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Toon Barrel by Alpwnage

  • Set skill: Three- Star Demotion
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

REZD by Hyhy

I use Red Eyes Balance to reach KOG. Summon Red Eyes immediately and set CV. I don't use divine wrath, tribute to the doomed and ultimate providence like most other Red Eyes player.

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Mausoleum TBD by bekky

Most of the times open with Invader and try to get TBD + Toon Kingdom into your hand. Your opponents wouldnt expect TBD with TK. Try to stall with invader if you know they have mirror walls until you get out TBD. Summon TBD with Mausoleum then play Toon Kingdom and you are safe. You can cut double summon or add another and cut berry for more plays like Pathfinder into TK then summon TBD. Apple is 50/50 choice most of the decks are running Electro you can add Javelin or some def trap like anubis/windstorm or another ebola. The main goal of this deck is to stall with Invader then get out TBD + TK for full protection and going for game.

  • Set skill: Destiny Draw
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Lava Infestation by Cutty Flam

Start the game with Doomdog Octhros to search for Lava Golem or Dark Necrofear and put down a Burning Land.
The only time you should hold back the Burning Land is if your opponent is playing Toons. Wait until they play Toon Kingdom and destroy it as fast as possible.

  • Set skill: Parasite Infestation
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Warriors by #NoGlory

Rush with lv 4 monsters with 2000 attacks you should use lv 5 monsters to activate cards such as baou or rising energy. An then use feast of the wild to special summon them on the field.
Freed can be used to draw warrior monsters if needed (tribute summon only). Anti-magic arrows will be used for the finishing blows.

  • Set skill:
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Rituals by Hornetruler

  • Set skill: Baggy Sleeves
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Statue Control by Alan George

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

REZD by Noone

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Psychic by [INA] Himam

  • Set skill: Bandit
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Toon by Night

I managed to climb from Legend 1 To KOG this season using this deck. Your main focus is to get Toon Barrel Dragon out ASAP or if you afraid that your TBD has no security due to no Toon Kingdom in play you can always use Toon Table to search it out or Crystal Seer to fish out one. Mainly if u dont get a very good starting hand like not having either your TBD or TK in your 1st draw you can always start with Sergeant Electro for bottom row control.

  • Set skill: Three- Star Demotion
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Statue Control by Yami Drake

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Phoenix by Ismael Arriaga Jordan

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Lava Golem by Ry0991xx

  • Set skill: Parasite Infestation
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Hammer Shark by kingCesar29

  • Set skill: Mythic Depths
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Zombie by Sparkles

Use Gozuki/Samurai Skull to get those Bacon Savers in the graveyard. Don't send REZD to the graveyard until you're ready to special summon. Deck really shines if you can use Gozuki's and Samurai Skull's abilities on the same turn.

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Hazy flame by mahesh maherchandani

i got to kog very easily with this deck.just summon hazy flame and make ur opponents go down.i have only one soul exchange and salamantra u can use two if u have ut will get more need for enemy controller for stopimg ur opponents to attack.mirrorwall and super rush headlong are great to counter attacks.special summon heavy knight and make it normal summon to counter red eyes and toon decks

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Naturia by Cisne[DK]

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Toon Barrel by GuiCamarano

  • Set skill: Three - Star Demotion
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Relinquished by Masks

Relinquished and Darkflare Dragon are the combined heart of this deck. It's main strategy is to summon relinquished to steal their monster and force them to play defensively. Use your spells to keep your monsters from being destroyed and to get rid of defense your opponent musters to stop you.

  • Set skill: Mind Scan
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Zombie by Maxura

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 29

Silent Magician by Nemesis

  • Set skill: Destiny Draw
  • Date submitted: Sept 27



Hot New Top
Caasi 10days ago
Hey guys, i want to know the name of that card that has a cute golden ball in it, UR and level 1. ty
<< Anonymous(Caasi)
Felgrand Sugar Daddy 9days ago Reply
It's Sphere Kuriboh from Ultimate Rising box dear.
Got to Kog on the last day of the season thanks to Lava Mausoleum (Invader of Darkness, Endymion, Fenhuang, General Freed, Lava Golem+Seal). It's been posted here before, it's a slow climb but the winrate is fantastic when you learn the deck and how to play against each enemy. Took me a while because I tried a lot of other decks with no luck.
<< Anonymous(HeavyTank )
Nyut Reply
Can u post your deck. Idk how to build this deck
<< Anonymous(HeavyTank )
noob Reply
could you show your deck
<< Anonymous(noob)
Anonymous Reply
Why yes
<< Anonymous(HeavyTank )
Austin 25days ago Reply
Could you post the deck pls
Anonymous 28days ago
King of games new meta ha ha ha stell body
How Can I get Obelisco bl Atormentador
NeOn OrB
The basic combo is having a PTERA in defense and having a HERRA in either your hand or graveyard! PTERA if when attacked sends the monster back to your opponents hand(great against GB!) And if destroyed special summon HERRA!
<< Anonymous(NeOn OrB)
Anonymous Reply
What is the card between flood gate and econ?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Kunai with Chain
30 cards by Portilla_Br
victories by deckout are a huge waste of time for both the user and the opponent
they are the peak of brainless and they should be banned from the speed duel format
i suggest people who think about using this deck to:
1) buy a brain and learn how to play dm
2) find another hobby so that they won't have so much free time to actually consider spending over 20 minutes to conclude a single duel
is there any lost connection deck here?
<< Anonymous(adam)
Anonymous Reply
Maybe invest in P2W non-wooden internet
I really like this deck but just not good enough. Any tips for this deck?
<< Anonymous(Cracker)
Anonymous Reply
Ditch Tea, play Weevil with Parasite Infestation

-2 Kuriboh
-1 Doomdog
-3 Unhappy Girl
-1 Hallowed Life Barrier
-1 Windstorm
+2 Jade Insect Whistle
+1 Sphere Kuriboh
+3 Massivemorph
+2 Mask of the Accursed

Makes for an annoying burn deck paired with Amazoness but it is more optimal.
<< Anonymous(Cracker)
Anonymous Reply
why are you running amazoness swordswoman without massivemorph???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Coz he has 3 Half Shuts and he is an animal that way. If you take no damage via Holy Guard during your attack, how do you expect to deal damage to your opponent from Amazon Swordswoman lol.
<< Anonymous(Cracker)
Anonymous Reply
Spirit Barrier maybe
Please review the decks posted here due to new limitations and restrictions.
NeOn OrB
Proof :)
KoG today, thanks to dr vellian :)
<< Anonymous(Damaged666)
Anonymous Reply
Post ur deck plzz
If you are curious then go to this site (tips on fuel links)

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