Structure Deck EX: Ancient Gear Awakening

Duel Links Ancient Gear Awakening structure deck EX
update 04/02/2019
Please note that Structure Deck EX can only be purchased once with gems.

Updated Information

  • Structure Deck's Card Lists Updated



Ancient Gear Fusion Beatdown

Geartown Turbo

Useful Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Middle Age Mechs
Activate the Continues Spell "Ancient Gear Castle" at the beginning of your first turn.
Vellian Crowler
Vellian Crowler


Monster Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound [UR]1A-
Ancient Gear Reactor DragonAncient Gear Reactor Dragon [UR]1A
ShreddderShreddder [SR]1B+
Ancient Gear HydraAncient Gear Hydra [R]1A
Ancient Gear WyvernAncient Gear Wyvern [R]1B+
Ancient Gear FrameAncient Gear Frame [R]1A
MinefieldrillerMinefieldriller [R]1C+
Planet PathfinderPlanet Pathfinder [N]1B
MechanicalchaserMechanicalchaser [R]2C+
Spell Card [Rarity]QTYRating
GeartownGeartown [SR]1A-
Double CycloneDouble Cyclone [SR]1B+
Ancient Gear FortressAncient Gear Fortress [R]1A
Iron CallIron Call [R]1B
Air Cracking StormAir Cracking Storm [R]1B-
Different Dimension GateDifferent Dimension Gate [R]1B
Trap Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Wild TornadoWild Tornado [SR]1A-
Magnet ForceMagnet Force [N]1B
Machine King - 3000 B.C.Machine King - 3000 B.C. [N]1C+
Extra Card [Rarity]QTYRating

Featured Cards

Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound [UR]

Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound
Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound
EARTH Machine ★8
ATK 3000 / DEF 3000
Ancient Gear Awakening [UR]
Cannot be Special Summoned. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage. Up to twice per turn, when this attacking card destroys a monster by battle: You can discard 1 Machine monster; this card can attack again in a row. If this card on the field is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can add 1 "Polymerization" from your Deck to your hand, and if you do, add 1 other "Ancient Gear" monster from your GY to your hand.

Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon [UR]

Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon
Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon
EARTH Machine ★8
ATK 3000 / DEF 3000
Ancient Gear Awakening [UR]
If this card was Tribute Summoned by Tributing an "Ancient Gear" monster, if it attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent. If this card was Tribute Summoned by Tributing a "Gadget" monster, it can make a second attack during each Battle Phase. If this card attacks, until the end of the Damage Step, your opponent cannot activate Spell/Trap Cards, also monsters in your opponent's possession cannot activate their effects. At the end of the Damage Step, if this card attacked: You can destroy 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field.

Shreddder [SR]

EARTH Machine ★4
ATK 1600 / DEF 1000
Ancient Gear Awakening [SR]
Once per turn: You can send 1 Machine-Type monster from your hand to the Graveyard, then target 1 monster your opponent controls with a Level less than or equal to the sent monster's; destroy that target.

Geartown [SR]

Field Spell
Ancient Gear Awakening [SR]
Both players can Normal Summon "Ancient Gear" monsters for 1 less Tribute. When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 "Ancient Gear" monster from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard.

Ancient Gear Wyvern [R]

Ancient Gear Wyvern
Ancient Gear Wyvern
EARTH Machine ★4
ATK 1700 / DEF 1200
Ancient Gear Awakening [R]
If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can add 1 "Ancient Gear" card from your Deck to your hand, except "Ancient Gear Wyvern", also you cannot Set cards for the rest of this turn. You can only use this effect of "Ancient Gear Wyvern" once per turn. If this card attacks, monsters in your opponent's possession cannot activate their effects until the end of the Damage Step.

Ancient Gear Frame [R]

Ancient Gear Frame
Ancient Gear Frame
EARTH Machine ★4
ATK 1600 / DEF 500
Ancient Gear Awakening [R]
You can discard 1 card; add from your Deck to your hand, 1 "Ancient Gear Golem" or 1 Spell/Trap that specifically lists the card "Ancient Gear Golem" in its text. You can only use this effect of "Ancient Gear Frame" once per turn. If this card attacks, your opponent cannot activate any Spell/Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step. If this face-up card in its owner's control leaves the field because of an opponent's card effect: You can Special Summon up to 3 "Ancient Gear Golem" and/or "Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound" from your hand, ignoring their Summoning conditions.

Ancient Gear Fortress [R]

Ancient Gear Fortress
Ancient Gear Fortress
Continuous Spell
Ancient Gear Awakening [R]
During the turn they were Normal or Special Summoned, your opponent cannot target "Ancient Gear" monsters you control with card effects, and they cannot be destroyed by your opponent's card effects. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to the activation of "Ancient Gear" cards and effects. If this card is destroyed in the Spell & Trap Zone: You can Special Summon 1 "Ancient Gear" monster from your hand or Graveyard, also you cannot Special Summon monsters for the rest of this turn, except "Ancient Gear" monsters.


Hot New Top
Waiting for this card to be released.
If you bought this deck 3 times then ur a virgin
<< Anonymous
;/ Reply
That's a really weak 🔥 bud
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tell that to my wife :3
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Can 3 copy of this structure deck leads me to KOG now? I already have 3 structure deck but I still unable to reach kog or even legend3 any recommendation for me?
<< Anonymous(Vania)
Anonymous Reply
Then that’s mostly your problem bro. It’s not the deck it’s your decision making that’s hindering you from legend 3 lol
<< Anonymous(Vania)
Peanut Reply
You just naturally suck. Sorry bud!
Best way to play this deck (at least for me) is with Quick-Spell Twister
Comments make me LOL
They never limited Mask Change, Anki and Vampire Grace / Canadia. NEVER, and those decks were tier 1.

What does make you think they are going to limit Geartown or any other card from the Ancient Gear deck when it's pretty much a SOLID tier 2?
<< Anonymous(Comments make me LOL)
Anonymous Reply
Your post is completely true, but im afraid Konami could nerfs this deck
<< Anonymous(Comments make me LOL)
Anonymous Reply
No we think its gonna be wyvern and golem, so you cant run hey trunade to otk
<< Anonymous(Comments make me LOL)
Anonymous Reply
Wyvern will be limited in about 4 months, "to prevent the meta from being stale".
<< Anonymous(Comments make me LOL)
Anonymous Reply
makes sense tbh.
None of the previous EX releases were touched.
hello guys i am new to duel links i have 1k gems should i purchase this structure or dig for Laval or Six Samurais??

I want to reach Platinum or Legend only not to be KoG

I need advice
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's basically a necessity to buy the AG structure deck 3 times, so unless you can afford it, it's not recommended.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
but i can't afford for to buy AG with real cash
However is it possible to get 2nd copy of Wyvern via KC Cup Rare ticket or something similar to dream ticket?

same thing with AG Reactor
<< Anonymous
Utter Garbage Boi Reply
Buy Ancient Gear Structure deck. It's a solid tier 2 deck that bricks occasionally but can win games like stealing candy from a baby. Three Wyverns and reactors is a must. Have some kind of spell removal to pop geartown and fortress for reactor. Six sams aren't worth it since they will be hit soon. It's why I didn't bother with them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Seems impossible to get 2nd Wyvern in other way. Or maybe if Konami release a dream R ticket but I dont think they will. For Reactor Dragon, yeah you may be able to get 2nd one by a dream UR ticket, but so far Konami give us one ticket every century.
The vagabond finished me in 2 turns while I was running a defense troll deck. Mind I had a perfect hand. That's how it's broken. Reminds me of a loop deck.
This deck is bricky as hell and blue eyes structure is so much better than this.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well if you try to put 6 monsters whose levels are >4 of course it's gonna brick...
To be honest Blue Eyes totally destroys it, if you invested in that deck. (or even if you play its F2P version with just 1 Bingo Machine) you'll be able to defeat this deck easily.
<< Anonymous(DragonSpiritMVP)
Anonymous Reply
Great. Two other $ decks is needed to defeat an even greater $ deck.
<< Anonymous
stupid haters Reply
Some guys in this comment section are pretty mediocre. Blue-eyes can be totally free to play, even with just 2 spirits of white the deck is competitive and for backrow removal you just need sasuke samurai which is a N rarity card. But I guess nothing can be done for idiots.
<< Anonymous(stupid haters)
Anonymous Reply
I have a full Blue eyes deck with 3 silver cry and Breaker the magical warrior, Snipe hunter, etc

I even spent 2500 gems to get 2 Sasuke samurai

Lost on the first turn to AG and KOaki

Reached KOG with Amazoness
<< Anonymous
You Fail Pal Reply
You've proved you are very bad at this game and don't know (and do not trust) any other deck besides your amazoness build.

That's the only thing I get from your dumb comment.
The gear town and that stupid dragon most be limited . First fur hire and now this. This game will never be in balance
At this last KC Cup that just ended, the top decks were amazoness, vampires and buster blader.

Whoever says this deck is broken is pretty much a person with little (if no experience) in the game at all.
I'm defeating this deck with the noble knight setup I used 6 months ago. How is it supposed to be broken?

Replay shared! #DuelLinks
<< Anonymous
A Reply
lol this is quite a nice replay 'cause it shows how some older decks are not really useless as some people might think. That ancient gear dude HAD NO CHANCE against you. Cool.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This is proof you’re talking to yourself the link doesn’t even work
<< Anonymous(lol)
Anonymous Reply
Of course you are right, but your opponent did some misplays. He could win when he didn‘t make this misplays
<< Anonymous
Some imbeciles don't know how to open Deep Links hahahahah

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Bruh this is litterly worse than axe of despair in every single way cause it already gives the ex...
What deck in or box in links
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