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Deck to achieve 8-9k against Pegasus!
update 25/04/2017

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  • GameA is still trying to find out the best way to display submitted nice decks.

Shared decks in the current period

Harpies Hunting Ground by 2epik

Wild tornado works well against mirror matches and Megacyber helps you flip the field advantage to your favour.

  • Set skill: Harpies' Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: April 25

Mind Scan Sergeant by Gory

With Pegasus's skill, use Electro to choose particular Magic/Trap Zones to block and use De-Spell to destroy set spell cards like Enemy Controller, Field Spells or other continuous Spell Cards.

  • Set skill: Mind Scan
  • Date submitted: April 25

Relinquished (HHG) by Knine

  • Set skill: Harpies Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: April 20

Shared decks in the previous period

Desert Twister deck by Demoniyo

  • Set skill: Last Gamble
  • Date submitted: April 4

Statue/Clown deck by Flips

Desert sunlight is to put your dream clowns in defense position at any time Possesed Dark soul counters level 3 monsters like Relinquished.

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: April 10th

Balloon deck by Jan

If yor are scared of Divine Wrath, Play 2 "Outstanding Dog Marron". If it's take too long and your enemy won't ragequit, just use "Shadowslayer" to give him the coup de grace.

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: April 12th

Venus deck by DaYz

If your starting hand is one of venus and the rest of the card is order to the charger or enemy controler, you can win the game quickly.

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: April 14th

BEWD ritual combo by migueljoker

Get as fast as possible the champions vigilance set it and summon bewd for gg.

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: April 16th

Harpies' Hunting Ground by Danny

Possesed dark soul and magic drain against relinquished. Heart of the underdog for extra draws.

  • Set skill: Harpies' Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: April 15th

Standby Burn by Diblawak

Attack and receive combined with the burning land (as soon as you get damaged, you can chain with "Attack and receive".

  • Set skill: Duel, Standby!
  • Date submitted: April 15th

Harpies' Hunting Ground by Zuzu

My tip is to wait at least the 2nd turn to use elegant egotist in order to win the game quickly with 2/3 monsters up.

  • Set skill: Harpies' Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: April 14th

Harpies' Hunting Ground by Zekry93

3 x “Elegant Egotist” are pretty powerful where they potentially enable me to destroy all my opponent set traps and magic cards.

  • Set skill: Harpies' Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: April 17th

Harpies' Hunting Ground by Austin B

The key in the deck is elegant egotist to over power your opponent and to take advantage of every normal monster in this deck to the fullest combinations with order the charge, symbol of duty combined with enemy controller.

  • Set skill: Harpies' Hunting Ground
  • Date submitted: April 17th

Desert Twister by SuperTechRoy

Big bang shot have two main advantage over wild tornado you can choose which monster you want to remove from play in case of defence and if your going on offensive you can equip it to your monster

  • Set skill: Last Gamble
  • Date submitted: April 16th

Parasite Burn by Narainraj

Use Mask of Accursed on effect monsters to avoid Order to Charge and main monsters such as Oracle. Use Burning Lands as soon as possible.

  • Set skill: Parasite Infestation
  • Date submitted: April 17th


anoymous 6days ago
people post basically the same HHG deck
anoymous 7days ago
That Balloon deck works quite well. I replaced shadow slayer and one reflector with inaba white rabbit and magical blast.
Jan 6days ago
well good idea. but why the magical blast? anyways thx
anoymous 5days ago
Migical blast lets you pick it up from your graveyard instead of drawing from your deck, it wil save you from going deck out and its a guarantee throw card for your balloons every turn.
anoymous 5days ago
And too much divine wrath on that doggo..
CreativiTimothy 4days ago
Problem is if Magical Blast is the last card in the deck. You will deck out and not be able to activate its effect .Not sure if it's a bug or a ruling
anoymous 2days ago
Just use both the sword and magical blast and you will never deck out.
Mythlo 1days ago
For me I built the exact deck at is shown, but I always got dead hands and never drew wonder balloons early enough to win the game. I ended up going 4-8 with it. Any suggestions?
anoymous 7days ago
if u just a free player, just bring a lot jammer into ur dino mixed with thunder dragon deck, i reach KoG with that kind of deck.
anoymous 7days ago
Take down that desert twister deck or credit the correct person, original creator is gunsblazing.
anonymous 7days ago
how did you know that he's not the original creator? For players that created deck with original idea, but not having a video somewhere online does not mean he is not a creator.
anoymous 7days ago
Seriously.. Get a life.. You never know who the original creator is.. `Open your own website and credit him all you want..
Grant 7days ago
Any other KoG deck without ANY card from Ultimate Rising? Ultimate Rising is gone, and beginners like me have no chance of getting cards in that card pack.
anoymous 7days ago
The last GK deck is viable without sphere kuribohs. They seem like fillers to me. Use windstorm and soul exchange instead maybe.
anoymous 7days ago
I hate it when people like demoniyo claims credit for decks that werent their ideas. Original deck creator is gunblazing. Not this fuck up demoniyo thief
anoymous 7days ago
You are right... That's gunblazing deck
Erica 7days ago
Hahaha i agree. I happen to fought with demoniyo in rank and won. He was using the twister deck but honestly he suck with it. I fought with gunblazing before and got rekt with the same deck. Rip
anoymous 3days ago
Considering there's a a card "set" it's a tenuous statement to claim any deck is original.
anoymous 3days ago
"set" or a copy and paste with minor edits. you decide.
anoymous 2days ago
yes, i think every last gamble deck is originally from gunsblazing, before it became a meta deck. icluding desert twister like in above, gunsblazing is the father of last gamble.
Eric 8days ago
Any Improvements? Want to Text something different to hhg or relinquished and so on.
anoymous 7days ago
Gross ghost of fled dreams instead of headless Knight
anoymous 7days ago
For dark banish is 30 card better than 20 card, + 3 magical merchant n soul absorbtion n add more fiend badass monster like sphere kuriboh, jowl of dark demise, possesed dark soul, prometheus, zeta
anoymous 7days ago
For dark banish is 30 card better than 20 card, + 3 magical merchant n soul absorbtion n add more fiend badass monster like sphere kuriboh, jowl of dark demise, possesed dark soul, prometheus, zeta , tour bus
Isa23 8days ago
Apenas empecé a jugar hace una semana, ¿me perdí de KoG?
anoymous 8days ago
anoymous 9days ago
How is it possible to obtain a third elegant egotist?
anoymous 9days ago
they all drop from mai
anoymous 9days ago
U will get it and the other harpie lady sisters from leveling up Mai. Its not a drop
italoipo 9days ago
i've got a similar Venus Deck,
but why on earth do i start ALWAYS with at least 2 fricking Balls and no Venus and no Spell in Hand?? Every Time!! and what do i Switcheroo my Ball in too? Yes More Balls!
anoymous 8days ago
Demoniyo 9days ago
R.I.P on switcharoo....evryone on damn HHG, SWITCHAROO or Weevil or Standby....Try sumthing different....nice update KONAMI.
Filipino 8days ago
I'm your friend in game Sydney.. may i know if you are a filipino?
anoymous 7days ago
hey thief

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