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FIRE Control by Andres Rubio

  • Set skill: Aroma Strategy
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Toon by Paragon87

This is a variation on the standard Toon Kingdom deck. The basic strategy is to have Toon Kingdom or a search card (Planet Pathfinder, An Owl of Luck or Toon Table of Contents) in your starting hand if possible (using Restart if necessary). Otherwise you have to stall until you draw one of these cards. Utilize Toon Kingdom's effect to attack your opponents Life Points directly while your toons are immune to any card effects and effectively cannot be destroyed so long as you can banish a card in your deck.

The main vulnerabilities of this deck are:

  • Your opponent destroying Toon Kingdom:
    Counter this using Magic reflector.
  • Deck out, if your opponent has several high attack monsters and you wernt able to play Toon Kingdom early or is using a Toon deck themselves: Localised Tornado can prevent this by recycling your discard pile.
  • Life points too low to attack: Soul absorption is a great card to counter this as it gives you 500LP for every banished card. If you can play it before activating Toon Kingdom then you'll get an instant 1500LP boost.

Using Half Shut: in the current meta, i have noted this is a versatile card. It can prevent the destruction of an opponent monster which relies on being destroyed to activate their effect (e.g Fire King Avatar Yaksha or Warm worm). Using this effect can impact the opponents strategy significantly. Using Owl of Luck with Half Shut is a good combo to get Toon Kingdom into your hand, defend against any damage and have a tribute ready for Toon Summoned Skull. I have found this card more useful than Mirror wall in this deck.

  • Aurora Wing is not necessary. I have experimented with various cards in that spot, change with another Pathfinder, high defense monster or other monster that can help you stall. After reaching KOG, I started using Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat which seems to work well.
  • Set skill: Restart
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Hammer Shark by NewFaraó

This very easy to play and cheap deck.
I don't spend gems with water mini box pack.

Hammer Shark is the core of this deck, but you will do many other deceive plays:

The 2 Oyster Meister combine very well with Enemy Controller 2nd effect or Mako lvl 40 trap.

Uminotaurus is very important to suprise your enemy when you have one or two monster on your side of the field and their monsters is in defense position. You can use 1st Enemy Controller effects to change enemy monsters to defense position.

This deck give many other good plays.

  • Set skill: Mythic Depths
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Psychic Titans by Trey Willis

It's relatively easy to OTK with Reinforced Human Psychic Borg using Titan Showdown because psychics manipulate your life points very well. Clear your opponent's field with Psychokinesis and Destructotron, then summon Reinforced Human Psychic Borg, banish a card and attack for game. Before going for the kill, I try to bait out their Kuriboh's if I feel they are holding a copy. Autonomous Action Unit is a great addition to the deck due to its ability to take a monster as well as manipulate your life points. I won several games by using Autonomous Action Unit to take a Sacred Phoenix or big beater and punching for game. I think psychics are very underrated in the current meta and they're a lot of fun to play.

  • Set skill: Titan Showdown
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Psychic Balance by Kodlak

The deck is pretty well balanced, but the main goal is to defend your psychic monsters with Mirror Wall/Super Rush Headlong then clear the field with Destructotron/Tribute to the Doomed/Psychokinesis, then finish them off with Reinforced Human Psychic Borg. You want to use Balance as your set skill as psychic monsters are taken out rather easily without magic/trap support. Aegis of Gaia/Brain Research Lab effectively cover for the life point costs of Psychic monster effects. Serene Psychic Witch can help you easily get Reinforced Human Psychic Borg/Destructotron on the field, and also works as a deck thinner/field swarmer. Ive been trying to build an effective Psychic deck for quite a while and I was pretty surprised how synergetic this one ended up being, tons of fun to play!

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Handless Balance by Overlord1987

Modified from Cuneyt Kenzey
Change card Wild Tornado to Super Rush Headlong give advantage while opponent attack my monster actually when battle with Naturia Beatdown.

Some tips how I can reach KOG:
Always set your assailant, dont show to your opponent, if get assailant in the 1st turn.
Next turn, destroy your opponent spell/trap with storm.
And, you handle game 75% win if your opponent didn't read your step.

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Red-Eyes by Satria Budiana

Send all Red-Eyes B. Dragon to the graveyard and then special summon it as fast as you can.

After you control Red-Eyes B. Dragon on the field, use Champions Vigilance or Ultimate Providence to negate any card your enemy try to use/summon.

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Vennu by Fluke

How it works:
As you might imagine, Vennu, Bright Bird of Divinity is the backbone of the deck so getting it on the board early is key. Lava Golem and Black Magician of Chaos are additional Tribute materials that can also be searched (BMoC) or serve as removal (LG).

Both of Vennu, Bright Bird of Divinity's effects are essential as the bird can net you pluses through Enemy Controller or Possessed Dark Soul plays (with PDS in hand and your Normal Summon, you can take any face-up monster permanently by making it Level 3) or maximize the impact of your Beatdown by making your low-level monsters Level 8.

During your turn, you can play quite aggressively as Primal Cry can revive Vennu.

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Frost and Flame by pozz91

The main strategy is to lock your opponent, and in the same time to have draw power with the soul transition engine! Amazing combo is to steal level 4 normal summoned monsters summoned by your opponent with Enemy Controller or Jowls of Dark Demise, and in the End Phase tributes them to having +2 in your hand!

Frost and Flame Dragon is the boss monster obviously, but you have to see him at the end, to close the match!

Last Gamble is a fantastic skill for this deck. You can have more draw power, and send the monsters to the grave that you need for Frost and Flame Dragon summon!

  • Set skill: Last Gamble
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Swiss Army Warrior Control by mmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Set skill: Switcheroo
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Last Gamble Beatdown by johan666

  • Set skill: Last Gamble
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Mill by luis hernandez

  • Set skill: Duel, standby!
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Phoenix by Wallace Alves

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Dino Beatdown by Sepnasty19

  • Set skill: Dinosaur Kingdom
  • Date submitted: Aug 30

Naturia Beatdown by Rockwith_e

This deck swarms fast and hard. Electro is my tech. Found he was useful in a lot of situations. Forces opponents to use recourses earlier than they'd like.

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Aug 30

Fiend by Maruchan :U

  • Set skill: Destiny Draw
  • Date submitted: Aug 30

Hammer Shark by AShadyPanda

This has always been my favorite deck, I don't use up too many resources early like with Phoenix and I've managed to make seemingly unwinable comebacks. Idea of the deck is simple enough, swarm the field and protect yourself with backrow. Swarm the field and take out backrow with Blue Breaker or Deep Sweeper. Don't like Yomi Ship because the current meta can deal with monster Destruction too easily.

  • Set skill: Mythic Depths
  • Date submitted: Aug 30

Toon and Ninja by Alan Megadeth

Just used this decks to get KOG, Toon was more effective, 2 Mirror Walls helped a lot against Toon and aggressive decks, they never wait for Mirror Wall, and Ninja made me KOG in the last 2 duels.

  • Set skill: Restart
  • Date submitted: Aug 29
  • Set skill: Beatdown

Toon by Hamzster

  • Set skill: Restart
  • Date submitted: Aug 29

Psychic by O T

The core combo in this deck is Psychokinesis + Autonomous Action Unit + Bandit Skill. The only deck I have hard time against were Red Eyes and Weevil the rest I have no problem with.

  • Set skill: Bandit
  • Date submitted: Aug 29

Hammer Shark by jordan straw

Here's my KOG Hammer Shark deck. Fish Depth Charge and Anti-Magic Arrows actually did the most work for me surprisingly, some Enemy Controller take plays, but over all just a basic Hammer Shark beat down deck.

  • Set skill: Mythic Depths
  • Date submitted: Aug 29

Ninja by Bryant


Hot New Top
Caasi 13days ago
Hey guys, i want to know the name of that card that has a cute golden ball in it, UR and level 1. ty
<< Anonymous(Caasi)
Felgrand Sugar Daddy 13days ago Reply
It's Sphere Kuriboh from Ultimate Rising box dear.
Got to Kog on the last day of the season thanks to Lava Mausoleum (Invader of Darkness, Endymion, Fenhuang, General Freed, Lava Golem+Seal). It's been posted here before, it's a slow climb but the winrate is fantastic when you learn the deck and how to play against each enemy. Took me a while because I tried a lot of other decks with no luck.
<< Anonymous(HeavyTank )
Nyut Reply
Can u post your deck. Idk how to build this deck
<< Anonymous(HeavyTank )
noob Reply
could you show your deck
<< Anonymous(noob)
Anonymous Reply
Why yes
<< Anonymous(HeavyTank )
Austin 29days ago Reply
Could you post the deck pls
Anonymous 31days ago
King of games new meta ha ha ha stell body
How Can I get Obelisco bl Atormentador
NeOn OrB
The basic combo is having a PTERA in defense and having a HERRA in either your hand or graveyard! PTERA if when attacked sends the monster back to your opponents hand(great against GB!) And if destroyed special summon HERRA!
<< Anonymous(NeOn OrB)
Anonymous Reply
What is the card between flood gate and econ?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Kunai with Chain
30 cards by Portilla_Br
victories by deckout are a huge waste of time for both the user and the opponent
they are the peak of brainless and they should be banned from the speed duel format
i suggest people who think about using this deck to:
1) buy a brain and learn how to play dm
2) find another hobby so that they won't have so much free time to actually consider spending over 20 minutes to conclude a single duel
is there any lost connection deck here?
<< Anonymous(adam)
Anonymous Reply
Maybe invest in P2W non-wooden internet
I really like this deck but just not good enough. Any tips for this deck?
<< Anonymous(Cracker)
Anonymous Reply
Ditch Tea, play Weevil with Parasite Infestation

-2 Kuriboh
-1 Doomdog
-3 Unhappy Girl
-1 Hallowed Life Barrier
-1 Windstorm
+2 Jade Insect Whistle
+1 Sphere Kuriboh
+3 Massivemorph
+2 Mask of the Accursed

Makes for an annoying burn deck paired with Amazoness but it is more optimal.
<< Anonymous(Cracker)
Anonymous Reply
why are you running amazoness swordswoman without massivemorph???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Coz he has 3 Half Shuts and he is an animal that way. If you take no damage via Holy Guard during your attack, how do you expect to deal damage to your opponent from Amazon Swordswoman lol.
<< Anonymous(Cracker)
Anonymous Reply
Spirit Barrier maybe
Please review the decks posted here due to new limitations and restrictions.
NeOn OrB
Proof :)
KoG today, thanks to dr vellian :)
<< Anonymous(Damaged666)
Anonymous Reply
Post ur deck plzz
If you are curious then go to this site (tips on fuel links)

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I've seen that thing in action from an NPC's deck. It would be really helpful for my deck!
Haha it's pretty nasty going second when going against fur hire deck. In case of keeping ...
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