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  • GameA is still trying to find out the best way to display submitted nice decks.

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Shared decks (May 15 ~ )

Kaibaman by Darkdany91

  • Set skill: Last Gamble
  • Date submitted: May 27

3 Star Demotion by Jon Snow

  • Set skill: Three-Star Demotion
  • Date submitted: May 27

HHG by Solomon King

  • Set skill: Harpies Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: May 26

Dinosaur Kingdom by นนท์ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

With this deck, it is able to counter with many current meta decks.

  • Set skill: Dinosaur Kingdom
  • Date submitted: May 24

HHG by LEE Matthieu

I just have one senju so I have three sphere kuribos. They are good to help summoning reliquished and also usefull for skull lair.

  • Set skill: Harpies Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: May 25

RELINQUISHED by mohamed mahmood

  • Set skill: Switcherooo
  • Date submitted: May 22

Anti-Meta by Aankara

I just reached KoG with this deck. Amazing against HHG and Relinquished decks. Nobody will see this deck coming. With the upcoming update of Switcheroo I would recommend Restart or Mindscan.

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 22

Burn deck by wilfredo dueñas

  • Set skill: Duel, Standby!
  • Date submitted: May 22

Statue by Luiz Eduardo

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 22


  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 22

Gravekeeper's by Evan L

Deck was so good it went on a 8 game win streak from Plat 2. Only thing to note is knowing when to go on the aggressive. This deck is amazing if you play it correctly.

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 19

Desert Twister by Vince

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 19

HHG by Milan

  • Set skill: Harpies Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: May 17

Gravekeeper's by Evan Liu

Deck was so good it went on a 8 game win streak from Plat 2. Only thing to note is knowing when to go on the aggressive. This deck is amazing if you play it correctly.

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 17

Venus Enrise by johnpolverino17

Here is the deck list and proof of my King of Games within 1 full day of the new session. This deck won so quickly that there wasn't even enough Platinum 3 Duelists available for my climb to the top.

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: May 17

Previous session (May 1 ~ May 15)

Amazoness Chang Yuen Lo

5000 HP allows you to use Amazoness Chain Master to steal your opponent's card, also allows you to take more damage while you attack opponent's monster in defense with Amazoness Sage (to destroy opponent's spells and traps).

  • Set skill: LP Boost α
  • Date submitted: May 15


Hot New Top
Dark Yugi 9days ago
Can I reach KOG with this deck?
And which card should I change?
<< Anonymous(Dark Yugi)
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
You can reach KoG with that deck. +1 Birdface and +1 Wild Tornado would make your life easier in the process, but aren't necessary
<< Anonymous(Dark Yugi)
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
if you want to play Harpy Sisters ...use more than 1 e.egotist, else dont use egotist and harpy Sisters - besides that your deck is fine, i reached KoG with 3x egotist version of this deck last season (2 EC and 1 OtC)
<< Anonymous(Dark Yugi)
ShkelqimH 8days ago Reply
Whenever i play my harpie deck i feel like cheating, hhg and relinquished are way too op, i hope they get banned
<< Anonymous(ShkelqimH)
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
HHG is way too OP ? Maybe nah. it's just because good RNG, (you have good strarting hand). i think you're not yet experienced thrice duel in a row, in your oppenent first turn he/she de-spell your HHG, then not a single monster card shown up even after 6th turns, the cards that shown up are only spell/trap cards, altough you used 10 monster in the deck. lol
L Kaiba 10days ago
Hi I'm playing and I'm two ranks from KOG I have a interesting mako deck but don't have a snapshot capability but I also wanted to explain it to get some advice and opinion on it.
Set skill Menace from the deep
Effect monster list:
1 Levia Dragon - Daedalus
1 Legendary Fisherman
2 Piercing Moray
1 Needle Sunfish
1 Suijin
3 Unshaven Angler

1 Skull Mariner
3 High Tide Gyojin
2 Great White
3 Red Archery Girl

1 Moray of Greed
1 Water Hazard
1 Big Wave Small Wave
3 Umi
1 Steel Shell
1 Sea Lord's Amulet

1 Mirror Wall
3 Forgotten Temple of the Deep

Favorite combo

Summon vanilla with forgotten temple of the deep; use skill attack directly, banish that monster and summon back at end phase to protect from skill backlash
please give any card ideas
<< Anonymous(L Kaiba )
Anoymous 6days ago Reply
Seems way too good to be true. Pics or it didn't happen
<< Anonymous
Mako Supporter 6days ago Reply
yo, actually this might be true because menace from the deep let your water normal monster to attack directly, and have synergy with forgotten temple of the deep, and water hazard. Instead destroying your monster after direct attack, you banish them and after your field clear you can summon level 4 monster with water hazard. Daedalus for finishing move.
<< Anonymous(Mako Supporter)
Mako Supporter 6days ago Reply
Forgotten temple of the deep also count as "umi" and can be used for daedalus effect
<< Anonymous(Mako Supporter)
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
lol no. 30 cards deck won't get you any higher than gold rank, not to mention he also run craps like Mermaid and Sea Lord's Amulet. Its a forever silver deck
L Kaiba 10days ago
hey there I'm back with two other fun decks I'm building one finished the other working on.
First - Gemini's Destiny
Character - Yami Yugi
Skill - Destiny Draw

Monster Line-up
1 Pheonix Gearfried
1 Darkstorm Dragon
1 Grasschopper
1 Gemini Scorpion
2 Blazewing Butterfly
1 Woodland Archer
2 Skelesaurus
1 Infinity Dark
3 Goggle Golem
2 Lucky Pied Piper
1 Metal Reflect Slime
1 Gemini Soldier

1 Symbols of Duty
1 Double Summon
2 Polymerization
2 Herculean Power
1 Fairy Meteor Crush
1 Super Double Summon

1 Eliminating the League
1 Mirror Wall
2 Gemini Booster
1 Gemini Counter

Extra Deck
2 SuperAlloy Beast Raptinus

^This is the deck that carried me so high

Next is the one that I'm building right now and deciding on the build

Deck - Red-Eyed Gearfried
Joey Wheeler - Reinforcements
1 Pheonix Gearfried
1 Gearfried the Swordmaster
2 Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact
1 Skilled Red Magician
1 Gearfried the Iron Knight
3 Red-Eyes Black Dragon
1 Axe Raider
1 Summoned Skull
1 Meteor Dragon

1 Symbols of Duty
1 Double Summon
1 Card Trader
1 Monster Reincarnation
1 Gravity Axe - Grarl
1 Big Bang Shot
2 Polymerization
1 Dragon Treasure
1 Legendary Sword
1 Release Restraint

1 Mirror Wall
1 Collected Power

1 Meteor B. Dragon
1 B. Skull Dragon

The point of collected power is to switch the equip spells to ur gearfrieds the lv 7 and 8 ones for pops and counters
<< Anonymous(L Kaiba )
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
It's hard to take you seriously when you are using 30 card decks.
<< Anonymous(L Kaiba )
Anoymous 6days ago Reply
Stop posting these awful decks
<< Anonymous(L Kaiba )
Anoymous 6days ago Reply
Lmao. 30 card decks. Really?
Anoymous 7days ago
Guess 20 cards or less is the way to go
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
Unless you face a mill deck, then you're screwed
maalsenu 8days ago
It's hard to reach platinum the first days of raked duels season. I was stucked in gold 2 for 2-3 days
Anoymous 9days ago
Yea, lets credit kids for decks they're pulling off YouTube...
Jojo 15days ago
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?
<< Anonymous(Jojo)
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
tyrant dragon and tekyto
Datty 10days ago
The Amazoness and Extra-Extra deck out decks are awesome. Good to see some creativity in this community. Everything else is pointless to point-out but I guess people see reaching KoG with Harpies or/and Relinq as some sort of achievement.

As for me, I'm going through the lower ranks with Titan Showdan Karate Man OTK and then probably Mind Scan Machine deck or Mind Scan Kaibaman deck. I just really love the skill.
Chis 12days ago
Haven't played past platinum 1 yet, but this deck eased through the gold ranks and brought me into platinum for the first time (only been playing 2 months). Wanted to build an attacking peak performance deck around the Duck and Mirage Dragon, but then I added some anti-meta cards and it started performing very well. Straight flush and Possessed Soul have won me so many games. If I had any Kuribohs, I would possibly add them in for White-Horned Dragon and Behemoth, but I like this balance of the deck. It seems very versatile and can compete with all meta decks. Give it a try and let me know how you get on :)
<< Anonymous(Chis)
Chis 12days ago Reply
Sorry, forgot to post the file
<< Anonymous(Chis)
g 12days ago Reply
add 1-2 econs. just incase mountin gets destroyed add a warrior dai 1700 atk and 1600 def and remove a sonic. 1 dark soul is enough and 1 riryoku is enough
<< Anonymous(g)
Chis 12days ago Reply
Haven't got any econs unfortunately, otherwise I probably would. Saying that, I think this deck is much better as an aggressive deck. Add too many defense cards and it might not work. I'm kinda hoping my mountain doesn't get destroyed, but the duck's got a pretty high attack anyway and I can get the tributes involved
<< Anonymous(Chis)
g 12days ago Reply
add a magic drain
Inti 12days ago
I made it to KOG with Harpie Lady Relinquished today.
<< Anonymous(Inti)
Inti 12days ago Reply
@KOG deck by Ryan 12days ago
How do you make it to KOG "twice in last season"..... ?
Aaron_Tellez 12days ago
Su servidor todos chafa, se desconecto solo a un duelo de ser KOG por tercera vez consecutiva.

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