Structure Deck EX: Ancient Gear Awakening

hello guys i am new to duel links i have 1k gems should i purchase this structure or dig for Laval or Six Samurais?? I want to reach Platinum or Legend only not to be KoG I need advice
Laval sucks
Six sams will get nerfed in next pan list so the best thing you can do is spending a little amount of money on this Ex structure deck so you have 3 of everything you need to climb into KoG
<< Anonymous
I had the same question. I"m new. So thanks for the answer.
So Ancient Gear is worth to go right now ?
This is the best structure deck ?
Thanks you
<< Anonymous(Amar)
If you choose AG do not run it "as is".

You have to throw in a few outs too, bad aim works nicely (beware of using to try and blow up geartown though, missed timing is an issue).

Also don't be too keen to blow up fortress either as that protects your AG monsters from everything the turn they get summoned.
It's basically a necessity to buy the AG structure deck 3 times, so unless you can afford it, it's not recommended.
but i can't afford for to buy AG with real cash
However is it possible to get 2nd copy of Wyvern via KC Cup Rare ticket or something similar to dream ticket?

same thing with AG Reactor
Utter Garbage Boi
Buy Ancient Gear Structure deck. It's a solid tier 2 deck that bricks occasionally but can win games like stealing candy from a baby. Three Wyverns and reactors is a must. Have some kind of spell removal to pop geartown and fortress for reactor. Six sams aren't worth it since they will be hit soon. It's why I didn't bother with them.
<< Anonymous
Seems impossible to get 2nd Wyvern in other way. Or maybe if Konami release a dream R ticket but I dont think they will. For Reactor Dragon, yeah you may be able to get 2nd one by a dream UR ticket, but so far Konami give us one ticket every century.


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Yeah I'll take the bait. I'm just gonna pull her then leave.
I'd argue that Master Duel is even worse
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