Structure Deck EX: Ancient Gear Awakening

Comments make me LOL
They never limited Mask Change, Anki and Vampire Grace / Canadia. NEVER, and those decks were tier 1. What does make you think they are going to limit Geartown or any other card from the Ancient Gear deck when it's pretty much a SOLID tier 2?
I could've sworn either mask change or anki were semi-limited at one point
Your post is completely true, but im afraid Konami could nerfs this deck
No we think its gonna be wyvern and golem, so you cant run hey trunade to otk
Wyvern will be limited in about 4 months, "to prevent the meta from being stale".
makes sense tbh.
None of the previous EX releases were touched.


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Yuya has a skill that adds one Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon to your deck.
Yes i did. Coz gagaga girl can mimic lvl as gagaga magician. The weird thing was that I was able ...
-Thank you for playing Duel Links.
and yuma and all zexal and arc v charachers
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