Sea Stealth Attack

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Sea Stealth Attack

Sea Stealth Attack
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeEffect / Condition / Quick-like / Trigger-like


When this card is activated: You can activate 1 "Umi" from your hand or GY. While "Umi" is on the field, this face-up card gains these effects.
● Once per turn: You can banish 1 WATER monster you control until the End Phase; this turn, face-up Spells/Traps you control cannot be destroyed by your opponent's card effects (even if this card leaves the field).
● At the start of the Damage Step, if your WATER monster whose original Level is 5 or higher battles an opponent's monster: Destroy that opponent's monster.

How to get / Rarity

PackAbyss Encounters [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can place 1 “Umi” Field Spell from your Hand or Graveyard when this
    card is activated.
  • Once per turn you can banish any WATER monster you control until the
    End Phase, and all your face-up Spell or Trap cards cannot be destroyed
    by your opponent’s effects.
  • Enables WATER monster with original level 5 or higher to destroy
    opponent’s monster at the start of Damage step.


  • Relies on “Umi” Field Spell to activate.


  • If you have replaced Umi with A Legendary Ocean, do not activate this
    card’s effect of placing Umi from your Graveyard, it will return Umi to
    the Field and destroy A Legendary Ocean.
  • You can banish any WATER monster that has sustained negative effects
    from cards like Wall of Disruption, and return to the Field during the
    End Phase with its stats restored.
  • When your opponent activates Super Rush Headlong in response to your
    level 5 or higher WATER monster’s attack, Super Rush Headlong will take
    precedence over Sea Stealth Attack’s effect that allows level 5 or
    higher WATER monsters to destroy opponent’s monster at start of Damage
    step. However, you can choose to banish your attacking level 5 or
    higher WATER monster instead to avoid being destroyed by Super Rush
  • When your opponent uses Cosmic Cyclone to banish your Sea Stealth
    Attack (after you have banished a WATER monster), your banished WATER
    monster still returns to the Field at the End Phase.

Field Spell

You require these Field Spell to activate Sea Stealth Attack. A good combo is to use Warrior of Atlantis to search for A Legendary Ocean from your Deck.

Recommended Monsters

These WATER monsters with original level 5 or higher can destroy your opponent’s monsters at the start of Damage step.

Useful Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Mythic Depths
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Umi" activated.
Mako Tsunami
Mako Tsunami



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Hot New Top
Anonymous 19days ago
If your missing a set of danglers this is the card for you
Anonymous 28days ago
Another gay trap like Onslaught...
how counter this?
Hey, guys. Is this card worth getting if you've got 3 Abyssmegalos? I do have those, but the thing is I don't really wanna deal with these old BOXes, as I don't have all the gems in the world.
<< Anonymous(Phantom)
Anonymous Reply
From my opinion, It's yes.. The box also contains Alien and Archfiend Which may be high potential at the future.. But, maybe you wanna wait and save more gems.. Because anything can happen..
There's a Glitch with this card. It says it can only use it's effect once per turn but it worked twice in a row. Broken please fix.
<< Anonymous(Glitches)
Anonymous Reply
Only the S/T protection effect is OPT. The destroy during battle effect is not.
can someone please explain to me how this cancer device can activate its banishing effect literally right after you draw???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because traps and quick-play can be activated in the draw phase
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not according to my experience. I've seen people active this card during my draw phase but I'm never able to do so during someone else's draw phase. I always have to wait until they play a card, usually one that targets this, and I can't flip it AND activate the banish effect at the same time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You need to turn Activation Confirmation to Toggle or Tap
it's stupid easy to just keep looping Azure-Eyes and Dragon Spirit together until you've worked through all 3 copies of this in your opponent's deck. I feel kinda guilty going up against SSA with my Blue-Eyes deck these days.
This card is definitely broken. A card which makes your monsters invincible is fine, but one that also makes itself indestructible is a bit too much.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Cosmic Cyclone says Hi
This card should be considered Rank A++
It's very, very good !
Ban this card. Or murder everyone who uses it...
Francis G.
what is the counter for this ? does "Hey Trunade counts" when attacking since it brings back the cards to the owner leaving the field empty then attack with monsters? it's bit overpowered if it doesn't
<< Anonymous(Francis G. )
Anonymous Reply
No, Trunade doesn't work if they already have SSA activated. The main counter would be Cosmic Cyclone.
can u activate this card on ur monsters if the opponent tries to tribute them for Lava Golem??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Just a Guy Reply
Short answer: No.

Long answer: You cannot react to a monster's summon until that monster is already on the field. In this case your monsters would already be in the graveyard.

You could always set your toggle to 'on' and use SSA's effect to banish one of your monsters at the start of their turn.
<< Anonymous(Just a Guy)
Anonymous Reply
What toggle?

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