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update 06/09/2017

Phoenix by Ibrahim

I am using a version of my own of Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys, by adding 3 copies of High Tide on Fire Island trap card.

This deck is not about destroying Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys by the field spell effect, but, to special summon Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys and another monster then set the trap High Tide on Fire Island, if your opponent summons a monster, destroy it immediately with the High Tide on Fire Island.

If your opponent is using Toon, then destroy Phoenix and the rest is easy.

  • Set skill: Restart
  • Date submitted: Sept 6

3SD Toon by Farius

  • Set skill: Three Star Demotion!
  • Date submitted: Sept 6

Red-Eyes Zombie by Sithari

For this deck you want to get Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon on the field as fast as you can to enable Kaiba's skill Beatdown. Do this by sending him to the graveyard via Gozuki or Red-Eyes Insight and revive him using Red-Eyes Spirit. Another extremely useful way to get Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon on the field is, while you have a zombie in your graveyard, send a Gozuki from your deck to the graveyard and activate his effect. You can also use this to special summon any zombie in your hand not just Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon. Goblin Zombie is a great way to get a Gozuki in your hand when you don't have one, you can also use it to search out Heavy Knight of the Flame against special summon meta decks. Anti-Magic Arrows is the soul of this deck as when you have it in your hand while also having 2 or 3 monsters on the field, you can almost secure the victory every time.

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 5

Fusion by Silverland

Summon Dark Paladin as soon as possible to stop all magic cards which is the base for most all other meta decks. Use Balance skill to insure you can fusion summon on turn one. Make sure to keep enough cards in your hands and watch for Mirror Wall.

  • Set skill: Duel, standby!
  • Date submitted: Sept 4

Hammer Shark by MrSalsa

Have Hammer Shark out to summon Yomi Ship and put pressure on opponents while setting either Enemy Controller or Mirror Wall
Uminotaurus helped a lot against mill decks and frog monarch and sometimes statue depending on the opponents hand.
Tough deck to face against if any where Hazy Flame Sphynx.
Tech cards were Magic Drain, Divine Wrath, Lava Golem for any decks giving me issues.

  • Set skill: Mythic Depths
  • Date submitted: Sept 2

Red-Eyes by bruno cardoso santoro

  • Set skill: Duel, standby!
  • Date submitted: Sept 2

Mausoleum Invader by SunnySunny

I started playing from Gold Rank 1 and before reaching to Legend Rank 1: I played Ice Barrier Deck, Toon Kingdom but these deck doesn't work good in Legend Rank and I change to this deck to play. This deck is a slow and a stable deck. The boss monster is Invader of Darkness to negate all quick-spell (Enemy Controller, Super Rush Headlong, ...) if your opponent set these quickplay you don't have to think about it anymore when Invader of Darkness is on the field. If they set a trap like Mirror Wall when Invader of Darkness is summoned there will be a delay so don't attack with your Invader of Darkness yet. Wait for second turn and you summon other monster. Now attack their monster. You have Dark Ruler Hades and the Dark General Freed to protect Invader. If you don't have Mausoleum + Invader just stall and increase your Life Points till you have it with Destiny Draw. You can set Crystal Seer to defend and choose a suitable card for a situation. Destiny Draw skill is especially necessary. You cant play this deck without this skill because it allowed you draw every thing you need. If u have a Dark Ruler Ha Des in your hand you can select Soul Exchange, if they set 2 or 3 traps you can summon Fenghuang. Fenghuang can be set in face down position. I normally used Soul Exchange with Fenghuang. I lost 2 card exchange with 3 or 4 cards from opponent. So he lost in card advantage. This deck strong against Red-Eyes, Clown Control, Burn Decks... but when you play with Phoenix deck be careful. One more thing if you have Aegis of Gaia set and they try to destroy it just activate Aegis of Gaia and you can use Destiny Draw next turn. Mausoleum of the Emperor + Invader of Darkness + Destiny Draw also the best combo.

  • Set skill: Destiny Draw
  • Date submitted: Sept 1

Daedalus by C.Nietzsche

  • Set skill: Duel, standby!
  • Date submitted: Sept 1

Blue-Eyes by JuanMancho

Monster Gate is great in this deck. Sacrifice a Blue Dragon Summoner and more than likely summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon or a Kaibaman for the Blue-Eyes White Dragon you add. Also Enemy Controller then Monster Gate is fun. Hunter Dragon is a useful search from Blue Dragon Summoner, as opposed to clogging hand with Blue Eyes. I've been switching through Exploder Dragon and Kidmodo Dragon, the former has more utility, the latter has a lot of good combos (w/ and w/o Monster Gate). Get Blue-Eyes White Dragon on field and keep it there, that's the name of the game. Restart if you can't get a Blue-Eyes White Dragon up basically 100% of the time.

  • Set skill: Restart
  • Date submitted: Sept 1

Gemini Zombie by Sava

Main goal is getting Il Blud on the field asap to trigger the skill. That, and having as many monster on the field as possible, along with paths to substitute them if they get destroyed. I took advantage of all the defences, the Anti-Magic Arrows allowed me to win duels that could have turn bad if they'd last longer. Some great combo is using Enemy Controller and tribute Gozuki in order to summon one monster from your hand plus clearing the opponent front row; always use Supervise when you have it, because it'll allow you to face the monster destruction by summoning from the graveyard. The weakest side of the deck is the lack of counter for opponent cards, so use smartly your Enemy Controller and the Anti-Magic Arrows, combos are great but you don't wanna waste them.

  • Set skill: Beatdown
  • Date submitted: Sept 1

Hammer Shark by MonoBlueTron

Here's another Hammer Shark deck. Over 70% win rate over 63 games. Best cards by a lot were Uminotaurus, which won me a couple of clinch games against defense position Kidmodo Dragon and Fish Depth Charge. Bad matchups were mostly Necrofear strategies - nothing else was particularly difficult.

  • Set skill: Mythic Depths
  • Date submitted: Sept 1

Hadless Balance and Hammer Shark by Rhydon

I managed to get to KoG using these two decks here. I swapped them out in intervals based on what I was seeing a lot of the time. They're both pretty standard stuff. The Mystic Depths deck is so vanilla it hurts. I ran a copy of Spiral Spear Strike in the Handless Gaia because I only had one copy of Gateway of Chaos, but I think I'm gonna keep it in and drop a copy of Cards of the Soul instead. It helped me a lot and won more games than I care to mention. I had trouble with the three copies of Dimension Rush, plus a lot of difficulty against Silent Magician decks late last night, so I'm gonna drop a Dimension Rush for an Eliminating the League.

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Sept 1
  • Set skill: Mythic Depths

Red-Eyes Zombie by Luke

I started this season at Gold Rank 4, and it only took 62 victories to get up to King of Games. I've been using this zombie-based deck with the skill "Balance". I had started using "Restart", but I found that to be too inconsistent, and I switched to "Balance" after I reached Platinum 4. After switching to "Balance", I only lost one duel from there onto King of Games. Clearly, this deck would be improved with "Red Eyes Insight", but I wasn't lucky enough to receive that as a drop reward form previous Super Joey events. Start out by Summoning Gozuki if you have it, and send Red Eyes to the graveyard immediately, even if you don't have a Red Eyes Spirit in your hand. If you use Balance, you should have some magic/trap cards to protect Gozuki for that first turn. Next turn, send a Heavy Knight of the Flame to the graveyard, then sacrifice Gozuki for Red Eyes if you can, and summon another zombie at the same time by removing from play that Heavy Knight of the Flame. Most duels last 4-5 turns, but this deck is able to go much longer if needed.

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Sept 1

Dragon Beatdown by Beny

  • Set skill: Peak Performance
  • Date submitted: Sept 1

Shared decks [Aug 8~]

Share your decks with the players all around the world!

FIRE Control by Andres Rubio

  • Set skill: Aroma Strategy
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Toon by Paragon87

This is a variation on the standard Toon Kingdom deck. The basic strategy is to have Toon Kingdom or a search card (Planet Pathfinder, An Owl of Luck or Toon Table of Contents) in your starting hand if possible (using Restart if necessary). Otherwise you have to stall until you draw one of these cards. Utilize Toon Kingdom's effect to attack your opponents Life Points directly while your toons are immune to any card effects and effectively cannot be destroyed so long as you can banish a card in your deck.

The main vulnerabilities of this deck are:

  • Your opponent destroying Toon Kingdom:
    Counter this using Magic reflector.
  • Deck out, if your opponent has several high attack monsters and you wernt able to play Toon Kingdom early or is using a Toon deck themselves: Localised Tornado can prevent this by recycling your discard pile.
  • Life points too low to attack: Soul absorption is a great card to counter this as it gives you 500LP for every banished card. If you can play it before activating Toon Kingdom then you'll get an instant 1500LP boost.

Using Half Shut: in the current meta, i have noted this is a versatile card. It can prevent the destruction of an opponent monster which relies on being destroyed to activate their effect (e.g Fire King Avatar Yaksha or Warm worm). Using this effect can impact the opponents strategy significantly. Using Owl of Luck with Half Shut is a good combo to get Toon Kingdom into your hand, defend against any damage and have a tribute ready for Toon Summoned Skull. I have found this card more useful than Mirror wall in this deck.

  • Aurora Wing is not necessary. I have experimented with various cards in that spot, change with another Pathfinder, high defense monster or other monster that can help you stall. After reaching KOG, I started using Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat which seems to work well.
  • Set skill: Restart
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Hammer Shark by NewFaraó

This very easy to play and cheap deck.
I don't spend gems with water mini box pack.

Hammer Shark is the core of this deck, but you will do many other deceive plays:

The 2 Oyster Meister combine very well with Enemy Controller 2nd effect or Mako lvl 40 trap.

Uminotaurus is very important to suprise your enemy when you have one or two monster on your side of the field and their monsters is in defense position. You can use 1st Enemy Controller effects to change enemy monsters to defense position.

This deck give many other good plays.

  • Set skill: Mythic Depths
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Psychic Titans by Trey Willis

It's relatively easy to OTK with Reinforced Human Psychic Borg using Titan Showdown because psychics manipulate your life points very well. Clear your opponent's field with Psychokinesis and Destructotron, then summon Reinforced Human Psychic Borg, banish a card and attack for game. Before going for the kill, I try to bait out their Kuriboh's if I feel they are holding a copy. Autonomous Action Unit is a great addition to the deck due to its ability to take a monster as well as manipulate your life points. I won several games by using Autonomous Action Unit to take a Sacred Phoenix or big beater and punching for game. I think psychics are very underrated in the current meta and they're a lot of fun to play.

  • Set skill: Titan Showdown
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Psychic Balance by Kodlak

The deck is pretty well balanced, but the main goal is to defend your psychic monsters with Mirror Wall/Super Rush Headlong then clear the field with Destructotron/Tribute to the Doomed/Psychokinesis, then finish them off with Reinforced Human Psychic Borg. You want to use Balance as your set skill as psychic monsters are taken out rather easily without magic/trap support. Aegis of Gaia/Brain Research Lab effectively cover for the life point costs of Psychic monster effects. Serene Psychic Witch can help you easily get Reinforced Human Psychic Borg/Destructotron on the field, and also works as a deck thinner/field swarmer. Ive been trying to build an effective Psychic deck for quite a while and I was pretty surprised how synergetic this one ended up being, tons of fun to play!

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Handless Balance by Overlord1987

Modified from Cuneyt Kenzey
Change card Wild Tornado to Super Rush Headlong give advantage while opponent attack my monster actually when battle with Naturia Beatdown.

Some tips how I can reach KOG:
Always set your assailant, dont show to your opponent, if get assailant in the 1st turn.
Next turn, destroy your opponent spell/trap with storm.
And, you handle game 75% win if your opponent didn't read your step.

  • Set skill: Balance
  • Date submitted: Aug 31

Red-Eyes by Satria Budiana


Hot New Top
Anonymous latest
thanks game A for posting more red eyes decks and fucking Weevil Burn! Keep ignoring those legit decks people send you in e-mail! Great job!
Gray Paladin 11hour ago
Is there anyone use Dark paladin deck to climb the rank? I think it may be good because there're a lot of people use Red eye. Even though it's other deck, we can chane them with DNA trap.
<< Anonymous(Gray Paladin)
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
Won't work vs red eyes zombie
<< Anonymous(Gray Paladin)
Anonymous latest Reply
The best way to deal with Red-eyes decks is to use modified Toon Barrel dragon + Toon kingdom and Anti-meta statue control decks. 9/10 wins guaranteed against Red-eyes
AARÓN TELLEZ 1hour ago
KOG, saludos desde México
konsong 9hour ago
duel links 2.0 professional mod with +8000 points in pve and disable cheat detector in pve

you can now pass any mission using professional mod

more information in
<< Anonymous(konsong)
Anonymous 7hour ago Reply
Anonymous 18hour ago
this season has been the worst for me, been stuck at legend 1-3, going up and down, like having a really good steak losing only like 1-2 matches, achieving legend 3 and in my final kog match what do I get? toon kingdom and too barrel first turn and a fucking bad hand! how is that possible?!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11hour ago Reply
I feel you man it happened with me 3 times
Anonymous 3days ago
Kaiba, Kaiba, Kaiba, Kaiba, Kaiba, Kaiba, Kaiba, Kaiba, Kaiba, Kaiba, Kaiba, Kaiba, Come on people have some variety.....use some different characters!
<< Anonymous
PWT 19hour ago Reply
I use Ishizu cos she thicc af (and also because No Mortal can Resist is the best anti meta skill atm)
NATHANYEL 2days ago
<< Anonymous(NATHANYEL)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Not impressed. Deck is already shared in this section.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Yep, by Luxun. He even wrote how he wielded it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
seems like ass
tevezlamar 1days ago
i finally got to legends using phoenix and i said im going to build a deck and try with hazy flames and as a test deck i was winning consistently and i was surprise i went to kog in a hour most was quick wins
I HATE TOONS 1days ago
Anonymous 1days ago
Check out this latest deck...
NATHANYEL 2days ago
<< Anonymous(NATHANYEL)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
i think u misspelled DOG. d instead of k
<< Anonymous(NATHANYEL)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
wow how unoriginal
Anonymous 2days ago
Where do I a submit my kog do i post here?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
im trying to figure out the same
<< Anonymous
Oldtimer 2days ago Reply
Want to share your deck? Send us an e-mail at with the image of your deck and proof of reaching KoG along with how it works!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
it says it in the first paragraph of the page, but I wouldn't waste your time. They ignore legit decks and only post cancer red eyes and phoenix

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