King of Games decks [September]

How can i reach KOG?
Use the force
u cant
No F2P player can at this moment.. May the Heart of the Credit Card be with you
<< Anonymous
Oh man you made my day i gust actually made a purchase today XD
<< Anonymous
F2p can't get KoG and yet in shared decks we 1 cheap and I ultra- cheap deck, plus add toons if player got 3 Mermaids
<< Anonymous
Lol. Toons and naturia both are f2p and they CAN reach KoG. Even gravekeepers can be considered f2p if you have patience to get 2 soul exchange and 2 double summons
<< Anonymous
For A f2p player reach kog takes so much time, Took me 3 months to reach it but today should take more because when i started only 3 box were launched. Just play and dont complain, you will become a king someday
Patience, be very patient and play a lot of ranked matches till you reach legend, then when in legend, you know you are half way from kog, or almost half, the hardest battles are to come, but isn't easy to anyone, so drop your life to play ranked
<< Anonymous
I did


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It shouldn't work though! Lol. Cyber Blader (which she first used fusion weapon on) is level...
Or, you could, you know, wait for them to activate the spells/traps first then chain your immunit...
That's because by design link monsters cannot change their battle position. They have no lev...
Cyber Angels are no longer tiered.
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