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update 05/08/2017

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Want to share your deck? Send us an e-mail at with the image of your deck and proof of reaching KoG along with how it works!

Regarding to shared deck

  • Decks added to this page will not be perfectly original. Of course they learn from decks others use.
  • GameA is still trying to find out the best way to display submitted nice decks.
  • Notice: If a submitted deck is pretty much same to the one already on this page, it will not be showed but your IGN will be still listed.

Required info/screenshots

Please send your IGN (In-game name) and screenshots as same to the followings. GameA will crop sent images. Note that we may not show your decks here if the idea is duplicated. But it will be help us do analysis on current meta!


Your deck submission is very helpful but it might not be displayed on this page if it is duplicated. We'll put your name on it though. Thank you for your understand!

Qualifiers decks

For qualifiers KOG decks and final Qualifiers top decks by region, check the link below!

Shared decks [Aug 8~]

Share your decks with the players all around the world!

Balance Water by Felipe

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date Submitted: Aug 19

Hammer Shark by Kingfredo

  • Set skill: Mythic Depths
  • Date Submitted: Aug 19

Phoenix Self-Destruct by Wavy N Saucy

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date Submitted: Aug 18

Tribute to Tokens by Houdi

Altough I didn't use the Deck to reach King of Games, I built the Deck to get my remaining 45 victories to reach 100 wins in the new ranked reward system (1x glossy SR). Even tough it was meant to be a "Fun" Deck, it proved quite powerful in this current meta with fast summoning possibilities, with a more than decent winrate.

Skill: Baggy Sleeves
Data Submitted: Aug 18

Neo-Daudalus by Leobochio

Set skill: Duel, standby!
Date submitted: Aug 18

Balance Handless by izzy

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Aug 18

Hammer Shark by 冨奸義博

I reached KOG from legendary 1 to KOG. The key is Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 with the skill Mythic Depths. You can avoid Mirror Wall and Super Rush Headlong with MK-3 and trigger all the Enemy Controller and Windstorm of Etaqua from your opponent.

MK-3 is the game breaker against many popular decks today, e.g. Tea deck-out. It also increases the winning rate against Pheonix.

  • Set skill: Mythic Depths
  • Date submitted: Aug 17

Phoenix & Mill by Noah Bakura

I used my Phoenix deck to climb from Gold2 to Legend3. Been bouncing up and down between Legend3 and 2, then I decided to switch over to Mill. Got to KoG straight after that with 10 winstreaks from Legend2.
Note: Phoenix deck credit @Ross

  • Date submitted: Aug 18
  • Set skill: Phoenix (Beatdown) & Mill (Duel, Standby!)

Hammer Shark by Gibner

Just got kog with this mako - hammer shark deck. I hope this will help you guys analize the currrent meta.

  • Date submitted: Aug 18
  • Set skill: Mythic Depths

REBD Zombie by buccaniers

  • Set skill: Beatdown!
  • Date submitted: Aug 18

Balance Beatdown by AinzOoalGown

Magic Drain came in clutch when opponent tried to econ take my monster and v SRH, and many other annoying spells.

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Aug 18

Balance Beatdown by GlassyCannon

A pretty standard list of statue control, I will most likely will take out Dream clown and Arm shield for a 3rd Heavy Knight and Curse of Anubis, when I get them.

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Aug 17

Balance deck by jesucristo69

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Aug 17

Hammer Shark by Coffee

  • Set skill: Mythic Depths
  • Date submitted: Aug 17

Shadow Burn by Yami Oscar

This deck have a decent matchup against some popular decks such as Phoenix, REBD, Mills, Weevil Burn and sometimes Toons or Naturias. Try to stall as you can and make huge damage with Lava Golem or sending burn effects, Warm Worm for winning the shadow game race, and supporting cards like Magical Arm Shield or the Blast for Tribute for biggest situations.

  • Set skill: Shadow Game
  • Date submitted: Aug 17

Anti Meta Yomi Sergent by Hen Ly

Deck is built around monster removal and clearing back row. Often requires an offensive yomi ship and sacrificing life points to win duel.

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Aug 17

REBD by Diabolyn

The deck is simple revolves around the Black Dragon's own cards and of course the combos we can take with them a trap. Ultimate Providence to be Counter of Fenix, I went from legendary 1 to KOG in at least 20 matches.

  • Set Skill: Restart
  • Date Submitted: 16 Aug

Phoenix by xSaberSabi

  • Set skill: Restart
  • Date submitted: Aug 17


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Anonymous latest
This is the best destruct potion variant of phoenix of nephthys.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous latest Reply
The reason behind only requiring 2 cards of the soul and 2 fire king island is because you are more likely to not be at 4000 lifepoints and destruct potion gives you more destruction options while also recovering lifepoints therefore fire king island isnt needed as much.
Anonymous latest
That destruct potion variant of the phoenix deck is from gunsblazinglol. And its not even the best version of the destruct potion variant. Why the hell would you run 3 cards of the soul you only need 1 or 2 because destruct potion makes it more possible for you to not be at 4000.
Anonymous latest
Take that deck down that said he didnt use it to reach king of games. Playing at king of games and playing in legend rank are completely different. People just test decks in king of games nobody is actually competitive.
Anonymous latest

A new meta for Mai
Limitless99 latest
I've reached KOG in no time from Platinum 1. I only lost 3 games in Legend using this deck and all were against 2 Toon decks and 1 Mill deck.

You can also see that I got to KOG without even finishing the 100 cumulative wins. (Next comment)

Skill: Beatdown!
The deck has answers to mostly every deck except maybe Toons and Mill. Not to mention you can do many combos but you just have to get used to each monster and when to use its effect. Another important thing, every monster has a different attribute (wind, dark, earth, fire) which can deal against Super Rush. Anti Magic is very important in this deck, I can't think of how many times it won me the game while my opponent's spell/trap field is full.

IMPORTANT: This deck was copied from gunsblazing and all credit goes to him.
<< Anonymous(Limitless99)
Limitless99 latest Reply
KOG proof:
Anonymous 2hour ago

LVL 40

LVL 50
Tia pongen 1days ago
Because i believe in my deck :). This deck needs a lot of thinking.. can counter almost any deck
<< Anonymous
Tia pongen 9hour ago Reply
Golden apple can be counted as monsters too... and besides i have destiny draw... this deck dosent rely on rng
<< Anonymous(Tia pongen)
Anonymous 8hour ago Reply
How often does Solemn Wishes, Riryoku Field, Enchanted Javelin, Ultimate Providence, Blast Held by a Tribute, Storm, Half Shut, the ninja, Monster Reincarnation, etc help you? I feel like you could take out a lot of the cards in your deck
<< Anonymous
Tia pongen 3hour ago Reply
Solemn wishes with draw cards monsters such as dark mimic will give you 1000 lp per turn.. this will also increase the number of cards in your hand and also increase your chance of survival thus giving more destiny draws.. ultimate providence can counter any effect given the situation and since you will probably have more cards due to the effect of card draws, discarding a card wont be a problem.
<< Anonymous
Tia pongen 3hour ago Reply
This deck is all about surviving and countering your opponent with destiny draw... this deck is very good with weevil, hammer shark decks, tilters.. but will have a tough time against naturia, clown control, pheonix... the deck is not very competitive but its really fun to play as it requires alot of decision making plays..
Anonymous 3hour ago

A new meta for Mai
Chatroom30 6hour ago
I finally got to KOG
What's next?
Like what happens next?
<< Anonymous(Chatroom30)
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
You can rest in peace my friend~
Anonymous 7hour ago
Tried the balance water deck in KOG rank, work well and give me 8 wins in a row.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
Gotta try it a bit more but out of 5 duels i got : 3x no legendary ocean and got rekt, 1x 3 legendary oceans after 2 draws and got rekt, 1x the draws i wanted but still got rekt by red eyes
Anonymous 7hour ago
Out of all the decks, there are 4 i can see worth posting : balance water, reverse trap, tokens (even though it's expensive af) and mausoleum.
All the other one are listed on thhis page :
Moody 12hour ago
Aight whoever let that Handless Balance deck with Warrior Dai Grepher must've been on drugs
Out of all the 1800 beaters
You choose none
You don't choose Blue Flame Swordsman, a monster that can take Swift Gaia up 600 attack in a single turn
You don't choose Heavy Flame, a monster that can take down most of the current special summonable meta monsters
But you choose a vanilla 1700 monster
1 Gateway to Chaos too?
That deck can't make it past Plat 1 at all
<< Anonymous(Moody)
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
Maybe they don't have it. I bet it would be there if they did. I guess you MOODY have all the cards in the game and forgot that not everybody is a badass like you.
<< Anonymous
beforedawn 9hour ago Reply
No, no, I agree with Moody. It's a wonder that that deck is operable.

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The reason behind only requiring 2 cards of the soul and 2 fire king island is because you are mo...
Hey, any suggestion? After it was supposed to be a "Fun" deck , it worked a little bi...
what should i use my EX jewels on ?
Skill 349 A new meta for Mai
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