Tabletop RPG: Monster World Event

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KC Cup 2018 Nov season!
update 27/08/2018
DateAug 20 - Aug 29

【新イベント予告】8月20日(月)から新イベント「冒険盤RPG モンスター・ワールド」開催!ダイスバトルとイベント専用デッキでエリアを進み、報酬をゲットしよう!お楽しみに! #デュエルリンクス

Event Details

New Area Unlocked

Area 26 - 40 have been unlocked at 24 Aug 2018 13:00.

1. Explore the area you are in

The Event overall is pretty straight forward: you find yourself on an RPG Board and you have to explore it; there are 25 different areas to explore and in order to do so you have to move along the squares that make up the board.

2. Obtain a Event Deck through dice battle

Dice Battle

Both you and your opponent have a certain amount of HP; you both get to roll the dice and the outcome of each roll is the amount of damage you inflict to each other.
It’s an interesting concept, but it gets repetitive very quickly; you might as well tap on the screen without looking, the outcome won’t change.

3. Use your Event Deck to Duel against monsters

Regular Battles

In order to advance, you will have to face a Boss at the end of each area (even though some areas feature multiple Mini Bosses) in a regular duel, but you won’t be able to utilize any of your own decks. You can obtain new decks by playing the event, but you won’t be able to use them anywhere else.

4. Complete the area to obtain a Reward!

Event Rewards

Is this event worth playing in the first place?
If you are solely interested in obtaining Gems, well the event so far offers exactly 220 by completing all 25 areas currently available. It’s not that difficult to play and you can pretty much Auto-Duel anything up to a certain point if not the entire event.

Dark Master - Zorc

If you were interested in Dark Master - Zorc, he can only be obtained from the Lottery so far, but the event will likely be updated in the next days and, fortunately enough, unlike in the Duel Island Event, the pool of cards for the Lottery is more restricted, so theoretically it should be easier to get what you want (even though having to rely on RNG to get multiple copies of any card, is still terrible).

Zorc is a Ritual Monster that has a 33% chance of destroying all monsters your opponent controls, a 50% chance of destroying only one and around a 16% chance of wiping your own field.

Do we already have something similar in Duel Links?

Garlandolf, King of Destruction is another Ritual Monster with the ability of wiping the opponent’s side of the field, but his effect will trigger automatically instead of having to be activated manually, so it doesn’t if the opponent uses Floodgate Trap Hole or Paleozoic Canadia.

Garlandolf, King of Destruction can only destroy face-up monsters and only the ones whose DEF is lower than his own ATK, meaning he would not be able to destroy a Wiz, Sage Fur Hire, whereas Zorc doesn’t have either of these limitations.

Which one is better? Zorc has slightly more ATK and a more generic destruction effect, but he is not really much of an upgrade compared to Garlondolf.

Winged Sage Falco

An interesting Level 4 monster that can place an Attack Position monster it destroyed by battle on top of the deck.
Unfortunately Winged Sage Falcos doesn’t have the best ATK and, most of the times, you wouldn’t want to give back to your opponent the things he can get over naturally (Amazoness Princess, Donpa, Recon, Beat, Seal).

Skilled Blue Magician and Skilled White Magician

Very similar cards: they can Special Summon Gaia The Fierce Knight and Buster Blader respectively from the deck, hand or Graveyard. They have nice stats, but there is not deck is particular in which you’d want to run either of them.

Earthbound Spirit

Literally just a Fiend-Type Normal Monster with a good DEF and extremely poor ATK.

Berserk Gorilla

A 2000 beater with the Cloudian self-destruction effect that is forced to attack whenever it’s able to; needless to say, this is not a particularly interesting monster card.

5. Save up the lottery coins to use in the lottery

6. Area Infinity

You can explore Area Infinity after completing Area 25
- You can explore Area Infinity until a new area is added at Aug 24 13:00

7. Conclusion

The event looks nice, just like previous ones already did, but it fails in being enjoyable to play and the rewards are not impactful; however it’s still better than the Duel Island Event and it even gives you the chance to try out U.A. and Mermails before their official release.

Area Infinity Guide

  • ゴールド = Gold Treasure Box

  • コイン = Lottery Coin Treasure Box

  • カードバトル = Duel Square

  • ダイスバトル - Dice Battle Square

  • ボス = BOSS(Exit Square)

既に闇杏子さんの二番煎じになるけどスマホ用に作った∞ステージの攻略メモです #遊戯王デュエルリンクス


Event Exclusive Deck

Spellcaster Lvl 10

Rogue DollRogue DollThe Illusory GentlemanThe Illusory GentlemanMaiden of the MoonlightMaiden of the Moonlight
Maiden of the MoonlightAncient ElfAncient ElfAncient ElfDoriadoDoriado
DoriadoTao the ChanterTao the ChanterTao the ChanterBlock AttackBlock Attack
Blue MedicineBlue Medicine----

Spellcaster Lvl 20

Legion the Fiend JesterLegion the Fiend JesterCopycatCopycatTrance the Magic SwordsmanTrance the Magic Swordsman
Mist Valley WatcherMist Valley WatcherMist Valley WatcherNeo the Magic SwordsmanNeo the Magic SwordsmanNeo the Magic Swordsman
Rogue DollRogue DollRogue DollWonder WandBlock AttackBlock Attack
Book of Secret ArtsBook of Secret Arts----

Spellcaster Lvl 30

The TrickyThe TrickyKycoo the Ghost DestroyerKycoo the Ghost DestroyerBlizzard PrincessBlizzard Princess
Chow Len the ProphetChow Len the ProphetMaiden of MacabreMaiden of MacabreMaiden of MacabreGemini Elf
Gemini ElfTribute to The DoomedTribute to The DoomedMage PowerOne-Shot WandOne-Shot Wand
Wonder WandWonder Wand----

Dragon Lvl 10

Divine Dragon RagnarokDivine Dragon RagnarokDivine Dragon RagnarokBlackland Fire DragonBlackland Fire DragonLesser Dragon
Lesser DragonKoumori DragonKoumori DragonKoumori DragonWinged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1Dragon's GunfireDragon's GunfireMountainMountainMountain
Block AttackBlock Attack----

Dragon Lvl 20

Lancer LindwurmLancer LindwurmTotem DragonTotem DragonBlue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes White Dragon
Divine Dragon RagnarokDivine Dragon RagnarokDivine Dragon RagnarokHunter DragonHunter DragonKoumori Dragon
Koumori DragonKoumori DragonBlock AttackBlock AttackDragon TreasureDragon Treasure
Tyrant WingTyrant Wing----

Dragon Lvl 30

Vanguard of the DragonVanguard of the DragonVanguard of the DragonAxe DragonuteAxe DragonuteKidmodo Dragon
Kidmodo DragonKidmodo DragonExploder DragonBlue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes White Dragon
Luster DragonLuster DragonStamping DestructionStamping DestructionDark CoreEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerBurst Breath----

Warrior Lvl 20

Blade KnightBlade KnightBlade KnightElemental HERO WildheartElemental HERO WildheartElemental HERO Wildheart
Elemental HERO SparkmanElemental HERO SparkmanElemental HERO SparkmanWarrior of ZeraWarrior of ZeraWarrior of Zera
Queen's KnightQueen's KnightQueen's KnightFusion Sword Murasame BladeFusion Sword Murasame BladeDivine Sword - Phoenix Blade
Divine Sword - Phoenix BladeShield Spear----

Warrior Lvl 30

D.D. AssailantD.D. AssailantHammer BounzerHammer BounzerNoble Knight DrystanNoble Knight Drystan
Power BreakerPower BreakerBOXerBOXerX-Saber GalahadX-Saber Galahad
X-Saber GalahadNoble Knight ArtorigusNoble Knight ArtorigusLightning BladeNoble Arms - ArfeudutyrNoble Arms - Arfeudutyr
Noble Arms of DestinyNoble Arms of Destiny----

Sea Creature Lvl 20

Unshaven AnglerUnshaven AnglerUnshaven AnglerSpined GillmanSpined GillmanSpined Gillman
7 Colored Fish7 Colored FishHigh Tide GyojinHigh Tide GyojinGreat WhiteGreat White
Spiral SerpentSpiral SerpentSpace MamboSpace MamboBlock AttackBlock Attack

Sea Creature Lvl 30

Abyss SoldierAbyss SoldierAbyss SoldierPiercing MorayPiercing MorayPiercing Moray
Needle SunfishNeedle SunfishUminotaurusUminotaurusUminotaurusSpined Gillman
Spined GillmanLost Blue BreakerLost Blue BreakerRush RecklesslyRush RecklesslyMoray of Greed
Water HazardWater Hazard----

Dinosaur Lvl 20

Tyranno InfinityOxygeddonOxygeddonJurrac IguanonJurrac IguanonCrawling Dragon #2
Crawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2Two-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King RexKabazauls
KabazaulsKabazaulsJurassic WorldJurassic WorldPolymerizationPolymerization
Survival InstinctSurvival Instinct--Bracchio-raidusBracchio-raidus

Dinoasaur Lvl 30

Evilswarm SalamandraEvilswarm SalamandraEvilswarm SalamandraBlack BrachiosBlack BrachiosBlack Brachios
HydrogeddonHydrogeddonHydrogeddonMegalosmasher XMegalosmasher XMegalosmasher X
Fossil DigAnti-Magic ArrowsAnti-Magic ArrowsSuper Rush HeadlongSuper Rush HeadlongFloodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap HoleGhosts From the Past----

Fairy Lvl 20

Guardian Angel JoanGuardian Angel JoanElement ValkyrieElement ValkyrieElement ValkyrieSpirit of the Breeze
Spirit of the BreezeFreya, Spirit of VictoryFreya, Spirit of VictoryFreya, Spirit of VictoryDunames Dark WitchDunames Dark Witch
Dunames Dark WitchCestus of DaglaCestus of DaglaBlock AttackCourt of JusticeCourt of Justice
Silver Bow and ArrowSilver Bow and Arrow----

Fairy Lvl 30

Voltanis the AdjudicatorMeltiel, Sage of the SkyMeltiel, Sage of the SkyZeradias, Herald of HeavenZeradias, Herald of HeavenZeradias, Herald of Heaven
Harvest Angel of WisdomHarvest Angel of WisdomBountiful ArtemisBountiful ArtemisBountiful ArtemisSkelengel
SkelengelPhoton BoosterThe Sanctuary in the SkyThe Sanctuary in the SkyMagic JammerDivine Punishment
Divine PunishmentTrap Jammer----

Magnet Warriors Lvl 20

Valkyrion the Magna WarriorDelta The Magnet WarriorDelta The Magnet WarriorDelta The Magnet WarriorBeta The Electromagnet WarriorGamma The Magnet Warrior
Gamma The Magnet WarriorGamma The Magnet WarriorAlpha The Magnet WarriorAlpha The Magnet WarriorAlpha The Magnet WarriorBeta The Magnet Warrior
Beta The Magnet WarriorBeta The Magnet WarriorWastelandWastelandSpiritual Earth Art - KuroganeSpiritual Earth Art - Kurogane
Shield SpearShield Spear----

Harpies Lvl 20

Harpie Lady SistersHarpie DancerHarpie DancerHarpie DancerBirdfaceBirdface
BirdfaceHarpie Lady 1Cyber Harpie LadyCyber Harpie LadySkull Red BirdSkull Red Bird
Skull Red BirdCyber ShieldCyber ShieldElegant EgotistElegant EgotistFollow Wind
Follow WindMirror Wall----

Amazoness Lvl 30

Amazoness PaladinAmazoness PaladinAmazoness PaladinAmazoness PrincessAmazoness PrincessAmazoness Princess
Amazoness QueenAmazoness Swords WomanAmazoness Swords WomanAmazoness SageAmazoness SageAmazoness Sage
Amazoness Baby TigerAmazoness Baby TigerAmazoness HeirloomAmazoness Fighting SpiritAmazoness WillpowerAmazoness Willpower
Amazoness OnslaughtAmazoness Onslaught--------

Silent Lvl 30

Silent Magician LV8Silent Magician LV8Silent MagicianSilent MagicianSilent Swordsman LV5Silent Swordsman LV5
Silent Magician LV4Silent Magician LV4Silent Magician LV4Silent Swordsman LV3Silent Swordsman LV3Silent Swordsman LV3
Cosmic CycloneSilent Sword SlashSilent Sword SlashSilent Sword SlashLevel Up!Level Up!
Silent BurningSilent Burning----

Inzektor & Queen Lvl 40

Metamorphosed Insect QueenMetamorphosed Insect QueenInzektor CentipedeInzektor CentipedeInzektor CentipedeInzektor Giga-Mantis
Inzektor Giga-MantisInzektor Giga-MantisInzektor HopperInzektor HopperInzektor HopperInzektor Earwig
Inzektor EarwigInzektor EarwigCocoon of Ultra EvolutionCocoon of Ultra EvolutionCocoon of Ultra EvolutionParallel Twister
Parallel TwisterInzektor Sword - Zektkaliber----

Vampire Lvl 40

Vampire Scarlet ScourgeGozukiGozukiGozukiVampire RetainerVampire Retainer
Vampire FamiliarVampire FamiliarVampire GraceVampire GraceSamurai SkullSamurai Skull
Vampire KingdomVampire KingdomVampire's DesireVampire's DomainDust TornadoVampire Takeover
Simultaneous LossSimultaneous Loss--------

U.A Lvl 40

U.A. MidfielderU.A. MidfielderU.A. MidfielderMithra the Thunder VassalMithra the Thunder VassalMithra the Thunder Vassal
U.A. Dreadnought DunkerU.A. Dreadnought DunkerU.A. Rival RebounderU.A. Rival RebounderU.A. Mighty SluggerU.A. Mighty Slugger
U.A. Mighty SluggerSoul ExchangeSoul ExchangeU.A. StadiumU.A. StadiumU.A. Stadium
U.A. Penalty BoxU.A. Penalty Box----

Mermails Lvl 40

Mermail AbyssmegaloMermail AbyssmegaloMermail AbyssmegaloAbyss SoldierAbyss SoldierAbyss Soldier
Mermail AbysspikeMermail AbysspikeMermail AbysspikeAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean Marksman
Mermail AbyssturgeMermail AbyssturgeMermail AbyssgundeMermail AbysshildeMermail AbysshildeMermail Abysshilde
Abyss-scale of CetusAbyss-scale of the Mizuchi----

Event Missions

Small Stamina PotionPlay 1 Duel(s) in Ranked Duels (Surrenders are not countered).
Play 2 Duel(s) in Ranked Duels (Surrenders are not countered).
Play 3 Duel(s) in Ranked Duels (Surrenders are not countered).

Event Exclusive Items

♦ Notes:

  • You can only purchase EX Stamina Charge (Small) if your EX Stamina is lower than 40.
  • You can only purchase EX Stamina Charge (Large) if your EX Stamina is lower than 200.
Stamina PotionStamina Potion
- Heals 50 Stamina.
Small Stamina PotionStamina Potion Small
- Heals 10 Stamina.
EX StaminaEX Stamina
- You can use EX Stamina when you do not have enough Stamina.
- You can gain 40 EX Stamina by purchasing EX Stamina Charge (Small).
EX StaminaEX Stamina
- You can use EX Stamina when you do not have enough Stamina.
- You can gain 200 EX Stamina by purchasing EX Stamina Charge (Large).
Senri EyeSenri Eye
- Allows you to view all squares in the area.
Dice +1Dice +1
- Allows you to add 1 Dice for 1 turn only.

EX Jewel

EX Jewels obtained from Event , Can be traded for exclusive cards, Booster Item and Gold at the Card Trader EX! You can only trade each card once! The recommended cards below are cards that are either no longer available, or previously only obtainable through certain events.

Recommended Cards


Area Completion Reward List

Area 1Gems x30
Area 2Stamina Potion (Small) x1
Area 3R Jewel x10
Area 4Contract with the Dark MasterContract with the Dark Master
Area 5Booster Item: Extra Card x5
Area 6Gems x40
Area 7R Jewelx 20
Area 8Booster Item: Extra Life x5
Area 9Gold x5,000
Area 10Card Sleeves: Tabletop RPG Event
Area 11Stamina Potion (Small) x1
Area 12Gems x50
Area 13Earthbound SpiritEarthbound Spirit
Area 14R Jewel x30
Area 15Gold x7,500
Area 16Stamina Potion (Small) x1
Area 17Gems x50
Area 18R Jewel x40
Area 19Gold x10,000
Area 20Skilled White MagicianSkilled White Magician
Area 21SR Jewel x1
Area 22Gold x10,000
Area 23R Jewel x50
Area 24Gems x50
Area 25Game Mat: Tabletop RPG Event
Area 26SR Jewel x1
Area 27Gold x10,000
Area 28R Jewel x50
Area 29Winged Sage FalcosWinged Sage Falcos
Area 30Gems x60
Area 31SR Jewel x1
Area 32Gold x10,000
Area 33R Jewel x100
Area 34Gems x75
Area 35Gold x10,000
Area 36SR Jewel x1
Area 37Dark Master - ZorcDark Master - Zorc
Area 38UR Jewel x1
Area 39Gold x15,000
Area 40Icon: Tabletop RPG Event

Card Rewards

Notable Cards

Dark Master - Zorc [UR]

Dark Master - Zorc
Dark Master - Zorc
DARK Fiend ★8
ATK 2700 / DEF 1500
Tabletop RPG: Monster World Event [UR]
You can Ritual Summon this card with "Contract with the Dark Master". Once per turn: You can roll a six-sided die, then destroy all monsters your opponent controls if you roll 1 or 2, destroy 1 monster your opponent controls if you roll 3, 4 or 5, or destroy all monsters you control if you roll 6.

Winged Sage Falcos [UR]

Winged Sage Falcos
Winged Sage Falcos
WIND Winged Beast ★4
ATK 1700 / DEF 1200
Tabletop RPG: Monster World Event [UR]
When this card destroys an opponent's face-up Attack Position monster by battle and sends it to their Graveyard: You can place that monster on top of their Deck.

Skilled White Magician [SR]

Skilled White Magician
Skilled White Magician
LIGHT Spellcaster ★4
ATK 1700 / DEF 1900
Tabletop RPG: Monster World Event [SR]
Each time a Spell Card is activated, place 1 Spell Counter on this card when that Spell Card resolves (max. 3). You can Tribute this card with 3 Spell Counters on it; Special Summon 1 "Buster Blader" from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 9days ago
I remember there were some guys editing screenshots of the game with MSP
BroFist ! 9days ago
This event was one of the best they have ever made. No previous event had so many content as this one and giving players the chance to test many different decks for free was cool as well.
overall this event was pointless.. everything from the terrible and pointless "dice battles" and crappy boss monsters if you can call them that!.. the rewards and not great enough to warrant playing this event through plus the items you pick up on the maps like gems and coins are so small its a waste of time and stamina.. I've tried so hard to get behind this in a positive way like I do every event Konomi through out there but found it impossible... it came across as a rushed event just to fill time before the KC cup begins and designed to make people spend money.. if you actually did spend money on this event then at least Konomi knows there are stupid people still out there that play the game.. without question one of the worst events yet
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I got every card from the lottery at least once.. but the piss take coin and gem chests in the monster world event were not needed..
<< Anonymous
Royce_Morgan 12days ago Reply
To my knowledge, the point was to introduce archetypes that would be releasing at the time, when mermails and U.A’s we’re just dropping. Other than that, yeah, it was buying time until the KC cup
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Agreed, top contender for worst event execution ever. It will belong to my list of Super "no single SR drops" Joey, 1 gem per grind colosseum thing, and this utter crap
<< Anonymous
Lovely Aster 9days ago Reply
The rewards were stupid with the berserk gorilla and other trash. But I still think this event is really fun.
This event reminds me a lot of the main series, where Bakura attempted to become to ultimate, most supreme, omnipotent, all-mighty, one and only God and tried to enslave all human beings in a world of death, blood sacrifice and suffering.
He called it "the ultimate Yami no Game" or the "Ultimate RPG!".
<< Anonymous(10101010101010101010)
Anonymous Reply
dat Bakura was really crazy, claiming to be so divine and shhiitz, dude only cared about himself and also murdering ppl
<< Anonymous(10101010101010101010)
Anonymous Reply
Dont forget about the actual refrence for this event in Season 0 at the end.
<< Anonymous(10101010101010101010)
Anonymous Reply
Yes, he is.
<< Anonymous(10101010101010101010)
Aj rockwell 10days ago Reply
Well, and this is why reality surpasses fiction once again. They are some really sick cults around y'know. Money is their god, and they would do anything for their so beloved 'gold'.
Gonna spill the beans for y'all ok? Here Goes.
The 1 Gem reward issue was an enconding error, think of a programmation code written the wrong way. They (konami) didn't want to admit it, because it was an inside job, yes, some dude soldout and did it on porpouse; once the 'Hijacking' was done, Renan received a phone call of 'someone' who said something like: "You know what to do, son. We are counting on you, so do your best".
10 Minutes later Renan was spamming his rants/whining to other 'duel links youtubers', (the most popular and influencial, of course) in order to create a huge boycott and damage the company.
Renan: "Let's unite, yeah!, we are victims of this greedy company; let's show them we are strong and believe in free to play", "let's create a huge drama, these tyrants will hear our voice!, we must take this company down if possible". "Long live del Toro and Ko-jima", blah blah, "Let's play this other game".
And that's what happened. Believe me or not, it's the truth, and if you are wondering why do renan and some other guys have a channel with Yu-gi-oh! content if they in fact conspire against it, well, quite simple; it's done to prevent success of REAL Yu-Gi-Oh! players in YouTube. "The one who came first gets all the views", as simple as that.
<< Anonymous(BigMouth)
1110 CCCC Reply,,this,,always..with..two..dots,,or,,commas
<< Anonymous(1110 CCCC)
Anonymous Reply,,retarded..
<< Anonymous(BigMouth)
Anonymous Reply
makes a lot of sense
<< Anonymous(BigMouth)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
It should be pretty obvious by now.
No more surveys for European users people because of the new European law and Konami is too lazy to change the terms of their survey and how the data is treated so they give Europeans the middle finger since Japanese surveys and American survey suffice
<< Anonymous
Saladfingers Reply
I got to Area 39 of the dungeon. Nothing more. Only one Zork, from Area 37. 266 EX Jewels from 9600 coins + Free daily lottery.
I have played the game since January 2017 (Free to play user); and, although this event was fun, the rewards have been the worst in the history of this game.
One of the big things this game needs is balance the rewards to the Time spent to get them.
I have farmed so many Legendary Duelists and Event Legendary Duelists; and I cannot remember one Time I was able to get 3x every card... There is always one you get too many and the new cards that you almost get none.
Another thing I would love the game to have is that it counts the tributes for Rigual Summons and the Fusion Materials for Fusion Summons when they are Glossy/Prismatic (That they do not)

I cannot wait for the survey of this event to write all of this...
<< Anonymous(SengirPaladin)
Saladfingers Reply
The survey was released yesterday, I think Konami will most likely take into account what has been experienced to improve the next iteration of the event.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
SengirPaladin Reply
Where is the Survey?
I cannot find it in-game...
<< Anonymous(SengirPaladin)
Saladfingers Reply
It's in the news section, scroll down or switch should be there if you're in a survey-able country.
out of 6 accounts .i only reached 40 with only one ,,lmao ...the others are 39 .. not muuch time to reach it
<< Anonymous(SnowVelvet)
Saladfingers Reply
Daaaamn! xD I only play 1 account and I'm tired. Hats off to you, my friend. :v
Oh noooo! I spent everyday playing this event but i still havent reach lvl 40. Im at floor 39 when the maintenance kicks in. I still have many stamina elixirs huhu. I should have used them.
<< Anonymous(Marvs)
Anonymous Reply
it's ok the lv 40 reward is just a stupid icon anyway
<< Anonymous(Marvs)
Saladfingers Reply
Yah, should've used those elixirs XD. I reached Stage 40 just yesterday but I used most of the elixirs just to get there. Senri Eye was key for the last 2 stages as well :l
...Nothing but the damn Gorilla... even dropped me a prismatic Gorilla... Talk about making fun of me... I must be a Gorilla
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Anonymous Reply
The Gorilla's cursed. Harambe has came back to haunt us.
<< Anonymous
Saladfingers Reply
lmao Harambe!

I hope we don't see him for Tristan, that would be a complete headache...I would probably ignore the event entirely depending on the rewards pool.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
When you realize you'll get another gorilla from Tristan XD
<< Anonymous
Saladfingers Reply
ASODKASKDMASOKDMAOKSAMDA! we got it again for Tristan event saodkmasodmasodkmasdoas, curse the Gorilla, I've 9 copies already :v
Elv. 24, Area Infinity (7 maps in),
cleared every square of Areas 1-40,
got every daily bonus item daily,
used all event items as often as possible
2x Zork
3x Falcos
3x Skilled white
3x Earthbound
437x EX Jewels
15x Loto coins remain in limbo
Time to simply buy that last Zorc
As a free player, I'm sure most of us just able to getting lvl 24 max, because the next level up f*cking 750 exp as the stamina just 120+. I Was not using any senri eye tho.
<< Anonymous
Option Reply
Not really, i almost got all except -1 Skilled Blue magician, Skilled White Magician and Berserk Gorilla
<< Anonymous(SnowVelvet)
Option Reply
Uhmm, thats too many account you have there XD
<< Anonymous(Option)
Anonymous Reply
You kidding? You mean you got 3 of zorc and falcos but not gorilla?? That's great luck!!! Every time I see rainbow pack, it's the gorilla I get.
<< Anonymous
Option Reply
Pfft, i think somehow zorc just loves me. i got 7 zorc and earhtbound. they know my main deck was fiend.

Wow, i think you have burning harambe in your soul, thats why its keep coming xD

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no not more yubel plz
How? I dont understand the combo
Yh it should be limit
Ill explain, the card says "an opponent monster that battles the equiped monster is destroye...
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