King of Games decks [September]

having to get 5 wins in a row is πŸ”₯ing πŸ”₯. its basically a πŸ”₯ing roulette. hope i can go 5 games without facing GK's while using my weevil deck, and of course, after several days of grinding at plat 3... this has never been the case
I Know That Feel Bro :(
jup sucked balls..especially when you have a crap starting hand and the next 2 draws are pretty much the only 2 cards that are usless atm
You have no idea man. Lose so many times at plat 3, 5th game. But was able to get KOG. It's πŸ”₯. You need some luck
It's straight up luck man, not the whole how consistent your deck is πŸ”₯. I made it to KOG this time because my Twin Barrel Dragons got 2 heads in a row one duel which was sheer πŸ”₯ luck
It's the only time where there is no shame if you succumb to using a meta trash deck
Yea it's all πŸ”₯ I used weevil gold 1 thru plat 3 only lost 2 duels in total during that grind but the second I hit plat 3 8 strait losses.
Its nice, you just got crushed by the gk deck lol, im sorry, cant help, I just hate weevil deck. LoL
<< Anonymous(Holy)
i love the people who are crushing your weevil decks. how can this πŸ”₯ weevil deck be fun to play ... are u kidding me? hope you will never get to KOG with this ... i really do
It really isn't that difficult if you are any good at this game...
<< Anonymous(Conan415)
Let me guess, you play harpies? So much better than Weevil decks derp
Yami parker
Maybe you should throw your πŸ”₯ burn deck away and try one that takes some skill. You might hit kog then
<< Anonymous(ginno)
i'm with you, this πŸ”₯ deck is the true πŸ”₯ with 3sd. like wtf my dragon deck always had a garbage draw when dueling against these 2 πŸ”₯. i hope u never reach with this cheapass deck
<< Anonymous
lol not everyone is p2w like u spoil πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯s. Also weevil is not easy to play unlike harpie or πŸ”₯ 3sd
<< Anonymous
lol not everyone is p2w like u spoil πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯s. Also weevil is not easy to play unlike harpie or πŸ”₯ 3sd
<< Anonymous
If you think this game is p2w you are bad, and if you think Harpies require no skill you are also bad
5 wins in a row? That's it? Are you still rookie rank 1? With a basic deck? Play do the missions get stones buy everything you can build something g that's not πŸ”₯. Win. Dont πŸ”₯, play. You will always lose now and again. Keep playing.
<< Anonymous
"It really isn't that difficult if you are any good at this game..." the problem is you are stupid when u face invoker elementsaber super optimized dm or master of destiny ur skills will not be enough as need more luck also its likely the pa y pi g has more p2w cards so it more luck reliant than skill need more luck than skill.
good in the game=have super broken /and/or exp cards.
<< Anonymous(....)
you can be as good as possible if you dont have at least strong cards but that may not be enough.stop pretending you need more amount of skill when its not dependant on it that heavily you pretend.sure dont misplay.but tell me that skill b s .
<< Anonymous(...)
A person is skilled in this game if he has many powerful cards in his deck. Me for example I'm a very good player and I win most of the time because I have x3 of all UR/SR except for some event ones.
Doesn't matter if I sometimes lose against players who have equally as much UR/SR as me.

Stop saying that people like don't have skill!
<< Anonymous
Having powerful cards doesn't make you automatically skilled. If you want to be good at this game, you need good cards but also good strategies
<< Anonymous
I do have very good strategies since everyone has copy-pasted their meta decks from mine. I'm always the first who finds template of meta decks to use online and everybody else keep using the same templates as me.
<< Anonymous
Yes, I've copy-posted your Mushroom Man deck. And there's nothing you can do about it. Hahaha!
<< Anonymous

Building a deck exactly like a template found on the internet is far from what I would call skilful or original.

How can you even brag about being the first DuelLinksMeta copy-paster?


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