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Use this deck to keep your opponent locked out of drawing, red ninja boosts its level so you can beat down easier, spells and traps to defend from attacks

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Aug 29

Mill by Ryo Akiyama

  • Set skill: Duel, standby!
  • Date submitted: Aug 29

Make your own luck by faviaj89

Once second coin toss is on the field this deck becomes very hard to deal with. Keeping Abare Ushioni on the field using Enemy Controller and Super Rush Headlong allows you to inflict 1000 damage without having to attack your opponent. Also with Time Wizard in your deck you can change the tide of the duel very quickly. I use LP boost a to counter act any bad coin tosses from Abare Ushioni.

  • Set skill: LP Boost α
  • Date submitted: Aug 29

Hammer Shark by Wani

  • Set skill: Mythic Depths
  • Date submitted: Aug 29

Phoenix by KNOB (credits to gunzblazing)

The deck is so consistant with the Heavy Flame Knights and Fire King Avatar.

The secret about this deck is patiance. Try to read your opponent and learn all the interactions of Fire King Island / Fire King Avatar / Phoenix / Double Phoenix revival.

If you got caught offguard you will probably lose the game.

For me the best way is to play safe. Set Fire King Avatar and destroy Phoenix on card to clear out your enemy Backrow. And remember, don't ever be afraid of Super Rush Headlong cause your phoenix will come back again in the next turn and destroy the backrow once more.

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Aug 29

Phoenix by ZaichiX

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Aug 29

Swift Gaia by Victor Valois

I reached KOG using double Gaia deck.

It's a hybrid type of deck, you can play aggressive or control, it depends on the match. It´s really good against control decks, destroying all the back row, against Red-Eyes and Phoenix the Heavy Knight of the Flame helps a lot. Against Weevil you'll need to use one monster only and keep destroying back row. If the milling deck is slow your win chance is high.

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Aug 28

Fiend by djizus!

The aim of this deck is to control the board in order to get Dark Necrophear + Invader of Darkness, then to summon them using Enemy Controller/Jowls of Dark Demise. Dimension Gate is useful to keep your monsters alive or stealing your opponents. Stray Lambs is also clutch to steal or set Invader of Darkness.
Lots of defensive spells + Mind scan in order to control the pace. Once you get Invader of Darkness/Dark Necrofear up it's usually over.

  • Set skill: Mind Scan
  • Date submitted: Aug 28

Control by Tulaka

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Aug 28

Dragon by JMS5996

This is very cheap and strong Deck, it only requires the box reset option on Neo-Impact. Get cards from the Card Trader and Farm Seto Kaiba for Enemy Controller.

Use Vanguard of the Dragon to send Totem Dragon or Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the Graveyard so the opponent would only destroy Vanguard of the Dragon by battle. Flamvell Grunika gives a lot of Damage. Mirage Dragon makes traps less dangerous. Protect your Monsters with Mirror Wall and Enemy Controller, you can also use its second effect offensively. Stamping Destruction is used to destroy enemies nasty Spell and Trap Cards and it deals 500 damage to your opponent. With the Field spell boost, the Dragons are so strong that the opponent has to push up his monsters which is very risky.

I hope you enjoy the deck, I would say it could get a ranking of around 8.5. I am sure you can also modulate the Deck, and enjoy playing the Deck, it is very strong but a bit risky.

  • Set skill: Peak Performance
  • Date submitted: Aug 28

Phoenix by Sorma

The aim of this deck is to summon Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys with Fire King Island or Fire King Avatar Yaksha's effect. Use Card of the Soul to make sure that you have it in your hand. If you don't have it in your hand use Jowls of Dark Demise and Enemy Controller to gain time.

You can use Destruction Potion for destroying your Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys and gain it's effect or use Enemy Controller or Jowls of Dark Demise to eliminate your opponent's monster and gain Life Points.

Goka, the Pyre of Malice can be used as a strong monster for attacks or can be used to destroy Fire King Avatar Yaksha or Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys when you need their effects.

  • Set skill: Restart

  • Date submitted: Aug 28

Phoenix by robinkoslow

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Aug 28

Naturia by Ejay

Climb w/ deck: Legend 1 - King of Games

This variant is used to flood the field with monsters, gain board control, and keep it using versatile spells/traps. Such as Enemy Controller, Super Rush Headlong, Mirror Wall, etc.

My personal card techs:
I added Magical Arm Shield as a board control card just in case my hand bricks. As well as its ability to quickly clear your opponents board. I added Exterio's Fang as a way to hinder my opponent and push for game to negate my opponents protection spells/traps.

1.) Another Super Rush Headlong for third Enemy Controller.
2.) Anti-Magic Arrows for Exterio's Fang.
3.) Curse of Anubis for third Enemy Controller or Windstorm of Etaqua

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Aug 28

Ninja by Diligent

  • Set skill: Mind Scan
  • Date submitted: Aug 28

Red-Eyes Zombie by Ricardo Naidoo

From legend two to king of games i did 10 wins in a row.

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Aug 28

No mortal can resist by m3ntalist

  • Set skill: No mortal can resist
  • Date submitted: Aug 28

Parasite Infestation by Darren

Here is the deck I used to climb from Legend Rank 1 to King of Games with a win streak of 19 games in a row.

  • Date submitted: Aug 26
  • Set skill: Parasite Infestation

Parasite Infestation by Memorizer92

Lava golem and masks are the key cards. And the joker is inaba. It's better than panda because it can ignore feint plan in tea mill deck and also it works really well against weevil burn deck since it returns to your hand after
the attack which doesn't allow your opponent to summon lava golem.

The hardest deck to counter was phoenix deck. Volcano and Goka can tribute lava golem. And the cycling of phoenix makes you hard to use masks and lands timely.

The counter card of lava golem was Econ which allows your opponent to tribute lava golem and get control of your face-up monster. So it is recommended to remove your face-up monster before the summon of lava golem.

  • Date submitted: Aug 26
  • Set skill: Parasite Infestation

Psychic by snowsyyy

I went from legend 1 to KoG with this psychic Destiny Draw deck. If I had a third witch I would use it instead of doctor cranium. Didn't have any particularly hard match-up except against Weevil sometimes.

  • Date submitted: Aug 26
  • Set skill: Destiny Draw

Phoenix by casper

  • Date submitted: Aug 26
  • Set skill: Restart

Hammer Shark by it's Matte

  • Date submitted: Aug 26
  • Set skill: Mythic Depth

Naturia Beatdown by Ajdeee

  • Date submitted: Aug 26
  • Set skill: Beatdown

Parasite Infestation by charles

  • Date submitted: Aug 26
  • Set skill: Parasite Infestation


Hot New Top
Caasi 13days ago
Hey guys, i want to know the name of that card that has a cute golden ball in it, UR and level 1. ty
<< Anonymous(Caasi)
Felgrand Sugar Daddy 13days ago Reply
It's Sphere Kuriboh from Ultimate Rising box dear.
Got to Kog on the last day of the season thanks to Lava Mausoleum (Invader of Darkness, Endymion, Fenhuang, General Freed, Lava Golem+Seal). It's been posted here before, it's a slow climb but the winrate is fantastic when you learn the deck and how to play against each enemy. Took me a while because I tried a lot of other decks with no luck.
<< Anonymous(HeavyTank )
Nyut Reply
Can u post your deck. Idk how to build this deck
<< Anonymous(HeavyTank )
noob Reply
could you show your deck
<< Anonymous(noob)
Anonymous Reply
Why yes
<< Anonymous(HeavyTank )
Austin 29days ago Reply
Could you post the deck pls
Anonymous 31days ago
King of games new meta ha ha ha stell body
How Can I get Obelisco bl Atormentador
NeOn OrB
The basic combo is having a PTERA in defense and having a HERRA in either your hand or graveyard! PTERA if when attacked sends the monster back to your opponents hand(great against GB!) And if destroyed special summon HERRA!
<< Anonymous(NeOn OrB)
Anonymous Reply
What is the card between flood gate and econ?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Kunai with Chain
30 cards by Portilla_Br
victories by deckout are a huge waste of time for both the user and the opponent
they are the peak of brainless and they should be banned from the speed duel format
i suggest people who think about using this deck to:
1) buy a brain and learn how to play dm
2) find another hobby so that they won't have so much free time to actually consider spending over 20 minutes to conclude a single duel
is there any lost connection deck here?
<< Anonymous(adam)
Anonymous Reply
Maybe invest in P2W non-wooden internet
I really like this deck but just not good enough. Any tips for this deck?
<< Anonymous(Cracker)
Anonymous Reply
Ditch Tea, play Weevil with Parasite Infestation

-2 Kuriboh
-1 Doomdog
-3 Unhappy Girl
-1 Hallowed Life Barrier
-1 Windstorm
+2 Jade Insect Whistle
+1 Sphere Kuriboh
+3 Massivemorph
+2 Mask of the Accursed

Makes for an annoying burn deck paired with Amazoness but it is more optimal.
<< Anonymous(Cracker)
Anonymous Reply
why are you running amazoness swordswoman without massivemorph???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Coz he has 3 Half Shuts and he is an animal that way. If you take no damage via Holy Guard during your attack, how do you expect to deal damage to your opponent from Amazon Swordswoman lol.
<< Anonymous(Cracker)
Anonymous Reply
Spirit Barrier maybe
Please review the decks posted here due to new limitations and restrictions.
NeOn OrB
Proof :)
KoG today, thanks to dr vellian :)
<< Anonymous(Damaged666)
Anonymous Reply
Post ur deck plzz
If you are curious then go to this site (tips on fuel links)

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I've seen that thing in action from an NPC's deck. It would be really helpful for my deck!
Haha it's pretty nasty going second when going against fur hire deck. In case of keeping ...
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