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update 16/05/2017

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Want to share your deck? Send us an e-mail at with the image of your deck and proof of reaching KoG along with how it works!

Regarding to shared deck

  • Decks added to this page will not be perfectly original. Of course they learn from decks others use.
  • GameA is still trying to find out the best way to display submitted nice decks.

Required info/screenshots

Please send your IGN (In-game name) and screenshots as same to the followings. GameA will crop sent images.

Shared decks (May 15 ~ )

HHG by Solomon King

  • Set skill: Harpies Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: May 26

Dinosaur Kingdom by นนท์ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

With this deck, it is able to counter with many current meta decks.

  • Set skill: Dinosaur Kingdom
  • Date submitted: May 24

HHG by LEE Matthieu

I just have one senju so I have three sphere kuribos. They are good to help summoning reliquished and also usefull for skull lair.

  • Set skill: Harpies Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: May 25

RELINQUISHED by mohamed mahmood

  • Set skill: Switcherooo
  • Date submitted: May 22

Anti-Meta by Aankara

I just reached KoG with this deck. Amazing against HHG and Relinquished decks. Nobody will see this deck coming. With the upcoming update of Switcheroo I would recommend Restart or Mindscan.

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 22

Burn deck by wilfredo dueñas

  • Set skill: Duel, Standby!
  • Date submitted: May 22

Statue by Luiz Eduardo

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 22


  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 22

Gravekeeper's by Evan L

Deck was so good it went on a 8 game win streak from Plat 2. Only thing to note is knowing when to go on the aggressive. This deck is amazing if you play it correctly.

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 19

Desert Twister by Vince

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 19

HHG by Milan

  • Set skill: Harpies Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: May 17

Gravekeeper's by Evan Liu

Deck was so good it went on a 8 game win streak from Plat 2. Only thing to note is knowing when to go on the aggressive. This deck is amazing if you play it correctly.

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 17

Venus Enrise by johnpolverino17

Here is the deck list and proof of my King of Games within 1 full day of the new session. This deck won so quickly that there wasn't even enough Platinum 3 Duelists available for my climb to the top.

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 17

Previous session (May 1 ~ May 15)

Amazoness Chang Yuen Lo

5000 HP allows you to use Amazoness Chain Master to steal your opponent's card, also allows you to take more damage while you attack opponent's monster in defense with Amazoness Sage (to destroy opponent's spells and traps).

  • Set skill: LP Boost α
  • Date submitted: May 15

HHG by Khang

I reached KOG with this decks. Maybe i'm so lucky that I faced talent players. My strategy is let other deulist set up their traps, only 1-2 card left on the hand, use e.egotist to summon all harpies as possible.

  • Set skill: Harpies Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: May 15

Harpie Lady Relinquished by Inti1415

I reached KOG today with Harpie Lady Relinquished. If I had a 3rd Sphere Kuriboh I would take out a Enemy Controller for it.

  • Set skill: Harpies Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: May 15


Hot New Top
Anoymous 7hour ago
Setting up a fusion deck, and need to know a good limit for fusion monsters.
Joey 1days ago
Help what should I add/remove..
<< Anonymous(Joey)
Piroca 13hour ago Reply
OMG a different as fuck deck! I've never considered gemini so I can't help you. I just want you to succed with something so different
<< Anonymous(Joey)
Unnamed Player 11hour ago Reply
This is like an exact copy of the one King Halo ran. That deck ran well, so I guess its fine like it is. Personally. I'd throw in Skelesaurus, fusiongate, grasschopper, maybe something like an otc, remove the sages + polys and work around that. :) Good luck with your runs btw.
Furkan0815 14days ago
We know that Tatsu is the probably most OP card in the meta atm. Only 1 Tribute for a monster with 1350Atk and 1600 Def. Pretty solid stats imo. I came up with a deck that uses the potential of tatsu perfectly. Try to summon Tatsu as soon as possible. Easiest way is to tribute your 1700+ monster for Tatsu. There is no better trade. You can use Cost Down and Double Summon to summon Tatsu directly. It´s just ridiculous how easy you can summon this monster. When you summoned your Tatsu the opponent surrenders in most of the cases. But in case your oopponent does not surrender, you can easily equip tatsu with Shooting Star Bow - Ceal. Then it´s Game Over. Dealing 350 damage makes your opponent to rage quit. If your opponent somehow manages to defeat your tatsu (never happened), you still have Shut Down, Shield Spear and Interdimensional Matter Transporter to protect your Tatsu. Your opponent will realize that it´s a loss for him and will surrender.

Even though this deck is pretty solid, you can improve it by increasing your deck to 30 cards. But it won´t be necessary, because you will win every game with this deck. Since this deck is too OP, it doesn´t need a Skill. If you wanna use a skill I´d recommend Chain reaction. With the 4 trap cards you can deal 800 extra damage, if you didn´t win yet.

All in all, this deck is breaking the meta in thousand pieces. Have fun with it!
<< Anonymous(Furkan0815)
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
I am salty AF. Have been farming Kaiba but no luck getting this OP Tatsu. That Kaibaboy keeps giving me garbage cards like Econ and champions. I NEED Tatsus to build this deck!
<< Anonymous(Furkan0815)
Playmaker 16hour ago Reply got me good
<< Anonymous(Furkan0815)
Playmaker 15hour ago Reply
Easiest way is to tribute your 1700+ monster for Tatsu...hahaha
<< Anonymous(Furkan0815)
Newbie 15hour ago Reply
Your deck list has 4 Ultra Rare's. It is so tough to get them since I am new. Can you not produce a budget/beginner friendly deck list version.
Archangel 2days ago
Guys these is my standard beat down deck. Recommend changes if necessary.
<< Anonymous(Dawn (part 1))
Dawn (part 2) 2days ago Reply
Besides, the point of a beatdown deck is to be able to draw any card and throw it down and destroy. Like I said, Destiny Draw is a combo skill and does not work with beatdown. Beatdown's best skill is probably LP Boost Alpha. It's a simple skill that gives free 1000 LP, but it works against defensive burn decks that can hold off your attacks and try to snipe off your health.
<< Anonymous(Dawn (part 2))
Dawn (part 3) 2days ago Reply
LP Boost Alpha can also give you the one more turn needed against other offensive decks to hold off attacks and draw one last support card to beat them back. If you're not interested in having higher LP, other splashable skills that can help your attacks can be Balance or Restart. As for card choices, I think you should aim to be 2/3 monsters so you can always have a new monster ready to go.
<< Anonymous(Dawn (part 3))
Dawn (part 4) 2days ago Reply
You don't want to be clogged up with too many Traps and no monsters to use them with, so I think you can drop one Metalmorph and work with 20 cards. Otherwise, I think your deck is pretty well-rounded. You can try swapping an Enemy Controller for another 1700 ATK monster. If you own any Order to Charge, you can swap out all your Double Coston for Normal Monsters and toss in a few Order to Charge.
<< Anonymous(Dawn (part 4))
Archangel 1days ago Reply
Thank you. But unfortunately I have only one order to charge or otherwise I would have made use of it. As for skills, I would have used switcheroo but sadly it has been nerfed so LP boost alpha is the only viable option left
Alexo Brawler 2days ago
it is funny how people says "I found this strategy!!" and have 3 mirror wall... with 3 mirror wall I can achieve KoG using monsters with 1000atk max
<< Anonymous(Alexo Brawler)
Boxman 2days ago Reply
Yeah. That's whybi don't enjoy playing near kog. These people abuses cards like crazy. Multiple mw, kuribo, ec and they call themselves skillful players. Lol
Anoymous 2days ago
Got me to plat 3 but can't go over, any advise?
<< Anonymous
Mako Supporter 2days ago Reply
Use lost blue breaker, and/or starboy it combo pretty well with hammer shark. Honestly daedalus and hammer shark concept are pretty incompatible, because daedalus want to clear the board, meanwhile hammer shark flood the board, but if only use for tribute fodder then i think its better if you use more big wave small wave and drawing power like crystal seer
<< Anonymous(Mako Supporter)
Dawn (part 1) 2days ago Reply
I think adding Crystal Seer could be useful. Lost Blue Breaker is also good but I would say have three total between Breaker and Sunfish. I think the single biggest change you can make is exchanging Metalmorph for a Windstorm. The defensive application of Windstorm is a lot more reliable than the equip bonus of Metalmorph.
<< Anonymous(Dawn (part 1))
Dawn (part 2) 2days ago Reply
You already have a lot of disruption to help win monster battles, so the defensive application of Windstorm helps you hold off until you can make a Daedalus explode. You can also consider having a second Umi or a Lemuria over one of the Enemy Controllers.
Anoymous 4days ago
What do you think about this deck guys
<< Anonymous
Aankara 4days ago Reply
Good deck but I would do some changes: replace Kaisers by Crystal Seers, BBS by a 3rd Econ and Magic Drain by either Windstorm or a 3rd Champ V
<< Anonymous
Aankara 4days ago Reply
Good deck but I would do some changes: replace Kaisers by Crystal Seers, BBS by a 3rd Econ and Magic Drain by either Windstorm or a 3rd Champ V
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
Like the guy above said, you need draw power like crystal seer, dont replace magic drain because it'll be useful to protect you from enemy controller play before blue eyes out.
Anoymous 3days ago
Last season : HHG, Relinquished, Burn, GK, Desert twister..

Now : HHG, Relinquished, Burn, GK, Desert twister..

Next season : HHG, Relinquished, Burn, GK, Desert twister..

Creative deck were just one or two per season. I mean.. Come on, who want to see deck that already posted every season????
<< Anonymous
Player J 3days ago Reply
What your saying isn't true! There are tons of decks which can & have reached King of Games. You simply don't see all of them because the Decks shown on this page are voluntary. You should be happy players are submitting deck recipes to be posted! Players could keep the deck recipes all to themselves! They don't have to show anyone anything!
<< Anonymous
Player J 3days ago Reply
I enjoy looking at every single deck submitted! You don't have to come to this page to look at other people's deck builds! I think it is nice looking at different version's of decks people come up with.
schifomisto 3days ago
recently kog
<< Anonymous(schifomisto)
schifomisto 3days ago Reply
FishyXY 3days ago
Just got it for the first time wooooo!
<< Anonymous(FishyXY)
FishyXY 3days ago Reply
Here's the deck!
<< Anonymous(FishyXY)
FishyXY 3days ago Reply
Here's more proof ;)
<< Anonymous(FishyXY)
FishyXY 3days ago Reply
Beat knock on turn 3, was so happy haha
<< Anonymous(FishyXY)
FishyXY 3days ago Reply
Btw, this is my info. And I did this on the 22nd of May, 2017 :)
Datty 4days ago
All credit goes to the youtube channel "Duel Links Meta". Fantastic deck.
<< Anonymous(Datty)
Datty 4days ago Reply
Dark Yugi 8days ago
Can I reach KOG with this deck?
And which card should I change?
<< Anonymous(Dark Yugi)
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
You can reach KoG with that deck. +1 Birdface and +1 Wild Tornado would make your life easier in the process, but aren't necessary
<< Anonymous(Dark Yugi)
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
if you want to play Harpy Sisters ...use more than 1 e.egotist, else dont use egotist and harpy Sisters - besides that your deck is fine, i reached KoG with 3x egotist version of this deck last season (2 EC and 1 OtC)
<< Anonymous(Dark Yugi)
ShkelqimH 7days ago Reply
Whenever i play my harpie deck i feel like cheating, hhg and relinquished are way too op, i hope they get banned
<< Anonymous(ShkelqimH)
Anoymous 4days ago Reply
HHG is way too OP ? Maybe nah. it's just because good RNG, (you have good strarting hand). i think you're not yet experienced thrice duel in a row, in your oppenent first turn he/she de-spell your HHG, then not a single monster card shown up even after 6th turns, the cards that shown up are only spell/trap cards, altough you used 10 monster in the deck. lol

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