King of Games decks [September]

Is there a way to reach KoG without spending over 1,000 dollars (or without spending any money at all)? Because every single deck here needs to restart at least 2 boxes.
U need to be patient. Lvl up characters to earn gems. Some ppl pay money but duelists like me have earned my cards without paying. It sucks but be patient and not spend your gems. Gather at least 2k gems and never go under a 1k. Try not to covert cards because it's like resetting your box. If you have 10 of one card then you won't draw tht card ever again from a pack because you've met the quota
Get Lucky and Get 3 Star Demotion
Grind as much as possible and try to make a tier 1-2 deck. Probably could make KOG with a tier 3 deck will be a bit harder to do.
Harpies gravekeeper kaibaman and 3sd are the decks with which u can make to kog without spending a single penny
im f2p and get kog almost every season
<< Anonymous
This true? About meeting a qoutum with cards and not drawing any other of em?
<< Anonymous
This is 100% true, but this method also require kaiba to not be a son if a 🔥
Huh LOL. Almost every meta deck requires minimal SR/UR cards from packs. The majority of them primarily use Card Trader/LD Drop cards with a few staple SR/UR cards from packs mixed in. If you spend your gems wisely you can build most decks available (though you sometimes have to go for sub optimal cards, obviously)
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Kaiba said in last duel that I'm with a tier 4 deck lol
The best cards in this game is more from farm than booster packs, with few exceptions only, get a good skill, and match your object in game in your skill and deck, focus in farm, once you farm well ad get cards such as econ, etaqua, anubis, and control card plus with a good skill, even low rated cards can make you beat anyone, remember is also about luck, so experience and know well the cards
Yes im f2p. The problem is you have to grind more. Dont be tempted with new packs and focus on top tier deck like listed in here.
Just sayin...
Lmao how does restarting a box cost money?
<< Anonymous
But now in every deck there are some essential cards that must be bought through structure deck. The problem is u can't buy the structure deck more than once with just gems


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