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Toons by munoooo93

This deck is a variation of the "classic" Three-stars demotion deck with Toon Barrel Dragon, but it's adapted to make it strong against any other opponent. I decided to put no Rare Metalmorph in it: it deflects spells and gives 500 ATK, but it's nowhere near as good as Toon Kingdom's effect, which is why I chose to add 2x magic reflector and 3x Pathfinders.

  • Set skill: Three-Star Dimension
  • Date submitted: Sept 15

Psychic by Daniro

Here is proof i was undefeated from the start of legend 2 all the way to KoG basically 10 game win streak with this deck! Ive tried other meta decks but for me psychics are the strongest they counter redy eyes and phoenix and basically outgrind any deck out there.

  • Date submitted: Sept 15
  • Set skill: Bandit

Venus by Xandehk0

  • Set skill: Restart
  • Date submitted: Sept 15

REZD by LandoReborn

Yugi's skill My Monster Cards does not allow you to brick, you will ALWAYS have atleast 1 4* or lower in your starting hand. Because of this, and the symbiotic effect of the core zombie cards, no duplicate monsters, besides REZD, are needed, allowing a heavier backrow.

  • Set skill: My Monster Cards
  • Date submitted: Sept 15

Swift Gaia by Sakiemi

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Sept 15

Toons by popax

Getting to kog with 3SD toon straight version. Not using machine version because the combination between Toon Barrel Dragon or Toon Buster Blader with Toon Mermaid and Toon kingdom, it's just too strong (OKA). Most difficult matches is Ice Barriers and Weevil burn control.

  • Date submitted: Sept 15
  • Set skill: Three-Star Dimension

Psychic Magnet by Luxun

I used Serene Psychic Witch to special summon her copies in case she's destroyed, then on the final copy, I used her effect to bring Reinforced Human Psychic Borg to easily have a monster with 2500 atk. The spell Psychokinesis is useful to destroy whatever may be bothering you. If you do not have a 1000 Life Points, then you can use it as the cost of Eliminating the League. That is half of the deck. The other half consists of sending your magnet monster to the graveyard to use Delta the Magnet Warrior's effect and special summon Valkyrion. Using Enemy Controller's second effect on Delta The Magnet Warrior when you already have three magnet warriors on your grave is a nice combo since you'll control your opponent's monster and also get an extremely powerful monster. Autonomous Action Unit is here to give you an advantage, especially against Phoenix decks, as long as you make your opponent send their Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys to the graveyard during your Main Phase.

  • Set skill: Restart
  • Date submitted: Sept 13

Aggro-Control/Beatdown by iDrumZ!

The deck overall runs very consistent and works well against a majority of the meta decks out there. Invader of Darkness is the hardest match up out there. Spear Dragon is a great tech for the deck and fits well in match ups against Mill, Psychics, and almost everything else except Vanilla Red Eyes. Gearfried the Iron Knight is a great tech for the Necrofear and Weevil match ups. Xing Zhen Hu works wonders as well, if you open with this in your hand versus a Red-Eyes or Ninja deck it can pretty much seal the deal. If this deck could use anything I'd say the data mined Dust Torndao/Cosmic Cyclone. Toon decks aren't running much spell protection, and we are starting to see a lot of decks running set spells/traps that would be great to destroy versus disabling (Ninjas, Psychics, Red Eyes etc)

Skill: Balance in Platinum. Restart once I reached Legend. Allowed me to try and have a better hand dependent upon the deck/character I was facing.

  • Set skill: Restart
  • Date submitted: Sept 12

Handless Balance by KingDuk-BR

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Sept 12

Red-Eyes Beatdown and Statue Control by Beny

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 12
  • Set skill: Balance

Gemini Zombie by supruss3000

Used from Platinum 3 to KoG. Maintains good field presence with Gozuki and Supervise being able to replace with a monster when it leaves the field. Heavy Knight of the Flame is great for those Phoenix, Red-Eyes and Toon decks. Bone Crushers to help with back row and Anti-Magic Arrows for OTK pushes. Ideal open is Gozuki dump Goblin Zombie with an Il Blud and Supervise in hand plus a protection back row. If Gozuki lives you can dump another to special summon Il Blud, Supervise him then special summon the other Gozuki or Zombie from opponents grave. This deck is a lot of fun to play despite a few bricks here and there.

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 12

Naturia Beatdown by Jayroach2

Mystic Box is my tech used to get past Three-Star Demotion. With Toon Kingdom up, I would have no chance of winning normally but with their 1000 LP, I could Mystic Box, pass them an attack mode Naturia Pineapple and attack it for game since it has 100 Attack Points. This also let me get past Invader of Darkness decks. Alternates could be Tornado, Tribute to the Doomed, Exterio's Fang or cards I don't have such as Mirror Wall or a 3rd Super Rush Headlong.

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 12

Red-Eyes Toon Barrel by Ridhogk

  • Set skill: Three Star Demotion!
  • Date submitted: Sept 12

Red-Eyes Zombie by Frapple

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 11

Fire by Trigun166

I got to KOG with this deck this season and last season. It plays really good and has many fun combos. I dont know if its just me but 3 times on my way to KOG im about to get into a game but the game disconnect me and gives me a lost.

  • Set skill: Destiny Draw
  • Date submitted: Sept 11

Toons by Silver

In game name Silver. Went 20-3 in legend with it after everything else failed. Kinda felt dirty afterwards though.

  • Set skill: Three-Star Demotion
  • Date submitted: Sept 11

Relinquished by Altamis

  • Set skill: Destiny Draw
  • Date submitted: Sept 11

Sacred Phoenix by ego aleeber

Nobody is expecting phoenix with this skill, so they set stuff thinking its a mill deck then when they realize its phoenix, its too late, also start with 1 more card its always cool.

  • Set skill: Duel, Standby!
  • Date submitted: Sept 11

Red-Eyes Zombie by Sr. N

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 11

Red-Eyes Zombie by Super Vegito

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 8

3SD Toon by Julián

I used 3 star demotion with Toon Barrel Dragon, Toon Kingdom, Rare Metalmorph and some defensive and control cards. The deck is very consistent. I was testing some other decks in Legend rank and when I decided to climb, I use this and I reach KoG easily.
Against Red-Eyes, other Toons, Mill, Psychics and Mako, very very easy matchups. Against Phoenix we need some luck but is easy too. Against Control a bit more harder. And the hardest is Weevil since we will stay with 1000 Life Points after we use Three Star Demotion. But anyways, it is very very consistent and I recommend take out 1 Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive for another Sergeant Electro to have more board control.

  • Set skill: Three Star Demotion!
  • Date submitted: Sept 8

Red-Eyes Zombie by alexmvp

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 8

Red-Eyes Zombie by matheuspinheiro901

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 7


Hot New Top
Caasi 13days ago
Hey guys, i want to know the name of that card that has a cute golden ball in it, UR and level 1. ty
<< Anonymous(Caasi)
Felgrand Sugar Daddy 13days ago Reply
It's Sphere Kuriboh from Ultimate Rising box dear.
Got to Kog on the last day of the season thanks to Lava Mausoleum (Invader of Darkness, Endymion, Fenhuang, General Freed, Lava Golem+Seal). It's been posted here before, it's a slow climb but the winrate is fantastic when you learn the deck and how to play against each enemy. Took me a while because I tried a lot of other decks with no luck.
<< Anonymous(HeavyTank )
Nyut Reply
Can u post your deck. Idk how to build this deck
<< Anonymous(HeavyTank )
noob Reply
could you show your deck
<< Anonymous(noob)
Anonymous Reply
Why yes
<< Anonymous(HeavyTank )
Austin 29days ago Reply
Could you post the deck pls
Anonymous 31days ago
King of games new meta ha ha ha stell body
How Can I get Obelisco bl Atormentador
NeOn OrB
The basic combo is having a PTERA in defense and having a HERRA in either your hand or graveyard! PTERA if when attacked sends the monster back to your opponents hand(great against GB!) And if destroyed special summon HERRA!
<< Anonymous(NeOn OrB)
Anonymous Reply
What is the card between flood gate and econ?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Kunai with Chain
30 cards by Portilla_Br
victories by deckout are a huge waste of time for both the user and the opponent
they are the peak of brainless and they should be banned from the speed duel format
i suggest people who think about using this deck to:
1) buy a brain and learn how to play dm
2) find another hobby so that they won't have so much free time to actually consider spending over 20 minutes to conclude a single duel
is there any lost connection deck here?
<< Anonymous(adam)
Anonymous Reply
Maybe invest in P2W non-wooden internet
I really like this deck but just not good enough. Any tips for this deck?
<< Anonymous(Cracker)
Anonymous Reply
Ditch Tea, play Weevil with Parasite Infestation

-2 Kuriboh
-1 Doomdog
-3 Unhappy Girl
-1 Hallowed Life Barrier
-1 Windstorm
+2 Jade Insect Whistle
+1 Sphere Kuriboh
+3 Massivemorph
+2 Mask of the Accursed

Makes for an annoying burn deck paired with Amazoness but it is more optimal.
<< Anonymous(Cracker)
Anonymous Reply
why are you running amazoness swordswoman without massivemorph???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Coz he has 3 Half Shuts and he is an animal that way. If you take no damage via Holy Guard during your attack, how do you expect to deal damage to your opponent from Amazon Swordswoman lol.
<< Anonymous(Cracker)
Anonymous Reply
Spirit Barrier maybe
Please review the decks posted here due to new limitations and restrictions.
NeOn OrB
Proof :)
KoG today, thanks to dr vellian :)
<< Anonymous(Damaged666)
Anonymous Reply
Post ur deck plzz
If you are curious then go to this site (tips on fuel links)

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I've seen that thing in action from an NPC's deck. It would be really helpful for my deck!
Haha it's pretty nasty going second when going against fur hire deck. In case of keeping ...
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