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36th Mini Box: Idea of Armageddon
update 25/10/2018


Players have been asking for new water support for a while now and Konami delivered with the latest box Abyssal Encounters which came with some interesting cards that were only added to the OCG last year. The most notable water support cards in this box are Warrior of Atlantis, Legendary Fisherman II, Citadel Whale, Abyss Soldier and of course Sea Stealth Attack.

Example deck

Mythic Depths Version

Genex Version

Genex UndineGenex UndineGenex UndineCitadel WhaleCitadel WhaleDragon Ice
Dragon IceAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean Heavy InfantryAtlantean Heavy InfantryGenex Controller
Genex ControllerGenex ControllerFishborg PlanterDivine WrathDivine WrathDivine Wrath
Sea Stealth AttackSea Stealth Attack--------
Stardust DragonStardust DragonGravity WarriorHydro GenexHydro Genex--

Mermail Atlantean Version

Mermail AbyssmegaloMermail AbyssmegaloMermail AbyssmegaloAbyss SoldierAbyss SoldierCitadel Whale
Citadel WhaleMermail AbysspikeMermail AbysspikeAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean Heavy Infantry
Atlantean Heavy InfantryAtlantean Heavy InfantryFishborg PlanterAbyss-scale of CetusPaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic Canadia
Sea Stealth AttackSea Stealth Attack

Mermail AbyssmegaloMermail AbyssmegaloMermail AbyssmegaloAbyss SoldierAbyss SoldierCitadel Whale
Citadel WhaleDragon IceDragon IceAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean MarksmanAtlantean Heavy Infantry
Atlantean Heavy InfantryAtlantean Heavy InfantryFishborg PlanterAbyss-scale of CetusPaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic Canadia
Sea Stealth AttackSea Stealth Attack

Legendary Fisherman Version

The Legendary Fisherman IIThe Legendary Fisherman IIThe Legendary Fisherman IIWarrior of AtlantisWarrior of AtlantisWarrior of Atlantis
Abyss SoldierAbyss SoldierAbyss SoldierHammer SharkHammer SharkHammer Shark
Citadel WhaleCitadel WhaleA Legendary OceanA Legendary OceanA Legendary OceanSea Stealth Attack
Sea Stealth AttackSea Stealth Attack

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Mythic Depths
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Umi" activated.
Mako Tsunami
Mako Tsunami

3 Star Demotion Version

The Legendary Fisherman IIThe Legendary Fisherman IIThe Legendary Fisherman IIWarrior of AtlantisWarrior of AtlantisWarrior of Atlantis
Abyss SoldierAbyss SoldierAbyss SoldierSuijinSuijinSuijin
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerA Legendary OceanA Legendary OceanA Legendary OceanSea Stealth Attack
Sea Stealth AttackSea Stealth Attack

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Three-Star Demotion
Can be used when your Life Points are 1,000 or below. Until the End Phase, reduce the Level of all monsters in your hand by 3. This skill can be used to "Suijin, "Kazejin", and "Sanga of the Thunder," regardless of your remaining Life Points. This skill can only be used once per turn.
Paradox Brothers
Paradox Brothers

How to Use (Mermail Atlantean Version)

Sea Stealth Attack

The strength of these decks come from the trap card Sea Stealth Attack, which has multiple effects. First of when you activate it you can activate one Umi from your hand or graveyard (which means you can activate A legendary Ocean since it’s always treated as Umi), Umi must be on the field for the following effects to be available. Next you have an effect that you can activate once per turn; you can banish one 1 water monster you control (this is a cost!) and for the rest of the turn your face-up spells/traps can’t be destroyed, at the end of that turn the banished monster is returned (same position as when it was banished). This is a very strong effect to dodge stuff like Enemy Controller, Wall of Disruption, Super Rush Headlong, Massivemorph,... (the list goes on and on).

It’s last effect makes it so that whenever one of you monsters, whose original level is 5 or higher (for example Legendary Fisherman II while Legendary Ocean is on the field meets this requirement), battles another monster, that monster is banished at the start of the damage step.

That last effect kinda works like a continuous Super Rush Headlong, however there are some important things to remember. First of if your opponent uses Super Rush Headlong; your monster will be destroyed. It doesn’t matter who the turn player is, the reason for this is that the effect of Sea Stealth Attack is a continuous effect, and Super Rush Headlong is an activated effect, so Sea Stealth Attack’s effect would activate only after Super Rush Headlong meaning it would be too late.

A very important thing to remember when playing this card, is to activate it as soon as possible (best thing to do is put your toggle button to ON and activate it during your opponent’s draw phase). The reason for this is that if you need to make use of its first effect, you can’t use it the moment you activate the trap, this is because the trap first needs to check if “Umi” is on the field.

If you are playing against this card, use backrow destruction first in case your opponent doesn’t know this and he won’t be able to protect his cards.

Another thing to remember when trying to deal with this card is to chain your backrow destruction to its first effect. For example if you use Enemy Controller on your opponent’s monster, and he uses its first effect to banish that Water monster, if you chain your backrow destruction (like Double Cyclone) your card will resolve first and the trap will be destroyed (because it wasn’t protected yet at that moment). If you would start out by using your Double Cyclone, your opponent could chain its first effect and their cards would be protected.

Mermail Abyssmegalo

Mermail Abyssmegalo is an easy to summon high-leveled WATER monster, because of this he works well with Sea Stealth Attack. The summoning requirements for Abyssmegalo is discarding 2 WATER monsters which could be any monster in this deck and you would still get some utility out of the cost even when you discard another copy of Abyssmegalo to summon him. He will then search out your Abyss equip card which you can use on him for an attack boost and spell/trap disruption.
The last effect of Abyssmegalo is that he can attack twice during the battle phase by tributing another WATER monster you control. Again you can tribute almost any WATER monster in this deck and you will still find a way to use it later on. With 2 attacks and a great attack stat you can OTK your opponent or use those 2 attacks in combination with Sea Stealth Attack to clear your opponent's monsters.

Discard Fodder

Discarding is a big part of your strategy and therefore you need good discard fodder that will give you some added utility. Atlantean Marksman and Atlantean Heavy Infantry destroys cards on your opponent's field when discarded. Fishborg Planter can be revived by sending the top card from your deck to the graveyard and only if that card you send is a WATER monster. So after using Fishborg Planter as discard fodder you can use to possibly combo into the effect of the card you sent to the graveyard.
A Mermail Abyssmegalo you used as discard fodder can be revived from the graveyard by discarding 2 WATER monsters you control. Similarly a Citadel Whale you used as discard fodder can be revived by sending 2 WATER monsters on your field to the graveyard, additionally this special summoning will allow you to search Sea Stealth Attack.

Discard Effects

The Atlantean monsters want to be sent to the graveyard so they can activate their effects, so aside from Abyssmegalo and Citadel Whale here are some more options to put them into the graveyard. Abyss Soldier discards a WATER monster to return a card on your opponent's field back to hand. With Atlantean's destruction effect this combo removes 2 cards from your opponent's field. Mermail Abysspike discards a WATER monster to search out a level 3 or lower WATER monster. Discard an Atlantean monster and search another to destroy a card while also keeping your resources up.

Dragon Ice

lots of decks in the current meta have are able to OTK their opponents, and these same decks are ones that heavy make use of special summoning. To avoid falling victim to an OTK Dragon Ice is a good tech option. When your opponent special summons a monster you can discard a card to special summon Dragon Ice from your hand or graveyard. Because of his unusual wording, you can discard Dragon Ice and special summon him. (The exact same card you discarded.)
Dragon Ice is fairly easy to summon and his WATER attribute with his level make him good with Sea Stealth Attack. In the situation you summon Dragon Ice to prevent an OTK, Sea Stealth Attack will protect your Dragon Ice, making it troublesome for your opponent to attack into it.

Citadel Whale

A very strong card if you can bring it out on the field, however people probably overestimate this card and most likely it will not be run in the most optimal Sea Stealth Attack decks (or maybe at most 1 copy). You’d run maybe one copy since it can be searched thanks to Legendary Fisherman II. This card can be special summoned from your hand OR graveyard by tributing 2 water monsters, so if you start your turn with one water monster already on the field, and you can normal summon another water monster, you can special summon it from your hand or graveyard that turn. When it’s special summoned you can set one Sea Stealth Attack from your deck (pay attention to special summon it and not normal summon it, and that Sea Stealth Attack cannot be activated that turn). Its last effect allows you to, once per turn, if your opponent activates a card or effect that targets one of your water monsters, you can negate it and destroy that card.

How to Use

Legendary Fisherman II

This level 5 monster can be normal summoned without a tribute when A legendary Ocean is on the field. It will have 2400 attack and will be immune to your opponent’s monster effects (this does not protect against Dakini’s effect!) as long as Umi is on the field. When this card leaves the field because of your opponent you can add a level 7 water monster from your deck to your hand. In the 3SD version you could search for Suijin, and in the last version you can search for Citadel Whale.

Abyss Soldier

Because each of these decks run a lot of Water monsters, there will be times where you couldn’t possibly summon them all so with this card you can get use out of them. It also works great with Citadel Whale since Citadel Whale can be special summoned from the graveyard, so if you have Hammer Shark and special summon Abyss Soldier with Citadel Whale in the hand, you can freely use Abyss Soldier’s effect because it doesn’t matter if Citadel Whale is in the graveyard or hand if you plan on special summoning him that turn.

Warrior of Atlantis

If you haven’t drawn A Legendary Ocean yet you can discard this card to bring it to your hand. If did draw it already it’s still a decent monster with 2100 attack while ALO is on the field. It can be special summoned with Hammer Shark while ALO is on the field, or can be discarded with the effect of Abyss Soldier if you don’t plan on summoning him.


The only reason you’d run the Three star demotion skill is for this card. With the recent changes made to certain skills you can now normal summon one of the Gate Guardian pieces (like Suijin) without any cost or requirement. This can only be done once per duel, so if you draw into another Suijin you can discard it with Abyss Soldier’s effect. This card will also be protected by Sea Stealth Attack since its original level is 7 and it is a water monster.
It also comes with its own little protection because once you can make a monster’s attack (that attacks this card) go to 0. So if you set this card turn 1 you can use it to stall, and cause a lot of damage to your opponent (because in most cases if they want to deal with it, it’ll have to be face-up).

Mecha Sea Dragon Plesion

When looking at strong level 5 monsters (which can be normal summoned without a tribute thanks to ALO), there aren’t that many great options. Two of the more interesting cards (to fill in those slots) are Mecha Sea Dragon Plesion and B.E.S. Crystal Core. With Mecha Sea Dragon Plesion you can tribute one water monster to destroy a face-up card your opponent controls. So you can use this effect to get some use out of your other water monsters when they become less useful like Warrior of Atlantis (you basically get some use out of them just like Abyss Soldier does) , but you can also chose to tribute Mecha Sea Dragon Plesion to activate its own effect.

Additional Notes

  • Because Cosmic Cyclone banishes a card, you cannot protect against it
    with Sea Stealth Attack’s effect.

  • If you have a board with Sea Stealth Attack, A legendary Ocean and
    two monsters whose original level are 5 or higher, you probably won
    the game because with the combination of both Sea Stealth Attack’s
    effects there isn’t a lot your opponent can do to come back.

  • Although this deck is very strong, the problem with it will be its
    consistency. That’s why you can run balance/restart to help with your
    opening hands.

Other Useful Cards

B.E.S. Crystal Core
B.E.S. Crystal Core
A good option if you are looking for more level 5 Water monsters.
Oyster Meister
Oyster Meister
This water monster can be special summoned with Hammer Shark’s effect without the need to have ALO on the field. This card will summon a token when it leaves the field (except when destroyed by battle). So when you tribute it with Enemy Controller or for Citadel Whale, you’ll get a token


Hot New Top
Someone needs to rename this deck to "The idiot test". 95% of the time I have SS up and some big creature on the field, my opponent runs something big into it and dies. Priceless.

If they ever do nerf Blue Eyes this deck can get serious. Blue eyes is the biggest pain for this deck in the current meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
salty BE trash user spotted
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it took only six months for you to reply on this, what a 🔥 lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
wow, you just confirmed my suspicions about this site owner(s)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That would happen when you you reply to yourself, moron
Young bakura
Im previously posted a ssa deck on here but nimble is really good I usually throw my fishborg and citadel in the graveyard the new back with the aliens and new water support made this game even better
<< Anonymous(Young bakura)
Young bakura Reply
Sorry I meant new pack
<< Anonymous(Young bakura)
Anonymous Reply
Just looked up nimbles effect easy as hell to get citadel and fishborg technically this 🔥 draw power
#DuelReplay #DuelLinks

testing out the duelist intelligent with this deck
How to counter this deck if you don't have cosmic cyclone?
<< Anonymous(Apoptosis)
Apoptosis Reply
If they have already set up the SSA combination, force them to banish the Whale by threatening their Umi with a back row removal card, or by threatening their Whale for example with Canadia + Econ, and then attacking directly.
<< Anonymous(Apoptosis)
Apoptosis Reply
You can destroy Umi when SSA is active with cards like 'Double Cyclone', 'Twister' and ' Unending Nightmare', you chain them to the banishing effect of SSA / at the moment that they flip up SSA

So: SSA player banishes a WATER monster/flips SSA face up --> you chain Unending Nightmare to Umi. If you activate Double Cyclone as chain link 1, and they banish a WATER monster, you cannot destroy it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I main an SSA deck and one of the most fustrating things for me is when I have my Fisherman or Citadel Whale out and they are the only monster on the field, I would have to banish them when my SSA gets targeted which leaves me completely vulnerable to attacks.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Super Rush Headlong.
Just a SR card.
You're welcome :D
It's not Amazons. Trash.
<< Anonymous
Whalordius Reply
I've been looking for fanboys, people like you are the reason why I stopped playing for a while. Meta 🔥 people with no creativity. It saddens me that you would even have the audacity to say that, considering that deck sucks.
<< Anonymous(Whalordius)
Anonymous Reply
That comment was older than you.
<< Anonymous(Whalordius)
Anonymous Reply
You’re a dumbass lmao
I have to agree. Its harder then 🔥 to draw SSA.
<< Anonymous
Apoptosis Reply
You dont have to draw SSA if Citadel Whale can search it, if Genex Undine can search citadel whale, if mermail abysspike can search genex undine, and if beautunaful princess can search mermail abysspike.

see my SSA guide:
<< Anonymous(Apoptosis)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, Citadel whale directly searches for SSA and even doesn't activate it yet which is good.
Please see this guide for the most competitive and up to date way to play SSA / Sea Stealth Attack.

SSA has become an arguably tier worthy deck, well capable to win a tournament, and in fact has finished 2nd place in Meta Weekly 59. Find out why and how.
Man I can’t pull this card for the life of me and I’ve wasted thousands of gems trying to get it. Instead I got a lot of stupid aliens lol
<< Anonymous(Mako)
Anonymous Reply
Meanwhile I just want Ties and I keep getting WATER stuff instead lol. I have 4 SSA now, when I don't even want to play SSA. (Got 2 from the box and 2 more from Selection Box 02)

Glad I don't have to deal with SSA's box anymore now that I have 2 Ties from dream tickets and 1 Ties from Selection Box 02.
Ssa must be limited like amazoness onslaught
<< Anonymous(Kira)
Anonymous Reply
No need. SSA users only have one or two in their decks so it's kinda redundant lol. Those who use 3 are amateurs.
Critical Hit
Ancient Fairy Dragon can deal serious blows to this deck.
<< Anonymous(Critical Hit)
Anonymous Reply
I think no, SSA can protect from destruction.
The most 🔥ous card of them all. When someone use it I just get away from keyboard until I lose by time so that way the 🔥 using this OP card loses his time
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ez win? you cant destroy umi if they banish a monster or better yet, negate it with Wiz’s affect in a Fur hire version.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you don't *destroy* umi, you actually banish it. maybe if you could stop your whining you might actually get good at the game
<< Anonymous
Airmanitelan Reply
Yup just stall them.
<< Anonymous
The Law Reply
That is illegal and rude. Technically they can report you for that. Read the rules.
Degenerative deck
If you have nothing to remove the Stealth attack, it is autolose.
Very interactive

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Simple deck. Wanna try someday
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