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Zane Truesdale (Ryo Marufuji in JP) is the top duelist of Duel Academy, being one of the few people who were able to beat Jaden in a duel, as well as the rival of Jaden Yuki in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Later in the anime/manga, after experiencing several losses and losing hope, he participated in an underground duel where he is then forced to change his ways and eventually becomes "Dark Zane", becoming more aggressive and unforgiving with his playstyle.

Zane's skills

Leaked skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
Cyber Style
Can be used each time your Life Points are at 3000 or below. Play 1 "Proto-Cyber Dragon" on from outside of your Deck for every 1000 Life Points below 4000. This skill can nly be used once per Duel.
No Excuses!
Can be used if your Life Points drop below 500. Instead of doing a normal draw, "Power Bond" is added to your hand from outside of your Deck. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Fatal Five
If a monster attacks 5 times during one turn, you win the Duel.


Cyber Dragons

His signature card is Cyber Dragon, which is an archetype consisting of mostly light attribute monsters. Cyber Dragon shares many similarities to Blue-Eyes White Dragon, with the exception that it is not a normal monster. After his personality transformation later in the series, Zane uses a different deck. While still focusing on Cyber Dragons, they mostly consists of their darkened version.

Other Duelists

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Note: Zane, Jesse, Atticus, and Yubel are not added to the game yet, but their names were found in the code of the game at least.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (DM)

Note: Zane, Jesse, Atticus, and Yubel are not added to the game yet, but their names were found in the code of the game at least.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 6hour ago
Syrus would also be great. Wondering what unique dialogues they'd have when dueling each other if they were both in the game
Anonymous 1days ago
What is his relation to Alexis in GX? They both using Cyber stuff as their archetype.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
There is none. There were just the top of their Obelisk Blue (gender)class. Alexis/Warrior & Fairy, Zane/purely Machine. Cyber was just sort of a common Archetype among the top duelist. Even the headmaster uses Cybers, if you remember.
NMS 22days ago
I sure hope that more than one of this guy's monster gets an animation. Twin and End and Chimeratech and Cyber Dark.
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Yes that'll be great
Anonymous 6days ago
Anonymous 11days ago
"Later in the anime/manga" I have a feeling whoever wrote this did not read the manga...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Haha, Yeah,Zane losing in the manga, mmmm, i have to see this.
Anonymous 20days ago
I expect Crowler to scold Zane for his change of behavior when they battle in Duel Links.
Anonymous 21days ago
His Ace monster is Cyber Dragon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
thanks sherlock
Joker 23days ago
Ah so they're giving him his darker look. Cool, we get to play as Hell Kaiser Ryou rather than his old school self. Sweet, can't wait to unlock him in a future event.
Anonymous 26days ago
Cyber style skill begs to differ about the cyberdark dragon over end
Anonymous 26days ago
Get ready for his aggressive behavior soon.
His Ace surely will be Cyber Dark Dragon since Cyber Dragon fusions are too fucken op and easy to summon in this game format.
<< Anonymous(NMS)
W I N G E D Reply
Well cyber end is not as good as twin in most situations, and it is equally difficult to summon as BEUD.
<< Anonymous(W I N G E D)
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
"Difficult"? I run a 20-card BEUD deck with Buster Blader due to its easy Fusion requirements with the deck and I've summoned BEUD several times within 1-2 turns. The only times I don't summon it in 2 turns is when I play an OTK combo with Burst Stream or De-Fusion, ECon to use my opponent's monsters against them, or win with pure beatdown. And I don't run any Field or Continuous Spells either.
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
Do you have a cool BEUD? please link it if you can :)
m 29days ago
add power bond as his signature card
<< Anonymous(m)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
there is power bond using his skills when his lifepoint drops below 500

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