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update 15/02/2017

Pair Cycroid

Pair Cycroid
Monster TypeMachine
Card typeFusion / Effect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


2 Machine-Type monsters with the same name
This card can attack your opponent directly.




  • Can attack directly.


  • Needs 2 machine monsters with the same name.
  • Low attack and defense.


Since the requirement for the fusion materials can be pretty open, you can use 2 of the same high level monsters to fuse into Pair Cycroid to deal direct damage, and the use De-Fusion to bring out your high level monsters to the field.




How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory againstSyrus Truesdale [SR]
Card trader--


Summoning categories2 Fusion Materials
Attack categoriesDirect attacker

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Anonymous 4days ago
I've been trying to get this card to try to unlock zane for around 1000 yellow keys worth of dueling with syrus lv40. If anyone got Pair Cycroid, around how much yellow keys worth of dueling did it take for you to get it(with syrus lv30 or lv40)?
Anonymous 5days ago
This card is impossible to get, I understand it is super rare but I have farmed him fo4 hours and gotten nearly every other SR from him. I just wan5 Zane and this game makes it almost impossible if you missed the event
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
True. Farmed him over 3k keys, have every card but zero Pair Cycroid..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Speaking of farming Syrus, I find it stupid that Konami actually added Vehicroid Connection Zone as one of his know, the card we already can obtain 3 copies of just by leveling him up?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
It's not stupid. It's their strategy. Good cards only come in boxes now. Level up rewards are either suk (see luna) or are being duplicates from gate rewards.
Anonymous 8days ago
Im So angry, this Card never drops
arcana ruler 20days ago
How can you farm sy for that when hes the second with the most SRs after zane, its gonna be a rough ride.
Anonymous 25days ago
I need this crap to unlock Zane but no luck so far...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Same for me. It's not in the ticket exchange and so far the only way that I know of to get it is to farm Syrus and hope he drops it

<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Did u get it
Run it in Cyber Dragon deck seem like the best strategy. Imagine Zane using this shit.
how do you get it its not right
Why not water so we can abuse with ssa
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There is already one in mako reward, it is Amphibious Bugroth MK-3
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
amphibious burgoth dont have a protection this card will if that water
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ssa is protection
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
DNA Transplant is an option if you really want the protection so badly. But Super Rush will do the trick too.
Lord Pancake
Also it can be good for D heroes too because it is easy to make with D Cubed.
Also I can imagine some meme deck with this and fusion weapon.
<< Anonymous(Lord Pancake)
Anonymous Reply
D-cubed prevents non-Destiny Hero monsters from being special summoned the turn it's effect is used :(
If we had Limit Remover...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Power bond + limit remover.
<< Anonymous
Lord Pancake Reply
We have Fusion Weapon :p
what about mecha phanthom beast tokens
Fusion weapon done
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its a level 5 monster though
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fusion Weapon works with level 6 or below.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fusion Weapon works with level 6 or below.

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i miss sylvan ,CA and red eyes on this list
Chain scrap storm to it or summon it while having multiple searchers in grave to activate multipl...
destiny heroes are in the meta so its unnecessary
It does work when face-down flipped up from battle destruction.
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