Koumori DragonKoumori DragonBlock AttackBlock AttackDragon TreasureDragon Treasure
Tyrant WingTyrant Wing----

Dragon Lvl 30

Vanguard of the DragonVanguard of the DragonVanguard of the DragonAxe DragonuteAxe DragonuteKidmodo Dragon
Kidmodo DragonKidmodo DragonExploder DragonBlue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes White Dragon
Luster DragonLuster DragonStamping DestructionStamping DestructionDark CoreEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerBurst Breath----

Warrior Lvl 20

Blade KnightBlade KnightBlade KnightElemental HERO WildheartElemental HERO WildheartElemental HERO Wildheart
Elemental HERO SparkmanElemental HERO SparkmanElemental HERO SparkmanWarrior of ZeraWarrior of ZeraWarrior of Zera
Queen's KnightQueen's KnightQueen's KnightFusion Sword Murasame BladeFusion Sword Murasame BladeDivine Sword - Phoenix Blade
Divine Sword - Phoenix BladeShield Spear----

Warrior Lvl 30

D.D. AssailantD.D. AssailantHammer BounzerHammer BounzerNoble Knight DrystanNoble Knight Drystan
Power BreakerPower BreakerBOXerBOXerX-Saber GalahadX-Saber Galahad
X-Saber GalahadNoble Knight ArtorigusNoble Knight ArtorigusLightning BladeNoble Arms - ArfeudutyrNoble Arms - Arfeudutyr
Noble Arms of DestinyNoble Arms of Destiny----

Sea Creature Lvl 20

Unshaven AnglerUnshaven AnglerUnshaven AnglerSpined GillmanSpined GillmanSpined Gillman
7 Colored Fish7 Colored FishHigh Tide GyojinHigh Tide GyojinGreat WhiteGreat White
Spiral SerpentSpiral SerpentSpace MamboSpace MamboBlock AttackBlock Attack

Sea Creature Lvl 30

Abyss SoldierAbyss SoldierAbyss SoldierPiercing MorayPiercing MorayPiercing Moray
Needle SunfishNeedle SunfishUminotaurusUminotaurusUminotaurusSpined Gillman
Spined GillmanLost Blue BreakerLost Blue BreakerRush RecklesslyRush RecklesslyMoray of Greed
Water HazardWater Hazard----

Dinosaur Lvl 20

Tyranno InfinityOxygeddonOxygeddonJurrac IguanonJurrac IguanonCrawling Dragon #2
Crawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2Two-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King RexKabazauls
KabazaulsKabazaulsJurassic WorldJurassic WorldPolymerizationPolymerization
Survival InstinctSurvival Instinct--Bracchio-raidusBracchio-raidus


Hot New Top
Anonymous 31days ago
Can you guys bring this event back ??
Hey what cards should i get from the card trader EX?

I have 400 EX jewels.
Got 3 Zorc's so i dont need him anymore. Any cards worth getting?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Get the cards you don't have at 3 copies yet.

Also, grab all those booster jewels.
Easy my boy! with 3 prismatics too!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Show off?? Nevermind.. I begged to Almighty that you can feel for next event how unlucky person face it.
I like this event as well.
If I'd have to mention my favorite events, this one would be on top for sure.

1. Tabletop RPG
2. D.D Tower (However, I'm ok if they discontinue that one after Light Dimension; it's old and they need more content).
3. Espa Roba's Duel Carnival
4. Gladiator Beast Island
Honorable mention to 8 bit Duel Athon, I liked it because it's not really a grind hard event and you can chill those days :-) !
<< Anonymous(@Toon)
Anonymous Reply
Yea its awesome I like events that that have other gameplay to it cause dueling alone can get boring.If Konami wanted they could do a Tabletop side-scrolling shooter event that would be cool.
<< Anonymous
@Toon Reply
I think you guys are stucked in the past. I reached kog yesterday and I haven't seen a single fur hire user nor amazoness deck users.
<< Anonymous(@Toon)
Skywalker Reply
DD tower is very fun as well, duel carnival was really exciting and the drops were great, but in my opinion the penalty for using decks that are not listed should be increased at least a bit.
<< Anonymous(@Toon)
Anonymous Reply
Their all in platnium
With my last free 10 drawing, I pulled my 15th (fifteenth!) Berserk Gorilla. Incredible.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Shut up and take my coins
Lovely Aster
Do any of the treasure boxes in the infinite area have gems?
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Anonymous Reply
Nope. I played for a good time, and no gems. You can get lottery coins but they are given in fewer quantities, and you don't get many gems from the lottery.
<< Anonymous
Lovely Aster Reply
Thanks. I thought so. So now I'm done with this event.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Anonymous Reply
So do i...
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Anonymous Reply
Yea I got everything I need from the event we can still do the infinite areas for. XP for our characters other then that not much more to get from the event.
Roll the dices:

Get 1-2-3

Enemy Roll the dices..

Get 9-9-9
Rescuing Tristan is such an awesome idea man xD lol, just started playing this event,, gotta say it's really cool !
<< Anonymous(scooby)
Anonymous Reply
They should have turned him into the acrobat monkey of the canon anime xd
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah but I like the manga game piece tristan
...really?! ...grinding big time!!
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
yeah, being here too as a f2p, i was wondering how many exp is needed to get to Elv 29 and 30 then? 10k? 100k? anybody who buys the ex stamina can answer this?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
How the hell you even reached Elv. 27?

I finished stage 40 at Elv. 24, and that's with completing all the stages......

In fact I don't think they expected players to go beyond Elv. 25. I wonder what's the max Elv. and how much exp it takes to reach the max.....
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, just came here because I just got L27 and I was like WHAT?

And it's not that hard to reach 27. You are given a lot of potions and you get your stamina back each time you level up so if you are smart, you take advantage of this. But from L23-24, I think the number begin to go crazy, from 500, to 750, to 1000, then 5000.
Trapped inside a body of clay.

Where Time and Death exists.

Take care of your relatives, work hard and pay your taxes.
You are not free anymore.

Eternity = Reincarnation
<< Anonymous(nice)
@zu Reply
Very interesting plot, makes u think a lot, same thing happened to me when I played valkyrie profile 2 years ago.
<< Anonymous(@zu)
Anonymous Reply
Imma start reading the manga soon lol, cuz this event and its lore is somehow interesting and dark at the same time lolz, seriously wtf dood.
<< Anonymous
@zu Reply
That kazuki takahashi is really a gifted manga drawer. Glad he left his job as game designer otherwise there wouldn't be YGO xD...
<< Anonymous(@zu)
Anonymous Reply
lol the lore of this little event is what makes it one of the best duel links has had
Why konami doesn't add fur hire to this event? It would be easier for us to beat zorc at area 40
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You must be lucky because inzektor only have the insect queen for protection from zorc destruction effect. I use bujin to beat him and it has more protection than inzektor deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, I beat Zorc lv40 easily using the Bujin deck.

Hare protects against Zorc's effect, Crane lets me get over Zorc's ATK. He goes downhill from there XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Won on 2nd turn using Mermail by attacking twice with abyssmergalo, yup very lucky
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Went back to amazoness and won easily. Both onsalught and heirloom keep destroying Zorc and combined with swordswoman, you can decrease their lp while doing it
I'm going to love using all 700+ of these EX jewels on worthless coins (already have all of the cards and already bought one each of the extra shards)

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