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Selection Box Vol.03
update 14/08/2017

Tyranno Infinity

Tyranno Infinity
Monster TypeDinosaur
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


The original ATK of this card is the number of your banished Dinosaur-Type monsters x 1000.









How to Get

Under construction.


Stat changesChanges own ATK value / Changes original ATK

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This card is op as fffffff

If you have survival instinct on the field and summon this to the field your opponent will instantly attack then activate the trap and they cannot stop the attack and take a heep of damage
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Only noobs and stupid opponents will attack that card when you have a set card in your spell & trap card zone
If anyone came here wondering why this card doesn't work with Golden Castle of Stromberg, it's because GCoS banishes cards FACE DOWN... Bit of a bummer, but oh well....
<< Anonymous
Lightning Dragon Reply
I use this with survival instinct, I also banish giant rex, and I say bye bye.
Econ wouldn't work. The card specifies "YOUR dino type monsters" the moment econ takes infinity its attack goes to 0 because they dont have the banished dinos. I do.
<< Anonymous
Giran Reply
Although if it’s in attack mode, and you Econ it, you just have to beat its 0 defense. That’s why people are talking about Econ.
Food for econ.
<< Anonymous
goodiesohhi Reply
sure. Econ it. Now you have tributed a monster for a 0 attack one. Try reading the effect.
<< Anonymous(goodiesohhi)
Anonymous Reply
They were probably more getting at the fact that it's got a whopping 0 DEF.

And perhaps you should have read the lack of a post time. This comment's over a month old, odds are that if they ever gave a crap about their post, they don't anymore.
How can I play this card if it doesnt have any defense value???
<< Anonymous(Firesword12)
Anonymous Reply
you're supposed to play this card for your finishing move, when your monster's DEF no longer matter.
<< Anonymous(Firesword12)
goodiesohhi Reply
Do you understand how yugioh works?
In TCG I used This with Skull Lair, here with 20-30 cards, i don't think it's that great, but it's an option.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
we got that new sr grass spell card i forgot it name as and sr so 30 card might be a little good with it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its called that grass looks greener
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
magical merchant is actually more fun you can mill your deck all dino monsters and in case tyrano infinity is sent to the graveyard just banish it with the trap survival instinct and return it using premature return trap card this is pve btw this will not work pvp cause backrow just to get 10k damage easily from sd
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Might work as a passive deck now? With up to 4 Jinzo’s coming to the meta, this could be hard to pull off tho
Big 🔥 dino that ate infinity stone.
It can have an absurd amount of ATK value with Survival Instincts...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
In real life I used this card alongside Inferno Tempest and Big Burn. Was hilarious seeing opponent's reaction when they realized what Inferno Tempest does lol
Evilswarm Salamandra with infinity in a dino deck sweet
I got 2 copies of Soul Release from the anniversary box. What else can I use to make a good deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The least expensive option which is Survival Instinct, a drop from Rex? Also the most obvious choice b4 using Soul Release??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
inferno tempest with a recovery card like javelin.
how can i get this card??? plz tell me
<< Anonymous
Kaibaman Reply
exchange ticket rare

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All Ritual monsters must be special summoned via Ritual Summon first. The text on BLS in DL is...
Wow I want this blue eyes
Really? It doesn't seem to be much better than Canadia or Floodgate
Cool but useless
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