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update 08/04/2022

The Legendary Fisherman II

The Legendary Fisherman II
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeUnclassified / Continuous / Trigger


This card's name becomes "The Legendary Fisherman" while on the field or in the GY. While "Umi" is on the field, this card is unaffected by other monsters' effects. If this face-up card is destroyed by battle, or leaves the field because of an opponent's card effect while its owner controls it: You can add 1 Level 7 WATER monster from your Deck to your hand.

How to get / Rarity

PackAbyss Encounters [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Strong ATK stats.
  • Unaffected by monster effects when “Umi” is on the Field.
  • Can add 1 level 7 WATER monster from your Deck to your Hand if this card is destroyed by battle or card effect.


  • Dependant on “Umi” Field Spell to gain immunity to monster effects


  • As Legendary Fisherman II is also a WATER monster, you can use Abyss Soldier to discard it as cost, or you can also use Moray of Greed to increase your draw power.


Since its combined attack and defense is exactly 4,000, you can use Card of the Soul to get it to your hand from the deck at the start of the duel, and Warrior of Atlantis can be used to get A Legendary Ocean from your deck. This will allow you to summon Legendary Fisherman II without tribute.

Field Spell

These are the cards that can trigger Legendary Fisherman II’s effect. A Legendary Ocean is the most popular choice because it can reduce Legendary Fisherman II’s level and allow you to Normal Summon it directly. Lemuria, The Forgotten City is treated as “Umi”, while granting additional ATK and DEF to all WATER monsters, it can also grant all WATER monsters you control Levels equal to the number of WATER monsters you control, until the End phase. Forgotten Temple of the Deep is treated as “Umi”, you can banish level 4 or lower Fish, Sea Serpent or Aqua-type monster you control, Special Summon that monster during your End Phase.


Legendary Fisherman II is able to search for these monsters when it was destroyed by battle or card effects. Citadel Whale is able to set Sea Stealth Attack when it was Special Summoned to the Field, this will in turn grant Legendary Fisherman II the ability to destroy your opponent’s monster at the start of Damage Step. Although Legendary Fisherman II can search for Levia-Dragon - Daedalus, you will require a different set up to summon it to the Field and destroy every card on the Field except itself.


This is basically a staple card for Legendary Fisherman II to assist it in destroying stronger opponent monsters. It can also banish Legendary Fisherman II and resummon it, should your monster sustained negative effects from your opponent.

Useful skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Mythic Depths
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Umi" activated.
Mako Tsunami
Mako Tsunami




Hot New Top
Maybe can return along with SSA, assuming we are gonna get Fisherman III of course
A little funny trivia: This card is actually released in OCG/TCG, 2 years AFTER The Legendary Fisherman III.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
W H A T ? !
can search abyssmegalo
Gust King Alexander
I'm surprised they didn't censor the harpoon gun on this guy's artwork, like how they did on the original artwork where his harpoon got changed into a some blunt spear thing.
<< Anonymous(Gust King Alexander)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Gust King Alexander)
Abyss Ragnarok Reply
If the censors had their way, it would have been changed to a nerf gun.
<< Anonymous(Gust King Alexander)
Anonymous Reply
They didn't censor the original TLF's harpoon on SSA's artwork either.

Honestly the censor was really stupid in the first place anyway.
<< Anonymous(Gust King Alexander)
Anonymous Reply
It'll be hilarious to see TLF2 wielding a drumstick instead of a harpoon gun.
Is three of this vital for ssa deck or one ok?
<< Anonymous(Mighty Mako)
Anonymous Reply
Sylvan can summon hemitree with rose lover. None of SSA Monsters can stand a chance against 2700 Attack Hemitree. Not even whale.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
A good SSA deck uses Econ and / or SRH against Rose Lover.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
B.E.S crystal core can ;) great against sylvans and anki
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I carry
1 Legendary Ocean
3 1900 legendary ocean fuqq boys
3 L. Fisherman
1 Sea Steath
Random Monsters and Traps depending on the tilt.

Got me to KOG.
Got the fish in less than 5 boxes two times. The third one was the torture.
Why dakini still effect on him, althrough his effect unaffected by monster since dakini is count as monster effect? Whats wrong konami?
<< Anonymous
UnluckyBastard Reply
But it's write "this card is unaffected by other monsters' effects", which means any monsters effect should not work on him, but it would make more sense if it was something like "he cannot be targeted by mosters effect". I understand this, but I think the text is wrong.
<< Anonymous(UnluckyBastard)
Anonymous Reply
Dakini's effect affects you, the player, not the monster.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fisherman II's effect only protects itself and not you, therefore Dakini's effect bypass the protection since Dakini's effect affects you and not Fisherman II.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Let’s put it at this way



Legendary Fisherman 2
(You) - player

~Dakini says to the PLAYER, ditch that fish ass. Then YOU(the player) tosses the fish into the graveyard.

It was not dakini who killed the fish... It was you...
Will they release legendary fisherman 3?
for god sake, of many cards that it have this box i get two of this 🔥
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This card is good actually with SSA
<< Anonymous
Mighty Mako Reply
My legendary fisherman 2 is top tier! Y
If you have three of them you can use a citadel whale lf2 deck with restart. No1 can touch you then!
Is this card not censored like the legendary fisherman?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ty :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
someone copycat your comment!?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The only reason OG fisherman has the censor was 4Kids being 4Kids.

Now that 4Kids is no longer in charge, cards no longer gets stupid edits. You can see this in how TCG recently got OCG artwork for Monster Reborn and Exodia, and how female monsters are getting way less edits compared to back then.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*newer female monsters, I mean. Older ones keeps their edited artwork.
Nelayan naik lumba lumba
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ngaqaq onlen
Cyber Angel Dakini's effect can be used to banished The Legendary Fisher 2. Why ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sorry for bad english
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dakini doesn't "target". Read again
<< Anonymous
Noob from the past Reply
Dakini's effect; You can MAKE YOUR OPPONENT send 1 monster they control to the Graveyard (their choice). It is not affecting the monster, but the player instead. I believe not because it doesnt target.

Yomi Ship for example, it also doesn't target, but since it is monster effect, fisherman 2 wont be destroyed by yomi ship.
So this + legendary ocean = an instant rebd (have the same atk and def) immune to monster's effects
No kuriboh sphere, no hane hane/gale lizard, no man eater bug. Not bad
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Literally any spell/trap card would stomp it though
<< Anonymous
Not Anonymous Reply
Naaah if u get the new trap sea stealth attack no trap can touch him, but you can still touch the duelist lol
<< Anonymous(Not Anonymous )
SRH Reply
Use me!!

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