Structure Deck EX: Ancient Gear Awakening

To be honest Blue Eyes totally destroys it, if you invested in that deck. (or even if you play its F2P version with just 1 Bingo Machine) you'll be able to defeat this deck easily.
It's an Easy win for Blue-Eyes
<< Anonymous
Actually you are right, I keep banishing Geartown with SPirit of White :)
Here's the key to Ancient gears... Don't run geartown.
<< Anonymous
Yep, it seems like this box came with two DIFFERENT DECKS INSIDE. SO when people play both strategies the deck bricks hard.
<< Anonymous
Dragon Spirit of white + Arkana and spellbooks eat this deck.
<< Anonymous(DragonSpiritMVP)
Great. Two other $ decks is needed to defeat an even greater $ deck.
<< Anonymous
stupid haters
Some guys in this comment section are pretty mediocre. Blue-eyes can be totally free to play, even with just 2 spirits of white the deck is competitive and for backrow removal you just need sasuke samurai which is a N rarity card. But I guess nothing can be done for idiots.
<< Anonymous(stupid haters)
I have a full Blue eyes deck with 3 silver cry and Breaker the magical warrior, Snipe hunter, etc

I even spent 2500 gems to get 2 Sasuke samurai

Lost on the first turn to AG and KOaki

Reached KOG with Amazoness
<< Anonymous
You Fail Pal
You've proved you are very bad at this game and don't know (and do not trust) any other deck besides your amazoness build.

That's the only thing I get from your dumb comment.


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I love these strange cards. Convulsion of Nauture when?
the card doesn't work bro
Make Duel Links great again.
I think OP is just a troll. Every single deck has an answer to annoying spells/traps.
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